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CHALLENGE! Explain These Pictures From Mars! jonathan 6:31 PM
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Atheist evolutionary accounts (contd again...) someone 6:26 PM
Ethics in the Application of Science AlwaysAskingQuestions 6:06 PM
Help needed to understand atheist evolutionary account? someone 6:01 PM
NAND gates in two universes RSNorman 5:16 PM
Atheist evolutionary accounts (contd) someone 4:46 PM
Comic Sans 3:51 PM
Searching for signs of life in other stellar systems jillery 3:46 PM
Re: The United States Declaration of Independence Mike Dworetsky 2:36 PM
Ooparts Nashton 2:01 PM
Where is the science of intelligent design? Ron O 1:21 PM
Ymir is dead (nym change notice) Ymir 1:11 PM
Re: The United States Declaration of Independence Kalkidas 12:21 PM
Happy Independence Day Glenn 12:06 PM
Creation is Analogous to Superheating Water! jonathan 11:41 AM
Submarine Production Is Booming Now and Well Into The Future at Electric Boat jonathan 12:16 AM
Large underwater drone set for 2016 West Coast cruise jonathan 7/4/15
Test 1 (via nntp) Ymir 7/4/15
Richard Harter Day David Iain Greig 7/4/15
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