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Discussion With Kevin Dye About Structural Modeling Software joseph simpson 3:42 PM
Presentation At An Open Source Software Conference In Seattle joseph simpson 12:39 PM
Is antiglobalism good from the systems perspective? Aleksandar Malečić 8:04 AM
Is the Global Brain a good idea? Aleksandar Malečić 9/27/16
Read Ahead Material For The Saturday, October 1st SMP Video Conference joseph simpson 9/25/16
CSER 2017 Call for Papers James Martin 9/25/16
Candidate Structural Modeling Software Requirements List joseph simpson 9/22/16
Current Article From Psychology Today -- Referencing Warfield and Broome joseph simpson 9/22/16
Another Test Of The Google Hangouts New System joseph simpson 9/21/16
INCOSE newsletter articles on SS James Martin 9/20/16
Fwd: Call for Papers for Special Issue on Systems Research James Martin 9/16/16
Fwd: [PEIRCE-L] A Knowledge Graph Based on Peirce joseph simpson 9/15/16
Fwd: Register for 2016 CERT Situational Awareness Symposium James Martin 9/14/16
Fwd: New project from Francis Heylighen joseph simpson 9/13/16
Fwd: Bertalanffy Lecture, 22. September 2016: “Complex Systems Perspective in Neuroscience“ by Prof. Péter Érdi James Martin 9/12/16
Executable SysML -- Any one know about the state of this activity? joseph simpson 9/9/16
Fwd: GLOW Paola Di Maio 9/9/16
Trump and Clinton Aleksandar Malečić 9/7/16
SMP Video Conference Proposed Team Papers Action item joseph simpson 9/7/16
Fwd: GLOW 2016 - Community Hangout: Open Parliamentary Data and Tech Tools joseph simpson 9/5/16
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