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Low-Earth orbit Earle Jones 9:00 AM
Judge Jones and Plagiarism at the Dover Trial.? R. Dean 8:55 AM
A riddle for Tony Pagano: Tides J. J. Lodder 8:45 AM
Creationists Have Complete Air Supremacy T Pagano 8:35 AM
Finely tuned universe someone 8:10 AM
Stephen Hawking died today Earle Jones 7:10 AM
An hypothetical epistemological question jillery 7:10 AM
Evolutionists and Antibiotic Resistance Bill Rogers 6:00 AM
Pro Plyd Fails Miserably to Justify the Claim that Behe's Theory is Unscientific with his Dover Transcript Quote Mine T Pagano 5:30 AM
The reason creationism is dead Rolf 4:35 AM
Aggravation has worn off. I'm Starting to Become Amused Over Taking Three Evolutionists Out of the Sky With One Stone. T Pagano 3:50 AM
Kleinman confuses probability with informal statistics Peter Nyikos 3:45 AM
Nature, Evolution and Reality will Remain a Mystery to Those that Can't Answer this Question! Jonathan 3/21/18
Salamander Genome and Junk DNA Ron O 3/21/18
Where does Behe come from? Ron O 3/21/18
To Harshman and Carlip----First Dr. Hurd and now Rolf T Pagano 3/21/18
Mitochondrial "Eve"? dale 3/21/18
Lucky Selection Glenn 3/21/18
Intelligent Design Designer(s) evolved Pro Plyd 3/21/18
Evolution of the vertebrate brain Oxyaena 3/21/18
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