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In the News: Hovind's 'fight' continues in court 12:29 AM
quantum mechanics interpretations Dale 12:19 AM
"Mind and Cosmos" from Thomas Nagel Gary Bohn 3/4/15
atheism is a faith ... Dale 3/4/15
B.C. Conservative MP tweets against evolution 3/4/15
Was Jesus Right About Immortality? 3/4/15
Did dodos lose the ability to fly, or were they always flightless? TimR 3/4/15
Exploding Roots Glenn 3/4/15
Was the Historical Jesus the First Modern Scientist? 3/4/15
Usenet newsgroup free.kent.hovind created J. J. Lodder 3/4/15
Answering.... Ray Martinez 3/4/15
Questions about glaciers and long periods of time Learner 3/4/15
Answering Nick Roberts Ray Martinez 3/4/15
clergy letter project TomS 3/4/15
question for catholics Donald Sauter 3/4/15
Genomics and biological evolution Ron O 3/4/15
New hominid fossil erik simpson 3/4/15
Explain ..... Nashton 3/4/15
Multiple concurrent nyms jillery 3/4/15
The roots of the Cambrian explosion Peter Nyikos 3/4/15
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