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Open Twin Cities fosters an inclusive community of civic collaboration and champions open government and civic technology for positive social impact. We're a Code for America Brigade partnered with E-Democracy.

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Introductions wbushey 8/30/15
Job Postings Michael Graif 3/3/15
Twin Cities Metro's Lower Income +4%, Upper Income +3%, Middle -6% Steven Clift 5/12/16
University of Maryland is looking for folks to take a survey about open government data wbushey 5/8/16
Tony Webster wins court case against Hennepin County for open records law violation Jeff Pesek 5/3/16
Fwd: [Inclusion] Join us at Net Inclusion: The National Digital Inclusion Summit Steven Clift 5/2/16
Government Spending in North Minneapolis Danny Chen 5/1/16
What is the web API for the MNDOT metro area traffic data? Michael Altmann 5/1/16
Another Minnebar Session - Hosted by Bill Bushey Steven Clift 4/22/16
Proposed mobile app marketing session at #Minnebar11 Steven Clift 4/18/16
Media Lab’s ‘Data USA’ aims to make government data easy to use marilynwilliams2012 4/16/16
Fwd: MinneBar 11 Get Your Tickets Now! Steven Clift 4/14/16
Fwd: Sunlight: Sunlight's Comments on the Proposed U.S. Open Source Software Policy Steven Clift 4/11/16
Fwd: [Mpls] Sunshine Week Presentation Steven Clift 3/29/16
#ODimpact Release MaryATreacy 3/20/16
MSP Based Civic Engagment App: Civic Eagle Bill Bushey 3/19/16
[open-twin-cities] Podcast Episode Re Open-Source Investigations bkenny 3/18/16
Star Tribune's Data Drop MaryJo 3/17/16
Training session on accessing government data via DPA and open data, hosted by Minneapolis on 3/16 Bill Bushey 3/13/16
Easiest way to look up zip code from full address or lat/long? Roxanne Johnson 3/10/16
Finnegan FOI Award Ceremony with keynote by Brandon Smith - noon on 3/16 at Mpls Central Library wbushey 3/8/16
Look for dataset on parks, rec centers, schools, and other public meeting places in St. Paul Bill Bushey 3/1/16
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