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This is the public email list of the Taipei Hackerspace, with the latest information, requests, ideas, and discussion!
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UPDATED 新時間! Event: Wooting- the analog keyboard 類比機械鍵盤 Simon 4/23/17
Re: [TPEhack] Event: Wooting- Manufacturing the analog keyboard Tom Haynes 4/12/17
Open House / Half Baked Demos tomorrow! Kai Carver 4/10/17
webcam at the space Kai Carver 3/27/17
at the space this afternoon Sunday from 2 to 5 Kai Carver 3/25/17
Keyholder meeting next *Wednesday* at 7 pm, space rental renewal, etc. Kai Carver 3/24/17
Taiwan Review article that mentions hackerspace Kai Carver 3/14/17
Open House / Half Baked Demos tomorrow evening Kai Carver 3/12/17
supporting member ghjkfrdeszujikolfr 1/23/17
Visit tomorrow (17th Jan) Emma O'Sullivan 1/16/17
Visiting from Shanghai Ricky Ng-Adam 1/11/17
Precious Plastic Taiwan Ricky Ng-Adam 1/3/17
happy new year & what are you working on next year? Gergely Imreh 12/31/16
Wearables artist-designer from London will be in Taipei 15-17 Bushra Burge 12/3/16
C# Programming Opportunity Zach C 12/2/16
Open house and keyholder meeting tonight / finances info Kai Carver 11/24/16
BanQiao mini MakerFaire / 板橋迷你Maker Faire展 Devry (Tzu-Hsuan) Lin 10/28/16
Hackerspace Open House and Admin meeting tonight 6 to 9 Kai Carver 10/25/16
PiAQ - air quality Gergely Imreh 10/25/16
Hackerspace in Kaoshiung 10/25/16
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