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indent/perl.vim is double indenting James Lance 8/31/16
[Runtime indent plugins] 3 Things about 'shiftwidth', 'softtabstop' tyru 1/25/16
Automatic filetype detection for .tt2 files Lance Parsons 4/14/15
gf (goto file) and "use lib" David Lewis 9/12/14
Automatic variable highlighting Andy Lester 5/17/14
vim-perl (which one is tested) R Licon 9/13/13
vim-lint Andy Lester 7/21/13
Would setting match_word for if/elsif/else be a good fit for vim-perl? HarleyPig 7/19/13
syn match vs. syn keyword Andy Lester 6/11/13
vim-perl "beta" release on Monday, May 13th Rob Hoelz 5/13/13
Template Toolkit + JavaScript Andy Lester 5/11/13
Re: [vim-perl] ]m next-method, [m previous-method Andy Lester 5/11/13
cpoptions in the .vim files Andy Lester 5/11/13
The Vim 7.4 Release Is Nigh! Rob Hoelz 5/10/13
vim-covered - Devel::CoverX::Covered integration omega 3/19/13
Highlighting/spell checking in POD syntax file Rob Hoelz 12/18/12
Bugs beware: vim-perl is now in a new GitHub organization Andy Lester 11/1/12
vim-perl needs tech help, and/or a new maintainer Andy Lester 10/31/12
Re: [vim-perl] can't get vim-7.3 to compile against perl 5.16 Benjamin R. Haskell 7/17/12
Changes/Update to question(s). HarleyPig 4/20/12
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