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DNA replication, and its mind boggling nano high-technology that defies naturalistic explanations 1:23 PM
The Reason the Theory of Evolution is Not True Alan Kleinman MD PhD 1:23 PM
Speaking of Galileo -- weren't we? John Harshman 1:23 PM
NS & randomness; answering Burk Ray Martinez 1:13 PM
Ow! Glenn 12:08 PM
Gene duplication and multifunctional proteins Ron O 10:58 AM
Will the the ID perps destroy their YEC support base? Ron O 10:53 AM
The ID science isn't going to come from Dembski Ron O 9:58 AM
Little girl feeds crows; in return, they bring her gifts Seymore4Head 9:53 AM
Programming of Life Steady Eddie 9:38 AM
The two ways of organizing evolutionary information: Linnean and cladistic Peter Nyikos 8:53 AM
consciously experiencing (contd 6) someone 4:28 AM
Survey atheist vs theist ability to imagine a philosophical zombie. someone 3:53 AM
Reconciling Religion and Science Earle Jones27 1:43 AM
OT: The Year of Pluto - New Horizons Documentary eridanus 12:08 AM
When are the IDiots going to get the ID science? Ron O 11/29/15
Control of Gene Expression points to intelligent design Otangelo Grasso 11/29/15
Wells on the Ohio Bait and Switch in 2002 Ron O 11/29/15
What does neo-Darwinism have to say about the following? jonathan 11/29/15
Consciously experiencing (contd 4) someone 11/29/15
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