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Maker Space manager job Jeff Sampson 8/22/16
bicycle frame thread repair recommendations Henry Braun 8/22/16
Autodesk Product Design Collection Chris Gallaty 8/14/16
Laser Calander Lucie Skjefte 8/13/16
Current options for wood joining at the HackFactory Chris Gallaty 8/12/16
CNC Sunday - Interested in this Friday afternoon? otto_pjm 8/12/16
CNC Sunday otto_pjm 8/3/16
Spark training in bay area Info Cim 8/2/16
Pinewood Derby - Sept 25th - Save the Date! Jonathan Alt 7/28/16
Pine Car Derby Details (Sept 25th @ 2pm) 7/28/16
Cam lock metal punch Michael Englehorn 7/28/16
New to the City. Want a place to work Robert Chen 7/26/16
55 Gallon Fiber Drum David Schuett 7/25/16
Wand Wedding Favors Patrick Raines 7/24/16
Missing items Sebastian Wiers 7/24/16
CNC mill for a 4x8 mold? Michael Scott 7/17/16
CNC meet-up otto_pjm 7/11/16
Fumes/Getting lightheaded niko kubota 7/11/16
WTB hot air rework station, budget is around $50-60 Peter Larson 7/10/16
Stanley Build your america contest metis 7/6/16
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