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InDesign Arabic support Geke 10/20/17
Possible Fix for High Sierra Problems Tom 10/19/17
New application John Brownie 10/19/17
Could not open the file, as it was not valid XML after upgrade to Sierra Rob 10/17/17
Ukelele as sticky keyboard layers maker Manuel Navarro 10/16/17
Ukelele produced bundles are not completely compatible with High Sierra Pavel S. 10/16/17
Key sequence not working in InDesign CC 2017 10/15/17
Re: [ukelele-users] Re: Accidently set wrong name and other problems Geke 10/15/17
Ukelele 3.2.7 John Brownie 10/7/17
Problems with High Sierra AK Reinhart 10/4/17
Ukelele 3.2.6 John Brownie 10/3/17
Cannot paste new keyboard to folder Keyboard layouts 9/26/17
how to remove all accent keys? Alok Singh 9/14/17
Custom alt key combinations disappearing on Sierra Kyle Kuzman 9/12/17
What is the "hardware type ID" in keylayout xml file? Ulf Dahlén 9/11/17
Source Code Richard Littauer 9/3/17
The keyboards generated by Ukelele do not appear in Keuboard Preferences damla 9/2/17
Incorrect layout name in input source list, and CFErrorDomainLaunchd error 4 with "Install for all users" Ashok Bhaskar 9/2/17
Swappıng the Turkısh ı for the Latin Michael Lightfoot 9/2/17
Keyboard covering multiple languages (Old Italic script) DavidP 7/27/17
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