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Closed? Jonathan Cohen 12/14/17
Dinner for the shop tonight mr jones 12/13/17
Help with 3D printing Abbas Boumelhem 12/13/17
SLA Printer vat re-coating instructions. Forge (Vanessa) 12/6/17
Laser cutter Richard Furniss 12/5/17
Fwd: [nsl] Sparklecon 5 - Jan 27-28, 2018 @ 23B Shop krux 12/4/17
December Board Meeting Agenda Jeff Rosowski 12/2/17
Pressure Washer & Electrical Panels 11/28/17
OS X High Sierra security issue Aakin 11/28/17
Fwd: [23b-Shop] Happy Thanksgiving! Now go buy your SparkleCon 5 tickets! krux 11/23/17
lichtenberg figures Jason Stewart 11/21/17
Pololu Robotics and Electronics Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale 2017 David Grayson 11/20/17
Holiday Schedule Jonathan Cohen 11/20/17
Thanksgiving Potluck Aakin 11/20/17
January Elections krux 11/15/17
Missing keys mr jones 11/13/17
Very nice comparison of a whole swath of microcontrollers less than $1 James Cole 11/7/17
Submit your projects for Social Media Forge (Vanessa) 11/6/17
Voting Machines in Clark County Daniel Hill 11/1/17
Jointer Safety Tips and Basics Brian Munroe 11/1/17
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