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Why wasn't doing science the objective for the ID scam? Ron O 2:10 AM
OT: Pres Trump Declares his Love for the Furher - SIEG HEIL~ Jonathan 2:05 AM
A tool is a noun and not a verb, again The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 8/16/17
Layman's abstract: Random mutation and natural selection, a predictable phenomenon Alan Kleinman MD PhD 8/16/17
Using Complexity Science to Search for Unity in the Natural Sciences Jonathan 8/16/17
Another Question For Ray (Victorian Scientists) Martin Harran 8/16/17
OT: This is What a Plane Crash in Chechnya Looks like (video) Jonathan 8/16/17
Remembering August 6, 1945 Jonathan 8/16/17
Refined hypothesis iaoua iaoua 8/16/17
TEST Kalkidas 8/16/17
Arguments not to use for evolution? jillery 8/15/17
reverb RichD 8/15/17
Charles Darwin opens new science lab in Lincoln Burkhard 8/14/17
ATTN Peter Nyikos, What are You Afraid of? Jonathan 8/14/17
Why Are Whale Strandings Still a Mystery? Seymore4Head 8/14/17
Is this 'tool use' by an animal? Jonathan 8/13/17
NY Times creationism and intelligent design page Ron O 8/13/17
What is consciousness? jillery 8/13/17
OT: Fusion-fission hybrids: nuclear shortcut or pipe dream? eridanus 8/13/17
Origin of life review article Ron O 8/12/17
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