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Need help on improving text accuracy Marie 1:00 AM
is .pdf input supported ? lvjkahvlwertfg 12/6/16
Not able to recognize single character David Roberts 12/6/16
Try to create box but it failed yifen...@hustunique.com 12/5/16
Tesseract output to match other OCR output Daniel Moore 12/3/16
how to increase dictionary weight with v3.02 Windows library Marie 12/3/16
Unichar file ends up incomplete D: Federico D'Ignazio 12/3/16
Works perfectly...except skips several lines louis...@gmail.com 12/2/16
Segmentation without orientation-detection -- Shouldn't "-psm 3" skip OSD? S 12/2/16
Tesseract Trainer GUI for GNU/Linux Nalin Linux 12/2/16
Anybody can help on how to recognize this kind of image? Ni Min 12/2/16
Tesseract Parameters trony2016 11/30/16
Integrating Tesseract with Alfresco Walid Abismail 11/30/16
Tesseract generates no output on Windows 7 and Windows 10 Jonas Poelmans 11/30/16
Cleaning up pre-OCR'ed text? Orestis Markou 11/30/16
"Empty page" when trying to make box file of .tiff ole-m 11/29/16
Script Detection rkvsraman 11/29/16
Compiling on RHEL 6 Greg Ramos 11/28/16
Need help for this OCR processing Eggo chen 11/28/16
wanna know how user-words effects recognition result James Liu 11/28/16
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