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Welcome to Techies for Schools, an online community of technologists and educators discussing the more detailed aspects and issues encountered when providing IT support and services to schools. This group belongs to the members (from schools and vendors), with light moderation only where required to keep the communications healthy. Enjoy.

We also have a sister group with a stronger education focus where we discuss how the various aspects of ICT (software, hardware, networks, content, people, process, policy) come together (or not) to support learning - MLE Reference Group

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Guide for deploying Office365 ProPlus - Best Practice Sam McNeill 4/5/17
ChromeBook school in Dunedin area Chris Nelson 3/30/17
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Laptop freezing Jude E 3/20/17
N4L APE issues last week Andrew Godfrey 3/20/17
Apple Ipad Adapter Recall Patrick Dunford 3/17/17
Network outage cant contact N4L Alistair Baird 3/17/17
SISI Update Tim Harper 3/14/17
Long term storage - school photos Matt Strickland 3/14/17
Google TEAM drives new feature/s released 3/12/17
Easier assigning / revoking of O365 Licenses Sam McNeill 3/12/17
G Suite for Education - Mass email delete. craig.knights 3/9/17
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