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Is this thing on? Bob Cutler 7/10/14
Meeting tonight? Blackbird? Bob Cutler 6/26/14
Meeting tonight? June 19th Bob 6/19/14
KC Makerfaire Table Charles Steinkuehler 6/16/14
June/12 Meeting tonight? Blackbird? Bob Cutler 6/12/14
Meeting Tonight? Charles Steinkuehler 6/5/14
1/17/2013 - Topeka PWN Club - Network+ Study: Network Protocols & Network Components NULL=1 5/22/14
Meeting Today? Charles Steinkuehler 5/22/14
IRC Jared Starkey 5/21/14
Fabrication Equipment for sale Jared Starkey 5/20/14
Anyone meeting tonight? Jared Mollenkamp 5/15/14
Update on organization Jared Starkey 5/14/14
Black Bird Tonight Jared Mollenkamp 5/8/14
Rechargable batteries. Bob 5/7/14
Deep Space Stuff Jared Starkey 5/7/14
Project Idea Charles Steinkuehler 5/7/14
From Michael Lou Bradley transcendtient 5/5/14
irc mail James Michael Dupont 5/5/14
facebook? irc James Michael Dupont 5/2/14
Open Group Charles Steinkuehler 5/2/14
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