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Abiogenesis is impossible 11:20 AM
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Complexity theory, ecology, and real science RSNorman 8:35 AM
Human specific ARHGAP11B gene news Ron O 7:20 AM
Some thoughts on fine tuning Mark Isaak 3:00 AM
What can we learn about God from Nature? Earle Jones27 12/7/16
Re: Does the Multiverse do Away With the Fine Tuned of the Universe? R. Dean 12/7/16
OOL 'news' Rolf 12/7/16
monkey diet, human diet? RichD 12/7/16
Hybridization issues in evolutionary theory erik simpson 12/7/16
testing... Wolffan 12/7/16
Tardigrade sex jillery 12/7/16
The Dynamics of II: Post-election Polarization and Bluster Peter Nyikos 12/6/16
natural selection and human evolution Burkhard 12/6/16
Alien hunter Derrel Sims is talking 12/6/16
Baraminology of the Flood John Harshman 12/6/16
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