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Tesseract configuration for alphanumeric strings: mixes up 2, Z, 6 and G Timothy Korse 1:49 PM
hocr's line baseline Diego de la Hera 11:02 AM
How to help tesseract identify the character in this image? Arunabh Ghosh 9:29 AM
[ask] unrecognized text in particular layout denny.m...@gmail.com 9:21 AM
Assistance with OCR on frames from screen capture Titus Barik 6/25/16
How to get intermediate result of tesseract? Like processed image as output. Gautam Navapara 6/25/16
URGENT HELP NEEDED: False recognition due to Dictionary usage in Sanskrit rohit saluja 6/24/16
Python wrapper for Engine Cube + Getting font size using Tesseract Engine (in Python) aliaksei...@epam.com 6/24/16
PDF woes: "pixRead: image file not found error" John Muccigrosso 6/24/16
OCR on LED displays - Looking for an experienced developer Vonpix Contact Mail 6/23/16
Question regarding the generation of .tr file Rajiv 6/23/16
question regarding the generation of .tr file Rajiv 6/23/16
Tesseract with phone images of receipts Wayne Rumble 6/23/16
non-word recognition worsened/disimproved in tesseract v3.0.4 ? Jakob Kroeker 6/23/16
Add an character to language data koy...@googlemail.com 6/23/16
Tesseract to recognize only (and not other) my specific words vincenzo gisondi 6/23/16
[It is a bug in tesseract?] encouter an error message when using cube engine for langauge spanish (spa) Johnny ho 6/22/16
What is the reconigtion method for Tesseract now? Johnny ho 6/22/16
jTessBoxEditorFX - Tesseract box editor & trainer Quan Nguyen 6/22/16
How accurate should tesseract be for a very restricted language? Matt Welborn 6/21/16
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