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Cannot see my layout in the menu? How to make customized layout visible? Chris Erics 5/31/15
XML version 1.0 or XML version 1.1 sil.linguist 5/30/15
Importing keys from another keyboard Eli Yazdi 5/30/15
Vim like navigation / arrow keys not working 5/7/15
Keyboard Going Berserk in Word 2011 (Mac) on OSX Yosemite Timothy Fox 4/29/15
Command+V doesn't paste in Safari and Mail with my custom layout Matthieu Napoli 4/14/15
"Key Layout Not Valid" after placing in library folder Timothy Fox 4/3/15
Help with diacritics for transcribing Ottoman Turkish and othet Turkic languages (eg. e with dot above and macron) Yorgos Dedes 4/1/15
Hangul script for Korean keyboard layout Gabriel C. 3/24/15
Custom Input Not Showing Up. Seralise C. 3/16/15
Combining vowel ogonek + acute accents. 3/13/15
how to create a new "shift" key in the place of ordinary key? Abdughani A'lamov 3/13/15
Simulating numeric keypad Philippe-André Lorin 3/13/15
Russian based custom keyboard 3/13/15
Solving the problem of gibberish in Word 2011 Ralph Hancock 3/3/15
Can I create my own key? The layouts don't have on of my keyboard keys the "/" msmafra 3/1/15
Still No Ukelele-Like App for iOS or Android? Faterson 2/28/15
Custom keyboard layout not showing up when trying to add it to input sources Carl Åkerman Rydbeck 2/27/15
A different keyboard layout editor... Geke 2/14/15
OSX 10.9.5 not showing image file Matthew Lancellotti 2/8/15
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