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Answering Questions Ray Martinez 12:54 PM
evolution not testable -> not a theory Dale 12:54 PM
mimicry jillery 11:59 AM
Why everything needs to change. Spin Tronic 11:44 AM
You people are so afraid. Spin Tronic 11:34 AM
Why there are only 3 dimensions. Spin Tronic 9:49 AM
What is next? Ron O 9:14 AM
Waiting for God Joe Cummings 8:29 AM
Will the fate of the Universe be, "Infinite Sandwiches"? Spin Tronic 8:14 AM
Test Martin Tester 7:54 AM
religion plays a role in scientific process Dale 7:19 AM
New technique for distinguishing twins from their genetic information. Spin Tronic 6:59 AM
Low IQ Simulations of the Month (February) Peter Nyikos 6:34 AM
does Evolution naturally lead to Intelligence ? Swan Black 4/27/15
Did dodos lose the ability to fly, or were they always flightless? TimR 4/26/15
What is the ID/creationist explanation for the molecular data? Ron O 4/26/15
"In the beginning"......Brain teaser for creationists. Spin Tronic 4/26/15
Changes at the Discovery Institute are likely a real policy shift Ron O 4/25/15
Darwin was wrong Dale 4/25/15
Re: + Bob Casanova 4/25/15
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