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Woman Older than Coal. King Coal 4:40 AM
Part 3: Harran Exposes his Real Reason for Disparaging ID Theory---Hypocritical Emotionalism T Pagano 3:25 AM
Judge Jones and Plagiarism at the Dover Trial.? R. Dean 2/20/18
Ides of March - Git Diggin! - Vernal Equinox King Coal 2/20/18
Kleinman confuses probability with informal statistics Peter Nyikos 2/20/18
Part 7: How did Dembski Get through Peer Review if ID Theory was an Argument from Incredulity?; What say Harran? T Pagano 2/20/18
On Thagomizers jillery 2/20/18
2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Artificial Intelligence Seymore4Head 2/20/18
Part 2: Harran's Complaint Lies Outside the Scope of ID Theory T Pagano 2/20/18
baby bird caught in amber jillery 2/20/18
Part 4: Harran Doesn't Seem to Have Even a Rudimentary Understanding of ID Theory T Pagano 2/20/18
Tony Pagano's version of the Catholic "Penny" Catechism Martin Harran 2/20/18
Part 1: Harran's Ignorance of ID Theory; A Forensic Fire Examiner May Conclude Design but Cannot identify the arsonist T Pagano 2/20/18
Can the Great and Mighty Carlip Prove that the Sun is at Rest with Respect to the Earth? T Pagano 2/20/18
A list unlike the ones at which Hemidactylus sneers Peter Nyikos 2/20/18
Part 6: A Recap of Why Harran Goes Off the Tracks in his Criticism of ID Theory T Pagano 2/20/18
Part final: Harran's Last Gasps Against ID Theory; Sean Carroll's Hand Waiving Eloquence is the best he can do. T Pagano 2/20/18
Part 5: Harran is unable to escape the claim that he attaches the power of a God to Nature T Pagano 2/20/18
Cheddar Man Seymore4Head 2/19/18
Index of Experiments Which Tend to Demonstrate that the Earth is NOT Moving T Pagano 2/19/18
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