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Tesseract OCR can't recognize basic alphanumeric codes Michael Studebaker 7:02 AM
How to get bounding boxes for text in images. Somesh Kumar 3:36 AM
How does I use only image processing from tesseract api in python? sinhas...@gmail.com 2:33 AM
The Accuracy improvement of training the chi_sim.traineddata model roberty...@gmail.com 9/19/17
tesseract version for freshness date reading chris...@gmail.com 9/19/17
Is there a .traineddata for number digits only? Xenolion 9/18/17
How to get text for a multi-page TIFF file using capi? Bhaarat Sharma 9/18/17
How to Use the QT Box Editor to Train Tesseract? Swagato Barman Roy 9/18/17
Generating tiff/box file from original image and correct text lines of image enkhbaata...@unimedia.co.jp 9/18/17
Network overfitting processing roberty...@gmail.com 9/17/17
Use Tesseract as a library at Windows with Qt Hüseyin Kozan 9/17/17
Subtitle Edit 3.5.3 Japanese hs 9/17/17
ERROR: /tmp/tmp.8JcoYdZI17/chi_sim/chi_sim.unicharset does not exist or is not readable roberty...@gmail.com 9/17/17
new tessdata repos on github Simon Eigeldinger 9/17/17
tesstrain.sh: /tmp/tmp.XXXXX/xxx/xxx.Font.exp0.box does not exist or is not readable Dan9er 9/17/17
Re: [tesseract-ocr] Abridged summary of tesser...@googlegroups.com - 5 updates in 3 topics v-room 9/16/17
Tesseract 4 can not load new osd.traineddata enkhbaata...@unimedia.co.jp 9/15/17
Not getting font information when we are using engine type OEM_LSTM_ONLY Supriya Das 9/15/17
Error with tess4j in Centos Shawn Chen 9/15/17
Tesseract 3.04 Training for a particular case. Leonardo Centoventotto 9/13/17
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