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Astro::Constants v0.10 release Boyd Duffee 2/25/16
Depsy: impact of research code Zakariyya Mughal 1/6/16
Devel::IPerl v0.006 release: support for Chart::Clicker; an update on IPerl development Zakariyya Mughal 8/3/15
Jupyter (and IPerl) notebooks now render on GitHub Zakariyya Mughal 5/13/15
IPerl notebooks and POD for MetaCPAN Zakariyya Mughal 2/18/15
Updates to IPerl notebook Zakariyya Mughal 2/9/15
Collaborative book on testing scientific code Zakariyya Mughal 1/10/15
A fast and natural interface to R from Perl Zakariyya Mughal 12/24/14
Lets be together Elizabeth Hamilton 8/30/14
IPython talk by Brian Granger in Cambridge MA, USA, 8/15/2014 Diab Jerius 8/11/14
YAPC::NA 2014 Science and Perl panel video B. Estrade 6/28/14
Books using Perl Boyd Duffee 6/15/14
YAPC::NA 2014 Science and Perl panel questions gizmomathboy 6/4/14
YAPC::NA 2014 panel discussion gizmomathboy 5/8/14
NIST and Perl gizmomathboy 2/3/14
HackaMol on github Demian Riccardi 9/23/13
Orlando Perl Workshop/Perl Oasis slides online: 8th Rule of Perl Oasis gizmomathboy 6/9/13
[FYI] genscalpel - retrieve and extract dna or protein sequence from NCBI GenBank file aero aero 4/4/13
Presentation on GPP module (PARI frontend) Zakariyya Mughal 3/17/13
Perl Graphic Applications with Image Processing aero aero 3/16/13
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