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Screen Printing Ink...Free Jonathan Alt 3/23/17
CNC rebuild continues otto_pjm 3/19/17
CNC meetup - training restart otto_pjm 3/6/17
neat tool for classes orion 3/4/17
high end 3d printer Patrick Raines 2/28/17
Solidworks license (educational) Patrick Raines 2/28/17
Table Saw Proficiency and Practice Class - Thursday 3/23/17 @ 7 pm Jonathan Alt 2/28/17
Re: [tcmaker] NEW 3D Printer! Who wants training? Sebastian Wiers 2/26/17
LATHE - Check Out / Training Starting Jonathan Alt 2/21/17
Blog post suggestions / editing Sebastian Wiers 2/20/17
Shop managers Jeff Sampson 2/20/17
Reminder of Events Going On In February Jonathan Alt 2/20/17
CNC - Spindle Purchase Commitee Meeting Jonathan Alt 2/17/17
SHORT NOTICE TOUR! - last minute out-of-towner (potential new resident) looking to Jason Webb 2/16/17
Wood Shop Closed Sat Feb 25th Jonathan Alt 2/16/17
Free Money from Amazon --Martin-- 2/15/17
Woodcraft Now Hiring T&K Roseth, Woodcraft 2/14/17
Vinyl cutter password Steve Peterson 2/12/17
Mitre box saw free to a good home Kristin Guild 2/12/17
Storage Policy / Rules Jonathan Alt 2/6/17
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