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LSTMTRAINING from the scratch for khmer language - Legacy Limon Fonts phyrum sk 11/21/17
Incorrect segmentation of Chinese characters even after training a new model wei ren 11/20/17
Funny results with vowels in Portuguese for Tesseract 4.0alpha Paulo Scardine 11/17/17
tesseract run-time issue ( possibly related to leptonica build ) Tanmay Patil 11/17/17
tesseract ocr How to shield the influence of decimal point on recognition 强华东 11/17/17
Slightly different images give different results Lilian Sueiro Pedroso 11/16/17
Tesseract max pages while ocring? Nikolai Velkov 11/16/17
Compilation / Linking problem of tesseract 3.05.01 on Debian9 Udo Abel 11/16/17
Kerning parameters documentation i 11/15/17
recognize number only reduce the train data file size! alshikh alshikh 11/15/17
forcing a certain pattern via read_pattern_list emran...@gmail.com 11/14/17
how to filter the small regions in case of being recognized? here is an example. bolin 11/14/17
inserts extra whitespace in words i 11/14/17
Would want a period between C and V i 11/13/17
Specifying font to be recognized as input parameter Vatsal Mishra 11/13/17
Questions regarding fine tuning of Tesseract 4.00alpha LSTM Wang Zhimin 11/13/17
Building Tesseract V4 - Problems Mark77 11/12/17
train tesseract to improve the half-width Japanese(Katakana) recognition. Li Xianglei 11/9/17
Newbie here and OCR Felipe Carvalho 11/9/17
Numbers from Cars Rod Lisson 11/8/17
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