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Re: Small glass tube Arclight 5/19/18
Needed this weekend: small glass tube Andrew 5/18/18
Tues 6-8pm May 22nd Innevation Center - Talking Patents/Trademarks/Royalties FREE VegasInventors Daniel Braisted 5/17/18
May 21 Mon - Learn About Licensing Contracts @Licensing Univ Mandalay Bay - May22-24 Walk show Free Daniel Braisted 5/17/18
Fwd: [General Questions] Invite to electronics swap meet Bill Tomiyasu 5/16/18
Getting started with SSH Keys with a free SYN Shop VM Host mr jones 5/15/18
IP Day May 11th Fri Morning @ Innevation Center AM and Lunch NoCost Daniel Braisted 5/5/18
FREE - National Hardware Show May 8-10 Tue-Thu Las Vegas Free if registered before May 8 Tues Daniel Braisted 5/5/18
May Board Meeting Agenda krux 5/5/18
Science is Everywhere Day, April 29th, Need Volunteers! Jeff Rosowski 4/27/18
Vetted Member working Monday AM? Jonathan Cohen 4/22/18
55" flat screen donation Jarred Coelho 4/20/18
Hack Your Hackerspace this Saturday krux 4/11/18
spam krux 4/11/18
Fwd: [TCML] Deadly MOTs (warning) krux 4/9/18
Board Meeting Agenda - April 7th Jeff Rosowski 4/9/18
Fwd: [23b-Shop] LayerOne hacker conference May 25-27 krux 4/8/18
engine parts? krux 4/7/18
Friend's Garage Sale Paul 4/6/18
PVC pipe and laser cutter John Bennett 4/4/18
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