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So 'harshman' claims he was gone for a couple of weeks StanFast 8:15 PM
Part 1: Jillery's Fundamental Misunderstandings About Modern ID Theory T Pagano 8:10 PM
Something that you inherited from your ancestors Ron O 6:45 PM
I studied satellites and THE EARTH MOVED! Joe Cummings 6:40 PM
I'm back John Harshman 4:55 PM
mutation rate? RichD 4:40 PM
To Harshman and Carlip----First Dr. Hurd and now Rolf T Pagano 1:50 PM
Part 12: The Great Pyramids and SETI Refute Jillery's Claim that Recognition of Known Manufacturing Is the Criteria for Eliminating Natural Forces T Pagano 1:05 PM
Archeologists FINALLY Get a Clue - Old Civs ... Look OFFSHORE Mr. B1ack 10:50 AM
Which is worse? Martin Harran 10:50 AM
Pagano joins republican U.S. House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee staff as an advisor zencycle 10:50 AM
The Physics and Mathematics of Evolution Alan Kleinman MD PhD 10:40 AM
Kleinman confuses probability with informal statistics Peter Nyikos 10:35 AM
Final Part: Modern ID Theory Demonstrates the Limits of Naturalistic Process; Jillery's Defense is an Argument from Ignorance T Pagano 12:05 AM
I AM ALLAH Shaitan Iblis 5/21/18
Yo, Pagano, remember that time Behe admitted the Intelligent Designer was god? zencycle 5/21/18
reptiles grow feathers vs. fish grow legs jillery 5/21/18
Part 8: Jillery Continues to Misrepresent ID Theory T Pagano 5/21/18
What's the shroud of Turin? JD Wolfe 5/21/18
OT: Oldest reliably (albeit partially) reconstructed languages Oxyaena 5/21/18
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