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Welcome to Tweecode, the google groups list about twee and twine.  Posts from new members are moderated, due to recent spamming.

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Choice macro with an if statement Christopher Yono 2/26/14
Line breaks between paragraphs The Pixie 2/24/14
how to resize an image? Cindia Lai 2/23/14
Can't join forum The Pixie 2/23/14
SugarCane : Display in main window from StoryMenu André Berthiaume 2/21/14
Create a TWS file from HTML file? John Polson 2/17/14
Problems combining Tag CSS & Complicated Stylesheets Liyamu 2/13/14
trying to install Replace Macro sets John Polson 2/13/14
Escaping "greater than" (>) character in a link D 2/9/14
Using prompts for player-created names? Ernst-Jan van Melle 2/9/14
I'm new to twine and wondering if it's possible to have the text show up like you're on a typewriter Cindia Lai 2/6/14
I cannot re-pass over a previous path. Riccardo Baldinotti 2/2/14
Weebly, Twine and CSS issues G Clarke 1/29/14
Help with background and gif's AsgharD 1/25/14
Please help! I'm at my wits end! Ben monro 1/18/14
Source code export error: "global name (codecs)" is not defined Porpentine 1/18/14
Can I set a variable onclick? Gabriel Widing 1/13/14
Post Your Game Thread—With a Twist Richard Sharpe 1/5/14
Twine Short Story: All Systems Stand By Liyamu 1/4/14
'time' variables Thiago Coelho 1/3/14
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