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Showing 1-20 of 551 topics 一場專注於以技術打造輕鬆購物體驗的黑客松(本週末) Thomas K. 9/26/16
Numaker PFM and/or Brick boards available by request for hackerspace Kai Carver 9/19/16
黑客松 HackEasy.LIFE Thomas K. 9/17/16
electronic circuits websites Abdul Azim 9/9/16
Hey Hackerspace, we're doing an exhibition on the 8th-12th Sept! 3D Artist Ecomaylene3d 9/8/16
Hacking Thursdays (external meetup) Gergely Imreh 9/7/16
新竹的 Mini Maker Faire 全台 Maker space 大會串 9/24(六) 13:30-17:00 Kai Carver 8/16/16
「3rd Island Project - 佐渡」計畫分享會 Gergely Imreh 8/14/16
IoT Hackathon and Workshop, Aug 20 Gergely Imreh 8/14/16
Half-Baked Demos and Open House next Tuesday 8/9 Gergely Imreh 8/7/16
Keyholder member request Vincent Cantin 8/6/16
Goodbye Ekim Yardımlı 8/3/16
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Re: [TPEhack] Visit from Wooting Gergely Imreh 7/28/16
I borrowed the key from Elena Raymond Cheng 7/25/16
爱码客跨国加速器 AIRmaker 7/21/16
IDEAS show 20.6+21.6 Thomas K. 7/19/16
Open today Gergely Imreh 7/11/16
Half-Baked Demos & Open House tomorrow 7/12 evening Gergely Imreh 7/11/16
Got an invitation to a government event (but too late) Gergely Imreh 7/11/16
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