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OT: The Seneca Cliff eridanus 6:42 AM
Shroud of Turin What about the New Evidence? Stargazer 5:57 AM
Trump is the Manchurian Candidate - He's in bed with Putin's Oligarchs. Jonathan 5:57 AM
Confirmation of intelligent design predictions Otangelo Grasso 4:12 AM
Idiot America redux: Will another Idiot show up at the Republican Convention? J. J. Lodder 2:02 AM
Darwinism and the Nazi Race Holocaust Steady Eddie 7/27/16
Wistar's Half-Century Challenge: Will Neo-Darwinism Work? Steady Eddie 7/27/16
Paley's stone Ray Martinez 7/27/16
The Origin of the Flagellum ON TRIAL Steady Eddie 7/27/16
The complexity of the initial Enzymatic and Metabolic network of the first living cells ( progenote/LUCA ) demonstrates the requirent of a intelligent , powerful Creator 7/27/16
For Vincent Maycock Ray Martinez 7/27/16
The genetic code, unsurmountable problem for non-intelligent origin 7/27/16
Is Evolutionary Change Ever Actually Observed? Stargazer 7/27/16
Evolution in action? Rolf 7/27/16
Confidence Levels AlwaysAskingQuestions 7/27/16
New Book: Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed Kalkidas 7/27/16
An experimental Darwinist hits the edge... Redux Ron O 7/27/16
OT: Will another 'Hitler' show up at the Republican Convention ? (YES is the ANSWER) Jonathan 7/26/16
I have to take a timeout Rolf 7/26/16
Interesting tidbit Rolf 7/26/16
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