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Re: [tesseract-ocr] Abridged summary of tesser...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic mehdi 2/16/18
Unable to read the circled text from an image Mateusz Dudek 2/16/18
bank card OCR Olivier Demin 2/16/18
Error in training Tesseract 4.0. Training gets completed somehow but then the output it gives after reading the pdf is incorrect. ada...@turningcloud.com 2/15/18
When using text2image for training, I get the error: Could not find font named... how can I know the correct name of a font? Ernesto Borio 2/15/18
Been able to create tessdata from a text and a font, but can I do it from an image? Ernesto Borio 2/15/18
Tesseract recognition accuracy is low Niti Rohilla 2/15/18
OCR in only application Stanley Denman 2/15/18
Hide names in a scan Frédéric Monasse 2/14/18
tesseract to recognize the cropped digits abhishek gupta 2/14/18
Links for sample TIF image and BOX files are broken Iyvin Jose 2/12/18
Tamil Trained data nkantan r 2/12/18
Training a new font with tesstrain.sh failed at phase M Kieu Vuong 2/12/18
image_to_string and image_to_data results are not the same Alan Kong 2/11/18
Question about mixed languages recognition (user-words are present and called by --user_words_suffix=user-words, but seems to be unworkable) Alexey Kostylev 2/10/18
Extract text-line images (use Tesseract for pre-processing) Benjamín Molineaux 2/8/18
Business Card OCR Vijay Rawat 2/7/18
Training the Tesseract-OCR for Kannada Language sri1683 2/6/18
Windows Build 577% Slower than Linux Build Lee Morton 2/6/18
Brand new Windows 7 Tesserat user Garry Smithwick 2/6/18
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