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The Verge: Nearby Earth-sized world may be the best candidate yet in the search for alien life Donald Sauter 10:30 AM
Prof. Christine Janis on Horse Evolution Peter Nyikos 10:20 AM
Continuation topic: How Xianity is determined? Ray Martinez 10:15 AM
Woodpeckers Maggsy 10:00 AM
This group can't die because it never lived The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 9:55 AM
Bye-bye, evolution! The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 9:55 AM
Feathered dino for Kleinman Ron O 9:15 AM
Memorandum for Alan Kleinman Ray Martinez 6:35 AM
the compellingness of darwinian evolution Donald Sauter 5:45 AM
To Be Ignored ... Bill 4:35 AM
Neanderthals (etc) and morality The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 11/19/17
Atheist murders 26 in Texas church Ray Martinez 11/19/17
OT: The 'Science' of Cooking a Completely Frozen Turkey Jonathan 11/19/17
Adam Savage: Totally Annoying Douchebag with ZERO Scientific Mangler 11/19/17
Great pics of 3 Carriers Side by Side in Sea of Japan and Small Ship Show of Force Jonathan 11/19/17
NASA Claims Soon it can Detect Vegetation on Exoplanets Jonathan 11/18/17
Top evidence for Intelligent design Ron O 11/18/17
Is science wrong? Paranormal phenomena which is real The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 11/18/17
Ah Another Shroud of (Turin) Sudarium ? Don Winslow 11/18/17
Fun with evo-devo Bill Rogers 11/18/17
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