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Android OCR output only numbers. please help ro Ro 7/27/16
Is this the best I can get out of tesseract ? Dorin Bujor 7/27/16
Is LSTM used in Tesseract ? Kaushik Acharya 7/27/16
Unable to recognise the text with the traineddata koushik v 7/25/16
Don't Know where to put traineddata files in android studio project mohamed anter 7/25/16
Cannot open input file Lutz Wittenmayer 7/24/16
Cannot open input file Rodney Treguboff 7/24/16
tess 3.04.01 TOOLS install on centos 6.8 Gary Evensen 7/24/16
How to make things easy for OCR Zing GabardineZwei 7/22/16
changing filter setting for PDF crestion prw8864 7/21/16
tesseract-ocr poor scan result mayurtr...@gmail.com 7/21/16
Can tesseract read shiny metal surfaces? Mark Greally 7/21/16
add Arabic language URGENT Anis Ch 7/21/16
Can any feature of tesseract auto detect language (or majority language) of the image? Ashish Goel 7/20/16
Tesseract output empty but length is 5 koushik v 7/20/16
Need OCR SW designed to extract transactions from bank statements to xfer into a General Ledger like QuickBooks or a spreadsheet.. Dave Burleigh 7/20/16
shapetable size Zhenia Krivopaltsev 7/19/16
Tesseract-ocr duration time calculation beein...@gmail.com 7/19/16
Text output vs. PDF Tobias Fritz 7/19/16
Adapive thresholding Mitesh Kalal 7/19/16
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