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This is the public email list of the Taipei Hackerspace, with the latest information, requests, ideas, and discussion!
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I borrowed the key from Elena Raymond Cheng 7/25/16
爱码客跨国加速器 AIRmaker 7/21/16
IDEAS show 20.6+21.6 Thomas K. 7/19/16
Open today Gergely Imreh 7/11/16
Half-Baked Demos & Open House tomorrow 7/12 evening Gergely Imreh 7/11/16
Got an invitation to a government event (but too late) Gergely Imreh 7/11/16
小朋友們!學習編程的工作坊 Rodolfo Cossovich 7/8/16
Workshops / hacking on IOT during July weekends Rodolfo Cossovich 7/8/16
New to Taipei, interested in running workshops Rodolfo Cossovich 7/7/16
Opening Request form Gergely Imreh 7/3/16
Crossminton - Hackerspace Picnic in Da'an Park Gergely Imreh 7/1/16
Contact us for electronics parts suppliers Ahlam Abdul 6/24/16
Events: - Physics of IoT / LoRa開發應用( Gergely Imreh 6/23/16
multi language versions of introduction of hackerspace (and web site...) Kai Carver 6/13/16
how to record a presentation? Kai Carver 6/12/16
New storage server in the hackerspace - ideas? Gergely Imreh 6/12/16
Re: [TPEhack] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Eli Kao 6/11/16
Re: [TPEHack Keys] Notifying people about presence (keyholder guidelines) 石恩 6/8/16
Fwd: [PLOTS] report of Balloon Mapping in Taiwan Gergely Imreh 6/7/16
6/8 morning -- Basic course on C 石恩 6/6/16
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