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No transitionals, not a single one Tim DeLaney 3:31 AM
How science investigate the feasibility of abiogenesis. Rolf 3:18 AM
God Evolved from Chimpanzee Deity Mark Isaak 3:04 AM
Re: Nye on the debate Roger Shrubber 2:15 AM
á simple math. We have to break it, otherwise it's a proof 8( dmitry shilo 1:08 AM
Noah's Ark could have saved two of every creature, say physicists Robert Carnegie 1:02 AM
The Louisville Slugger Theory of Human Evolution 1:02 AM
The "birds are dinosaurs" issue. 1:01 AM
alternatives to common descent with modification TomS 4/17/14
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Bill Nye says he underestimated debate's impact eridanus 4/17/14
I've been blacklisted by CMI Mark Buchanan 4/17/14
Florida Lawmakers Proposing a Salve for Ailing Springs - NY Times Matt Beasley 4/17/14
An evolutionary transition explained Mark Isaak 4/17/14
Live discussion with YEC geologists ALERT Mark Buchanan 4/17/14
Last Minute Howlerfest at The National History Museum Mitchell Coffey 4/17/14
Separation of church and state. Not JuanMotime 4/17/14
The dynamics of 4/16/14
who is confident with jesus ? Peter 4/16/14
Ark funding - a genuine miracle Mark Buchanan 4/16/14
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