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A real, measurable example for Alan continued Bill Rogers 6:15 AM
Bill Clinton on Bigotry Gary 6:00 AM
Are You a Precious Snowflake ? Or Old Dinosaur ? Gary 4:50 AM
Peter finally admits! Ray Martinez 4:05 AM
BANNER DAY for America! - Raqqa: IS 'capital' falls to US-backed Syrian forces Jonathan 3:30 AM
RNA and OOL chemistry Rolf 3:15 AM
Alan, shall we run some numbers? I need your knowledge... Steady Eddie 1:30 AM
A real measurable repeatable example of rmns falsifying Alan's model Bill Rogers 10/17/17
QM embarrassment jillery 10/17/17
Who Thought of That? Bill 10/17/17
Google Scores! Bill 10/17/17
Steady Eddie falls by the wayside, and is joined by the DoubleDoctor. 10/17/17
Super nova that guys like Bill have to deal with Ron O 10/16/17
What's wrong with Alan's Model of "rmns"? Bill Rogers 10/16/17
Nihilism in vestments (from a Ray v. Harshman subthread) Robert Camp 10/16/17
Evolutionary Theorist Concedes: Evolution “Largely Avoids” Biggest Questions of Biological Origins Steady Eddie 10/16/17
Evidence of Evolution? Ray Martinez 10/16/17
Nice Pic of Collision Damaged McCain DDG 56 Being Carried By Heavy Lift Ship to Japan jonathan 10/16/17
OT: Las Vegas shooter--Atheist millionaire Ray Martinez 10/15/17
Neanderthal genomic DNA Ron O 10/15/17
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