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underlined text problem - tess4j iShahad thobaiti 4:38 AM
How can i use tesseract-ocr-for-php on windows wamp? arslanahm...@gmail.com 7/21/17
Using TessPDFRenderer in tesseract 3.05 in C++ Roger Jefferson 7/21/17
Train tess4 LSTM with own images Sophea PRUM 7/21/17
Failed to find library \"liblept172.dll\" for platform x86 Hari.K 7/20/17
hocr not displaying x_font in tesseract4 Mohamed KAFFEL 7/20/17
Car tire text OCR Antonio Šimunović 7/20/17
German handwriting training data Shirin Glander 7/20/17
failed to add tesseract400d.dll as reference in visual studio 2015 Ang Yi 7/19/17
[Question]Tesseract Limitations Nathan Pereira 7/18/17
train a new font for language of persian Ava Nimaee 7/18/17
tesseract 4 skips over some text Chris Hawley 7/18/17
How to use the SetSourceResolution(int ppi) function lca...@gmail.com 7/18/17
I can't get the any result from the gif image with tesseract. zhaoyang xu 7/18/17
pb install on redhat PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LEPTONICA Jean-Christophe Penalva 7/17/17
Tesseract-ocr on Redhat 5 Steven Heydendahl 7/17/17
What can be done to improve the accuracy of extract Prav 7/17/17
Degrade in latest tesseract 3.05.01 mandrak...@gmail.com 7/17/17
Degrade in latest version of tesseract(3.05.01) mandrak...@gmail.com 7/16/17
How to combine 2 training data sibi kanagaraj 7/16/17
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