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Re: Insurance NCD protection ripoff NEMO 4:18 PM
limey teeth: a true horror story NEMO 4:14 PM
Euclid Suck-a-lot-os replaces Varou-fuck-is as Grik finance minister.... NEMO 4:13 PM
Gosh anus! You GOT, to be some, kind of psycho innit! NEMO 4:11 PM
Highly skilled and dedicated... JNugent 3:09 PM
Re: Here we go... TENTH letter of the real name of the FAKE (jew raghead) "Tall Henry" NEMO 2:32 PM
Killer driver banged up for nearly two years Alycidon 2:06 PM
Mental illness common among jews, jew wannabes and shabbos goys... NEMO 1:22 PM
Gosh The gook...if I want to, kick your, skanky slant-eyed gook ass back, to the Flippines do I got, to get, past the Foreskin Peeler first innit???? NEMO 1:04 PM
Re: jew rectum suckers NEMO 1:03 PM
Gosh anus! What's, it LIKE being, a total anus anus? NEMO 1:03 PM
Re: Salaam :--------------------------------------) NEMO 12:57 PM
Darwin Award! LOLOK! NEMO 12:55 PM
Re: Grik-Canadians Feel Optimistic After ‘No’ Vote...optimistic enough to stay in Canada! LOLOK NEMO 12:55 PM
Cycling Promotion colwyn 12:51 PM
Re: grease NEMO 12:44 PM
Gosh! Seems, I just realised... NEMO 12:41 PM
Grease.........GONE! NEMO 12:39 PM
Re: good for something NEMO 12:38 PM
Yo jew raghead Jakobsohn! NEMO 12:35 PM
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