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The UX Book Club seeks to enhance the abilities and knowledge of user experience professionals from information architects and interaction designers to visual designers and usability specialists to augment their understanding for excellence in UX practice, ixd design theory while building a passionate local community. 

Subjects of interest to this club span design theory, design research and user experience research practices and processes. The books include the strategy and business of design, UX design theory and history, methodology, usability research, and the ethics of UX professionals, while networking and having some fun….

UX Book Club Denver
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Suggestions of Books to Read...
This is the UX Book Club Denver (UXBCD). SInce the summer of 2009 and a group of 10 or so at the first meeting to now over 200+ members online, UXBCD is a local Denver-Boulder area book club discussion for people interested in User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Web Design, Product Design, User Centered Research, Ethnographic Research, Innovation, The Social Web, and more. See what we've read"Read all, some, or none - all are welcome."

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Books We've Read Travis Stiles 8/30/16
Next Meeting: September 28, 7pm - STUDIO: TBD, Rotating Table Talks UX Book Club Denver 1/15/14
Fwd: Seth's Blog : Fully baked Travis Stiles 11:22 AM
Pre-Club Grub! Bill Holland 9/28/16
Mobile UI/UX Opportuntiy in Boulder jeffd...@gmail.com 9/27/16
Responsive Web Design with Brad Frost, Joomla Hosted Day Workshop Travis Stiles 9/26/16
Lead Narrative Designer, Sphero... Travis Stiles 9/19/16
UX Architect / Strategist Arianna Winkle 9/9/16
ARTICLE - How do you decide what to build? Travis Stiles 9/7/16
New job posting: UX Designer/Strategist Bill Holland 9/2/16
This is water - David Foster Wallace Travis Stiles 9/1/16
September 28, 7pm - STUDIO: TBD, Interactive Rotating Table Talks Travis Stiles 8/30/16
Good discussions on Customer Experience for Business last night! Travis Stiles 8/25/16
Free showing of Design Disruptors // Invision documentary film Travis Stiles 8/23/16
X Book ... Customer Journeymapping Travis Stiles 8/22/16
Truven/IBM looking for Sr. UX Researcher susan 8/22/16
JOB - Muve Health // Sr. UI/UX Designer Travis Stiles 8/22/16
Invision Design Book List - recently updated Travis Stiles 8/16/16
[ARTICLE] The UX of Learning UX is Broken... Travis Stiles 8/11/16
Progressive Web Apps Kelley Poturalski 8/4/16
What do you think is cool? Let me know in a private survey discussion. Travis Stiles 8/3/16
Get your book now! August 24, 7pm - Book Club's 7th Birthday! - BOOK: X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, Brian Solis Travis Stiles 8/1/16
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