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blog post on SYN Shop laser cutter mr jones 4:20 PM
Locksport Angelo Robledo 8/23/16
Any interest in old LED tiles from a Jumbotron ? Tom Mudd 8/23/16
dissasembly/reassembly John Lighton 8/18/16
Glue suggestions Mike 8/8/16
Dell Monitors for Barter Dennis S 8/7/16
Give back to SYN Shop and volunteer some time! 8/6/16
Sable Systems is looking for a good electronics assembly tech (maybe two) - can you help? John Lighton 8/3/16
Sparkfun Survey Andrew 8/3/16
Steel tables Jason Stewart 8/2/16
Tuesday Nights krux 8/1/16
Board meeting agenda for July krux 7/29/16
Sewing Machines/Video Games/Hats 7/28/16
Cool Projects? 7/28/16
DEF CON Toxic BBQ 24 Daniel Hill 7/28/16
Election info and Board Meeting Agenda Jeff Rosowski 7/28/16
CyberTECH BlackHat Invite! Darin Andersen 7/19/16
Old VCRs krux 7/18/16
Any interest in a Vive Demo? Jason Creager 7/15/16
Imperial March played on floppy drives Aakin 7/11/16
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