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Box file generator combines vertical lines across rows of text Cameron McSweeney 4/24/18
Install Tesseract 4 on CentOS and Red Hat [SOLVED!] Eugene Huang 4/24/18
FAILURE! Couldn't find a matching blob Kim Hyunmin 4/23/18
Creating a new language pack for Javanese Script Christopher Imantaka Halim 4/23/18
Unsure why tesseract isn't returning the correct text DR 4/22/18
"jav" language -- is it Javanese Script or Latin-based text? Christopher Imantaka Halim 4/22/18
tesseract not working properly Vibhakar 4/21/18
Train Tesseract 4.0 on Windows 8 cry...@gmail.com 4/20/18
How can I know whichever file format types Tesseract will recognize and able to process them ? abdu 4/19/18
Page Separator CK 4/18/18
Strategy for Sparse Text CK 4/18/18
install tesseract-4.00.00alpha error Kai Feng 4/17/18
Comparing Tesseract 3.04 and Tesseract 4 Accuracy on Digits Atul Singh 4/17/18
Training tessract 4.0 using images? denni...@berkeley.edu 4/15/18
Change text from training Fanatico 4/15/18
Change unicharset Fanatico 4/13/18
Python wrappers for Tesseract Mehul Bhardwaj 4/13/18
Tesseract 4.0 on Alpine Linux Docker Container Kalven Schraut 4/12/18
How to include tesseract 4.00 to my visual studio c++ ?? abdelsal...@gmail.com 4/12/18
Tessercat 4.0 korean detecting chinese Fanatico 4/11/18
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