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Reality check: volcanic CO2 emissions jillery 10:30 AM
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New Neanderthal mito genome sequence Ron O 9:40 AM
The Last Question jillery 8:45 AM
Why only idiots say that humans are apes because we evolved from apes The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 7:15 AM
was Europe the birthplace of mankind, not Africa? Swan Black 7:00 AM
Santorini eruption and Exodus Rolf 4:20 AM
T rex vs early human bones Seymore4Head 7/23/17
doomdday moved next century eridanus 7/23/17
Re: [MODNOTE] Innd upgraded to 2.6.1 David Greig 7/23/17
A tool is a noun and not a verb, again The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 7/23/17
You can't parody them! VBM 7/23/17
More on "junk" DNA Ron O 7/23/17
Test? David Greig 7/22/17
TEST~ What Animal is Shown in this Picture, Nessie? Jonathan 7/21/17
TEST Kalkidas 7/19/17
Troubles in Paradise TomS 7/19/17
What isn't science The Incredibly Lucky JTEM 7/19/17
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