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3 bigots dead in meningitis outbreak in L.A. gay community Yes Gay Is Normal 4/17/14
3 bigoted meningitis deaths reported in Los Angeles County Yes Gay Is Normal 4/17/14
Active / Passive Income question 4/1/14
PAY NO US TAXES Rodney 3/28/14
Quarterly Income taxes Rita 3/27/14
Giant corporations that paid NO taxes last year . . . . {~_~} 3/16/14
[O'Reilly Factor] The IRS investigation goes nowhere again Ubiquitous 3/7/14
8960 or Fight! Can't file your taxes? Blame ObamaCare. Ubiquitous 2/26/14
Enemies of Friends of Abe - How the IRS chills freedom of association. Ubiquitous 2/25/14
[Hannity] Challenges facing Americans in 2014 Ubiquitous 2/25/14
management so 2/14/14
thanks to the taxes dora 1/24/14
One must respect to be respected "regardless of your race, color or religion!!! Tony944 11/14/13
Injured woman raped in Highline emergency room; Obama's son charged Edwin Reis 10/29/13
Can't get 1099 corrected properly Mark Carroll 10/27/13
LeBron James' nasty lookin mom is a -{wh0re}- cougar? Jordy Dick 10/25/13
Whigga man, black girlfriend indicted in Tennessee quadruple slaying elvis 10/19/13
LeBron James' nasty lookin mom is a -{wh0re}- cougar? Jordy Dick 10/19/13
Re: IG Report: Obama's IRS 'Hindered' Efforts To Stop Illegals From Misusing Social Security Numbers F. E. Lony 10/12/13
Health Ins Deduction for S-Corp Chet Kincaid 10/7/13
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