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Litttle progress since MIller-Urey? erik simpson 9:48 AM
Darwinian Indoctrination 101: Part 1 Steady Eddie 9:38 AM
Krause, Dawkins Don't "Understand Biology": Moran. Steady Eddie 9:08 AM
Darwinian Indoctrination 101 - Part 2 Steady Eddie 8:58 AM
Evolution in Kindergarten Kalkidas 8:03 AM
Chemistry Nobel Prize Based on Design Inference Steady Eddie 6:38 AM
Evolution and Intelligent Design 5:23 AM
The oxygen evolving complex (OEC) of photosystem II is irreducible complex. 4:18 AM
The Origin of the Flagellum ON TRIAL Steady Eddie 3:03 AM
Wistar's Half-Century Challenge: Will Neo-Darwinism Work? Steady Eddie 5/3/16
How Close Did "Prince Michael" Come to Describing John Harshman? Peter Nyikos 5/3/16
Shortening life spans to learn respect - side effects 5/3/16
Comrade Gans's 83rd Birthday D. Spencer Hines 5/3/16
Spotlight on Erik Simpson Peter Nyikos 5/3/16
Ray Martinez: an "ad hoc" silence? Joe Cummings 5/3/16
Evolution in Kindergarten: Now Brought to You by the National Science Foundation Kalkidas 5/3/16
who would like to Live Forever ? Swan Black 5/2/16
You might be a dogmatic naturalist if..... Kalkidas 5/2/16
If You Tire of Walking in Moscow, Just yell "Democracy" and Police Will Carry You Jonathan 5/2/16
Problems with Global Flood Thrinaxodon 5/2/16
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