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God-particle (without Nobel Prize) and Vacuum. Sadovnik Socratus 7:20 PM
Some Critical Notes on Kleinman's Math Dennis Feenstra 6:45 PM
Test: please ignore Athel Cornish-Bowden 4:20 PM
The case for and against the alpha male Wise TibetanMonkey, Most Humble Philosopher 4:00 PM
5 months since the "best" of IDiocy was bestowed upon all the IDiots Ron O 3:50 PM
[Rogers Misunderstanding] Only the Moon Experiences a Net Acceleration in the Earth-Moon Rotating System (Heliocentric System) T Pagano 2:25 PM
To Harshman and Carlip----First Dr. Hurd and now Rolf T Pagano 2:15 PM
theory of relator Robert Mcclintock 1:00 PM
Judge Jones and Plagiarism at the Dover Trial.? R. Dean 12:20 PM
Finely Tuned Universe (contd 2) someone 12:10 PM
Infinitely big and infinitely small. Sadovnik Socratus 11:50 AM
When science got things dreadfully wrong JTEM is my hero 11:45 AM
I'm back John Harshman 11:35 AM
Kleinman confuses probability with informal statistics Peter Nyikos 11:35 AM
The Physics and Mathematics of Evolution Alan Kleinman MD PhD 11:15 AM
OOL Revisited MarkE 10:20 AM
wonder twin powers Robert Mcclintock 6:55 AM
Bird evolution Ron O 4/22/18
baby banana trees? RichD 4/22/18
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