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unable to recognize numbers within box using tesseract in C# shripad shirsat 9:17 PM
Warning in pixReadMemJpeg: work-around: writing to a temp file Error Onder Boydak 4:59 AM
Building for Android achang...@gmail.com 8/30/16
Kannada character mixup Sushil Kambampati 8/30/16
Improve electric meter Niklas Schütrumpf 8/29/16
German mutated vowel/umlaut ü/Ü Stefan Greiner 8/29/16
Pattern recognition Bartek Kuzmicz 8/29/16
1 Text2Image.exe binary please? John Timuty 8/28/16
German special characters Stefan Greiner 8/27/16
Page Breaks asv...@gmail.com 8/27/16
1 character error ] character, set 1 is output importance dinh van Chinh 8/27/16
how to use tesseract to detect table? Johnny ho 8/26/16
How linefind works in tesseract? Gautam Navapara 8/25/16
How to make tesseract to recognize those numbers better? Mikey 8/25/16
Unable to detect a single character (Capital 'I') Javier Moreno 8/25/16
Single character 'I' recognition ElPasmo 8/25/16
UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load jpgt from loader Aneesh Phenomtec 8/25/16
improve accuracy for these documents? Caleb Pitman 8/24/16
Version 3.02 in alpha Ray Smith 8/23/16
OCR andtips from Tesseract gurus! Luis Zertuche 8/23/16
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