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expanding powers of cos() Jeremy Holleman 1:51 PM
Restore Poly from dict Paul Royik 12:55 PM
Difference between fraction and as_numer_denom Paul Royik 12:51 PM
rsolve example symbol Raymond Rogers 9:51 AM
GSoC 15: Improving Assumptions Sudhanshu Mishra 8:56 AM
24 hours left for GSoC proposals Aaron Meurer 8:28 AM
REMINDER: Google Summer of Code 2015 Raniere Silva 8:08 AM
GSoC 2015 Application: Implement First Order Logic 3/26/15
Integrate over Union of Interval's Francesco Bonazzi 3/26/15
CAD Implementation - GSoC 2015 Luv Agarwal 3/26/15
[GSoC 2015]: Implementing polynomial module in CSymPy Sumith 1896 3/26/15
Matrix functions work but there is an output error Tom Woehlke 3/25/15
[GSoC] sympy.physics Xiang Gao 3/25/15
GSoC- 2015 Assumptions Aaditya Nair 3/25/15
Difference between expr.is_number and expr.is_Number Paul Royik 3/25/15
TypeError using sympy.stats.P Sebastian Koslowski 3/25/15
How to add a single point to a plot? singlets 3/24/15
Substitution on Function Iteration Scott Guthery 3/24/15 Sorting in _mul_as_two_parts, _rewrite2 Joachim Durchholz 3/24/15
Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Jason Moore 3/24/15
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