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Speaking of lasers... darus67 7:19 AM
Looking for an electrical engineering / Arduino / Raspberry hacker Scott Andre 4:55 AM
Lasers and DNS errors, Oh My darus67 4/26/15
CAD discussions / demonstrations tomorrow night! Bill Ryder 4/22/15
The Patio Project Jude 4/19/15
Circuit Board class up on Eventbrite Graham Smith 4/17/15
Fwd: Gig opportunity for carpenter or restoration enthusiast. SL Solarz 4/17/15
GlitchHQ Game Makerspace at the U of MN Doug T 4/15/15
[interest check] GPG Key Signing Part(y/ies) Michael Englehorn 4/15/15
Art-a-whirl Riley Harrison 4/14/15
Possible to suspend membership? Misha Tikh 4/14/15
Opinions on Openbuild's new C-Beam extrusions and linear actuators? Jeremiah Davis 4/10/15
Burn barrel project Chris Haukoos 4/10/15
Barbie PowerWheels Jeep Brandt 4/10/15
projector remote orion 4/8/15
dewalt drill missing orion 4/8/15
Big CNC router Jeremiah Davis 4/4/15
3D Printing with a Shapeoko Mark Holden 4/1/15
Paying Dues Joseph Bozarth 3/31/15
My Board Meeting update. Jude 3/31/15
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