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Difficulty with modifier keys Aural Architect 4/20/17
Ukelele 3.2.5 John Brownie 4/20/17
Is there a way to have Ukelele show layouts on a grid key layout instead of a standard staggered one? julian 4/18/17
Kamal Abdali 4/10/17
Ukelele 3.2.4 John Brownie 4/10/17
Ukelele 3.2.3 John Brownie 4/7/17
After installing the keyboard I can't access system preference keyboard input without crashing Carlos Hernandez 4/7/17
Troubleshooting steps 2 Steve White 4/3/17
Troubleshooting steps Steve White 4/2/17
Import .klc to Ukelele Alex Mercado 3/30/17
Corrupted file? Please help! Aural Architect 3/28/17
Cycling through possible accent marks by repeated keypresses Sassan Sanei 3/20/17
Ukelele 3.2.2 John Brownie 3/19/17
Command key layer Noah Mulgay 3/19/17
Custom commands on Secondary Keypad Blake Brinkley 3/19/17
How is shifted notes from piano or guitar to ukulele? 3/12/17
Custom keyboard shows in Input Sources but not in Input Menu (can add but not select it) Melarish Ish 2/28/17
Using Ukelele-generated keyboard layout in Word (Office 365) FX Coudert 2/28/17
Is there a way to export a ".keylayout" file from a ".bundle"? Adam Libuša 2/28/17
Mac OS Sierra Logitech Dinovo Edge Xavier 2/15/17
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