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Fwd: leptonica 1.72 released Zdenko Podobný 4/26/15
TessBaseAPICreate/Init causes segmentation fault when executed multiple times. Benjamin Kiessling 4/26/15
Plans for 3.04 release Ray 4/11/15
migrating from Google Code Shree 3/31/15
full training exe file Yossi Mazal-tov 3/29/15
Submit new language sha_ndu 2/24/15
Job/Project: Need Tesseract developer (with C# skills) Roman Soler 2/12/15
PATCH: output form feed control character between pages dhara...@gmail.com 2/7/15
PATCH: preserve interword spaces dhara...@gmail.com 2/5/15
tesseract training: smallest training set Jan Ruzicka 1/29/15
"M_PI not declared" error, building 3.03-rc1 with cygwin J. Heald 1/10/15
Unable to build combine_tessdata.cpp John Nilson 12/18/14
Insertion Threshold for Non-overlapping rows. Aditya Kumar Praharaj 12/16/14
Block Iterators in Tesseract Aditya Kumar Praharaj 12/15/14
Sync with github mirror SHEN Fei 12/10/14
german pre-1900 wordlist needed? Andreas Romeyke 12/8/14
Support retrieving paragraph info in CAPI Charles Weld 12/7/14
Re: [tesseract-ocr] Cube training tools Shree 12/5/14
Parallelization Andreas Wilhelm 12/2/14
Re: [tesseract-ocr] Re: Searchable PDF output with oversized font Shree 11/25/14
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