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Science and Environment reporting from Alex Brown 4/29/15
Carbon Tracker Initiative: US coal sector in 'structural decline'; 200 mines shut, 76% industry value loss in 5y Alex Brown 3/26/15
N.Oreskes | Merchants of Doubt Alex Brown 3/17/15
ecoRI: Block Island Wind Farm Now Fully Financed, Controversial Pipeline Project Receives Key Approval Alex Brown 3/4/15
Climate Intervention: Upcoming Webinar from NAS Earth & Life Studies Alex Brown 2/23/15
Why Snowmageddon? Gulf Stream surface temperatures at record levels, 11.5C (21F) above normal Alex Brown 2/22/15
Harvard-SAO climate denier astrophysicist was paid by Big Oil for a decade Alex Brown 2/22/15
National Academy of Sciences: Climate Intervention Reports » Climate Change at the National Academies Alex Brown 2/15/15
Offshore Energy by the Numbers | Oceana Alex Brown 1/31/15
Poll Shows Giant Gap Between What Public, Scientists Think (AP Jan 30) Alex Brown 1/30/15
US EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to Deliver Keynote at GE Annual Meeting in Florence Alex Brown 1/27/15
Koch Corruption: "NO CLIMATE TAX PLEDGE" (from "The Koch Club") Alex Brown 1/27/15
More resources on the "Anthropocene" theme Alex Brown 1/26/15
Science | U.S. senators aim to force high-profile vote on climate science Alex Brown 1/23/15
A.Lovins, RMI | What If Congress Threw a Keystone XL Party and Nobody Came? Alex Brown 1/22/15
Rate of environmental degradation puts life on Earth at risk, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian Alex Brown 1/20/15
TED 2012 reprise | James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change Alex Brown 1/15/15
Infographic: How the world burns: fuel consumption compared Alex Brown 1/15/15
Stanford professors urge withdrawal from fossil fuel investments Alex Brown 1/11/15
Cape Wind Loses Two Utility Contracts: Ian Bowles interview (WBUR) Alex Brown 1/8/15
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