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Why Alan Kleinsman's "model" of natural selection isn't worth the electronic paper it's printed on: Oxyaena 8:10 AM
Examples of natural selection in the wild for Dr. Dr. Alan John Harshman 8:00 AM
Alan, shall we run some numbers? I need your knowledge... Steady Eddie 6:30 AM
Can it be? Bill 3:55 AM
Steady Eddie falls by the wayside, and is joined by the DoubleDoctor. 1:05 AM
GIRAFFES LONG NECK; still a mystery. R. Dean 9/19/17
copy machine universal common descent redux jillery 9/19/17
JTEM destroys Darwin. Again. The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 9/19/17
Evolutionary Theorist Concedes: Evolution “Largely Avoids” Biggest Questions of Biological Origins Steady Eddie 9/19/17
Is science wrong? Paranormal phenomena which is real The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 9/19/17
Emptiness is Everywhere Bill 9/19/17
What If? Bill 9/19/17
make money with only $6 brenda 9/19/17
Citations The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 9/19/17
Public Symposium: Evolution The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 9/19/17
A synopsis of natural selection for Peter Nyikos Alan Kleinman MD PhD 9/19/17
The reason John Harshman is unwilling to accept the basic science and mathematics of rmns Alan Kleinman MD PhD 9/19/17
Pop Up System In Malaysia | Pop Up Stand | 50percent Print 9/19/17
test Oxyaena 9/18/17
Alan Kleinman's beliefs Vincent Maycock 9/18/17
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