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The Logic Behind the Belief in God jonathan 1:46 AM
OT: The Secrets of Sugar - the fifth estate - CBC News eridanus 1:38 AM
Mt. Rushmore designed TomS 12:51 AM
How to "Suppress" Children's Intuition of Design in Nature numerous 12:47 AM
OT: Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence eridanus 12:15 AM
The "birds are dinosaurs" issue. 4/24/14
Bill Nye says he underestimated debate's impact eridanus 4/24/14
When Corrections Fail: The persistence of political misperceptions Desertphile 4/24/14
The dynamics of 4/24/14
Gibertson on debating TomS 4/24/14
Separation of church and state. Not JuanMotime 4/24/14
It's the 'worst' science paper ever, and journals are clamouring to 4/24/14
New automoderation rule? David Canzi 4/24/14
Comment on the water cycle 4/24/14
By their Fruits March 2014 Ron O 4/24/14
No transitionals, not a single one Tim DeLaney 4/24/14
Gravity's effect on speed and direction of light Learner 4/24/14
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alternatives to common descent with modification TomS 4/23/14
Re: Nye on the debate Roger Shrubber 4/22/14
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