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The Motives of EVolutionists Bill Rogers 6:08 AM
no possible theory of everything? Dale 6:08 AM
Rehash & Regurgitation Of British Empiricism D. Spencer Hines 4:58 AM
Programming of Life Steady Eddie 4:43 AM
Lineage sorting on a genome level Ron O 4:18 AM
Scientists Admit They Were Wrong About Native Americans 3:33 AM
For Evolutionist Nick Roberts Ray Martinez 2:28 AM
atheist evolutionary accounts... someone 2:13 AM
macroevolution jillery 12:28 AM
Darwin's Doubt Review jillery 12:23 AM
Darwin's Doubt, beginning a summary John Harshman 9/3/15
Intelligent Designer & Evolution D. Spencer Hines 9/3/15
The UD ? The Unintelligent Designer Earle Jones27 9/3/15
Bill's Worldview Vincent Maycock 9/3/15
Anyone want to join a google hangout on air for a debate? Peter Thorsteinson 9/3/15
Are Chimps Degenerate Humans? 9/3/15
Is the Multiverse Science? jillery 9/3/15
software-hardware dualism / Chinese Room *Hemidactylus* 9/3/15
Uniquity Glenn 9/3/15
A Definition of Consciousness Mark Isaak 9/3/15
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