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Tesseract 4.0 and next steps Zdenko Podobný 12/2/16
[RFC] Replace -oem / -psm by --oem / --psm? Stefan Weil 11/29/16
PDF output, to file vs memory buffer Jeff Breidenbach 11/28/16
Limit on number of fonts for training Shree Devi Kumar 10/24/16
#include "allheaders.h" Zdenko Podobný 9/11/16
C-API for TessBaseAPIOSResults() (orientation and script results) is not a stable ABI James R Barlow 9/10/16
Visual Studio 2015 projects for tesseract dependencies (excluding leptonica) mis...@mazoea.com 8/6/16
PDF compatibility check Jeff Breidenbach 7/7/16
hocr to ALTO XML converter? Chris Pietsch 5/21/16
I wrote potential algorithms(outlined hypothetical ways) to deskew text on a picture taken on a camera phone R Block 5/21/16
Tesseract performance across versions 2.04 - 3.04.01 Tom Morris 3/22/16
Plans for 3.04 release Ray 3/8/16
Travis build failures on 3.04.x branches Tom Morris 2/17/16
Google Code "project moved" flag Tom Morris 2/5/16
Adding grc to langdata Nick White 12/11/15
Editing the github wiki Nick White 11/13/15
Firefox (pdf.js) highlighting problem Jeff Breidenbach 10/7/15
Fixes for OpenCL issues reported on Apple Mac. Still get -54 on Apple... Zdenko Podobný 8/25/15
documentationation updates if someone has time Jeff Breidenbach 8/24/15
Re: [tesseract-ocr] building on cygwin with training data Shree Devi Kumar 8/2/15
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