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New website for Tunnelblick jkbull..gmail.com 7/13/15
SECURITY UPDATES: Tunnelblick 3.5.3 and 3.6beta08 are available jkbull..gmail.com 7/10/15
Tunnelblick Uninstaller 1.7 is available jkbull..gmail.com 6/20/15
Tunnelblick 3.5.2 and 3.6beta06 are available jkbull..gmail.com 6/13/15
Tunnelblick 3.6beta04 is available jkbull..gmail.com 6/12/15
Security Updates: Tunnelblick 3.5.1 and 3.6beta02 are available jkbull..gmail.com 6/11/15
Upcoming changes to OpenSSL may break some OpenVPN setups jkbull..gmail.com 5/20/15
Tunnelblick "snapshot" 3.6beta01 (build 4284) is available jkbull..gmail.com 4/18/15
Tunnelblick 3.5 is now a stable release jkbull..gmail.com 4/3/15
Tunnelblick 3.5beta10 is available jkbull..gmail.com 3/30/15
Tunnelblick Uninstaller 1.6 is available jkbull..gmail.com 3/29/15
Security Updates: Tunnelblick 3.4.4 and 3.5beta08 are available jkbull..gmail.com 3/19/15
Tunnelblick 3.5beta06 is available jkbull..gmail.com 1/23/15
Tunnelblick "snapshot" available that does not use an SUID helper jkbull..gmail.com 1/14/15
Tunnelblick 3.5beta02 and Tunnelblick 3.4.3 are available (SECURITY UPDATES) jkbull..gmail.com 1/8/15
Tunnelblick 3.5beta02 is available (SECURITY UPDATE) jkbull..gmail.com 12/2/14
Tunnelblick 3.4.1 is available (SECURITY UPDATE) jkbull..gmail.com 12/1/14
Tunnelblick update website bug fixed jkbull..gmail.com 10/23/14
Tunnelblick 3.4.1 is available (SECURITY UPDATE) jkbull..gmail.com 10/15/14
Tunnelblick 3.4 is now a stable release (SECURITY UPDATE) jkbull..gmail.com 10/3/14
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