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large project work / storage Sebastian Wiers 11/15/17
Up for grabs pile by the machine shop Scott Erie 11/3/17
Can we get one? Huh? Huh? Can we? Can we? Chris Gallaty 11/2/17
Friend Reminder - 10/24 Event - Town Hall Woodshop 10/25/17
Northern Woods Exhibition - Call to Woodworkers and Artiests Lonnie Bryan 10/24/17
Changes to the Machine Shop George Gelly 10/23/17
Member Project Ticket Boards George Gelly 10/19/17
Wood Shop Town Hall - SawStop Safety Streak Comes to an End Jonathan Alt 10/19/17
project report / blog article posted Sebastian Wiers 10/15/17
Blade smithing class is live! Casey Sutherland 10/11/17
Oct 2017 Wood Shop News Jonathan Alt 10/3/17
CNC Sunday - 9-24-17 otto_pjm 10/1/17
Maker group in Northfield Ann Iijima 9/30/17
Vinyl cutter Steve Peterson 9/25/17
Drum Sander Training Classes Jonathan Alt 9/25/17
Free Lilac wood metis 9/22/17
Re: [tcmaker] Digest for - 2 updates in 1 topic metis 9/22/17
Microscope Photogaphy Lisa Marek 9/19/17
Links for Member Meeting (and Reminder) Jonathan Alt 9/18/17
Wood Shop Vacuum Update Jonathan Alt 9/17/17
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