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Zebra stripes part 4 jillery 4:25 AM
Cell Depiction- It's UNBELIEVABLE - But Fascinating R. Dean 4:25 AM
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Obama's Humiliation 1/19/17
Fundamental Constants of Physics: The Genes of the Universe - MIT Center for Theoretical Physics. Jonathan 1/19/17
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Maybe Correct Bill 1/19/17
OT: Pandora's Box eridanus 1/19/17
The rise in the incidence of autism Matt Beasley 1/19/17
The Plastic Pollution of Our Oceans R. Dean 1/19/17
Against adaptationism in evolution RSNorman 1/18/17
Creationist challenge jillery 1/18/17
One more post-election topic Ray Martinez 1/18/17
Re: O.T. Obama's humilation jillery 1/17/17
We are mostly not there? Bill 1/17/17
How many fundamental constants? jillery 1/16/17
Can Ideas Be Real? Bill 1/16/17
Ancient DNA from elephant bird eggshells John Harshman 1/16/17
JAGOTD Deiopea [Greek] walklalone 1/16/17
More real complexity theory, the good kind RSNorman 1/15/17
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