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This is main forum for issues related to Village Telco and the Mesh Potato.  For more information consult the Village Telco website at or the wiki at  You can also send questions to

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Re: [Village Telco] Contact tlg 12/2/16
voip auto provisioning and wifi auto provisioning juniorsa 11/12/16
MP2 "All Wheel Drive" AWD edition now available Steve Song 11/9/16
No batman nodes in range vusumzi ndzengu 11/8/16
How it works the telephone network? pedro guifi 11/4/16
Need Help Luis Portillo 11/3/16
load balancing vusumzi ndzengu 11/2/16
outgoing calls configuration (solved) Paolo Notari 10/16/16
Providing rapid communication services 10/15/16
Minstrel logs in the MP02 Carlos Rey-Moreno 10/7/16
Noob question about asterisk Anish Mangal 10/4/16
Mapping and understanding Community Networks in Africa Carlos Rey-Moreno 9/30/16
Update to SECN 4 Firmware tlg 9/25/16
atcom wifi and some ideas....... Graham S. Jarvis 9/19/16
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