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Welcome to Techies for Schools, an online community of technologists and educators discussing the more detailed aspects and issues encountered when providing IT support and services to schools. This group belongs to the members (from schools and vendors), with light moderation only where required to keep the communications healthy. Enjoy.

We also have a sister group with a stronger education focus where we discuss how the various aspects of ICT (software, hardware, networks, content, people, process, policy) come together (or not) to support learning - MLE Reference Group

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Ipads on N4L Patrick Dunford 8/28/15
External ICT Review of your school Sam McNeill 8/28/15
Tela LAptop Policies for Staff Kevin Whelan 8/27/15
Office 365 Joel Chandler 8/26/15
Fwd: [dunlug] New Zealand Internet Outages? craig.knights 8/25/15
Windows 10 RSAT & HP 850G1 Matthew Strickland 8/24/15
N4L certificate as PFX Patrick Dunford 8/20/15
3D Printers - avoiding the "gotchas" Sam McNeill 8/20/15
N4L turns off web filtering Patrick Dunford 8/19/15
>100MBit on RBI Tracy Briscoe 8/17/15
Webinar Series - N4L Web Filtering Training Tim Kong 8/17/15
Sketchup licenses Patrick Dunford 8/16/15
Puzzling issue Jude E 8/13/15
Re: [techies-for-schools] Digest for - 20 updates in 2 topics Ict Technician 8/12/15
NZQA examinations - SAC computer use Matthew Strickland 8/11/15
Using the N4L advanced web filtering Patrick Dunford 8/11/15
Web filtering for Ipads Patrick Dunford 8/10/15
Location and Management of School Laptops/Chromebooks for Student Use Yvette Ireton 8/10/15
TELA Laptop repairs Ros Lee 8/9/15
Mac > Papercut > Windows Server Matthew Strickland 8/6/15
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