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Welcome to Techies for Schools, an online community of technologists and educators discussing the more detailed aspects and issues encountered when providing IT support and services to schools. This group belongs to the members (from schools and vendors), with light moderation only where required to keep the communications healthy. Enjoy.

We also have a sister group with a stronger education focus where we discuss how the various aspects of ICT (software, hardware, networks, content, people, process, policy) come together (or not) to support learning - MLE Reference Group

Paul Seiler or @heugumperNZ

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Symantec 12.1.6 MP4 (April Update) Matthew Strickland 5/31/16
alternatives to apple's PHD, or a NAS that works well with them? WHS Ict Technician 5/31/16
School policies around staff loss/damage of ICT Property Sam McNeill 5/30/16
Skype For Business as primary PBX Sam McNeill 5/30/16
Video LiveStreaming of School Content Sam McNeill 5/30/16
Zonedirector security certificate Patrick Dunford 5/29/16
Using LetsEncrypt's free CA with your ZoneDirector Steve Kemp 5/29/16
HELP! USB 3 unusable after motherboard replacement Matthew Strickland 5/29/16
WSNUP Andrew de Wit 5/26/16
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Apple Mac Screen Repair Chris Magill 5/25/16
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