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The best evidence for intelligent design creationism according to the Discovery Institute. Ron O 6:20 AM
By their fruits Dec. 2017 Ron O 6:05 AM
And thus God spoke to J.LyonLayden JTEM is my hero 5:40 AM
Life on Earth Rolf 5:35 AM
OT completely, but I think this needs to be read Tim Anderson 5:35 AM
John Harshman Shows His True Colors Peter Nyikos 1:20 AM
Woodpeckers Maggsy 12:20 AM
Coronodon as a transitional form jillery 12:20 AM
Hitchens on Free Speech jillery 12:20 AM
100th monkey revisited *Hemidactylus* 12:20 AM
I've got a bone to pick with cannibalism JTEM is my hero 12/16/17
REPOST: Why NOT humans? JTEM is my hero 12/16/17
Human evolution is made up Alpha Beta 12/16/17
On Thera and the Exodus revisited. Rolf 12/16/17
Life on Mars, before or in the future? Rolf 12/16/17
Stupidity test for evolutionists Alpha Beta 12/16/17
Another thought exercise.... JTEM is my hero 12/16/17
Evolution v Creationism kenmur 12/16/17
epigenetics dale 12/16/17
How did speech and languages evolve? Alpha Beta 12/16/17
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