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Job Postings Michael Graif 1/13/17
Introductions wbushey 6/12/16
Feds launch database of banking complaints Nancy Herther 1/11/17
What's the MN version of this story from MT?? Steven Clift 1/2/17
Brick NJ Using Facebook Live to Increase participation in local government Nancy Herther 12/29/16
Fwd: Civic Hall News: Happy Announcement for the Holidays Ahead Steven Clift 12/22/16
Visualizing Mpls building energy efficiency Katie Jones Schmitt 12/22/16
Anyone here an expert on the Facebook API? Steven Clift 12/22/16
Any Civic User Testing Groups in your area? Steven Clift 12/9/16
PP: Local governments are automatically deleting all emails. Is that cool? Steven Clift 12/9/16
Would you be willing to create an online townhall for your city? Bring Americans together local-up? Steven Clift 12/1/16
Open Government Partnership Summit Bill Bushey 11/30/16
Minnesota one of five states ... and it is bad Steven Clift 11/28/16
Unix/Linux eBooks deal and Code for America ... Fwd: Humble Bundle fundraiser! PLS RT Steven Clift 11/27/16
Ushahidi and hate incidents pmrostal 11/17/16
Youth Hackathon this weekend looking for volunteers/tablers/mentors Bill Bushey 11/17/16
MyBallot - Look up down ballot options in MN Steven Clift 11/7/16
I stuck an idea in the Knight Cities challenge ... Steven Clift 10/31/16
Fwd: We found 20 more seats for our Civic Celebration - hurry! Steven Clift 10/24/16
Knight Cities Challenge Info Session! - Monday Oct 17 - Share in up to $5 million Steven Clift 10/13/16
GIS Technician -- Temp workers Todd Graham 10/5/16
Fwd: A few more hours left to vote Steven Clift 9/30/16
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