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Fine-tuning: multiverse or God MarkE 1:34 AM
OT: When Betelgeuse goes supernova jillery 5/28/16
David Attenborough on Charles Darwin jillery 5/28/16
David Attenborough's Nature Quiz jillery 5/28/16
Centriole biogenesis, and the duplication cycle, amazing evidence of design Otangelo Grasso 5/28/16
Irreducible complexity is a FACT. Otangelo Grasso 5/28/16
OT: Eternal-September not posting jillery 5/28/16
Okapi and Giraffes Ron O 5/28/16
The Age of Emergence, and the Eclipse of Reductionism! Jonathan 5/28/16
Unusual request MarkE 5/28/16
OT: Jerry Coyne on Free Speech jillery 5/28/16
Emergence of Species and the Ascent of Man, On Darwinian Natural Selection Jonathan 5/28/16
The main claim of Directed Panspermia Ray Martinez 5/28/16
Having trouble posting, or at least replying Greg Guarino 5/28/16
Intelligent Design is a Natural Product of Darwinian Evolution Jonathan 5/27/16
ATHEISTS ON A CRUSADE Steady Eddie 5/27/16
Christian Literature as Affected by Evolutionary Theory since 1859 5/26/16
200K older than Sumeria 5/25/16
Darwinian Indoctrination 101 - Part 2 Steady Eddie 5/25/16
Spark Training in bay area 5/25/16
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