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Google Code "project moved" flag Tom Morris 2/5/16
Plans for 3.04 release Ray 2/5/16
Adding grc to langdata Nick White 12/11/15
Editing the github wiki Nick White 11/13/15
Firefox (pdf.js) highlighting problem Jeff Breidenbach 10/7/15
Fixes for OpenCL issues reported on Apple Mac. Still get -54 on Apple... Zdenko Podobný 8/25/15
documentationation updates if someone has time Jeff Breidenbach 8/24/15
Re: [tesseract-ocr] building on cygwin with training data Shree 8/2/15
Re: [tesseract-dev] Re: Plans for 3.04 release Jeff Breidenbach 7/22/15
version change Zdenko Podobný 7/21/15
inconsistent languages Jeff Breidenbach 7/20/15
Re: [tesseract-ocr] differences between version 3.03 and 3.04 Shree 7/12/15
Tesseract moved to github.com Zdenko Podobný 6/29/15
How to improve recognition speed? Lannister 6/16/15
tesseract archeology: CVS to GIT Jan Ruzicka 6/14/15
Fwd: leptonica 1.72 released Zdenko Podobný 4/26/15
TessBaseAPICreate/Init causes segmentation fault when executed multiple times. Benjamin Kiessling 4/26/15
migrating from Google Code Shree 3/31/15
full training exe file Yossi Mazal-tov 3/29/15
Submit new language sha_ndu 2/24/15
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