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Help with Sympy Sets Flexico Crux 8/29/16
How to solve differential equation with boundary conditions? 8/29/16
Trying to solve simple equation results in - TypeError: 'Complement' object is not iterable Vassili Leonov 8/19/16
Pretty Printing in Docstrings SAMPAD SAHA 8/19/16
GSoC Report submission Gaurav Dhingra 8/19/16
3D pendulum and equations of motion of multi-body systems (KanesMethod) Nuno 8/19/16
Galois Fields clemens novak 8/18/16
Nested piecewise functions Vincent Noel 8/18/16
system of linear differential equations Michael Goerz 8/16/16
StackOverflow Documentation Aaron Meurer 8/15/16
Planet SymPy updates refactoring Ondřej Čertík 8/15/16
Left hand limits and Right hand limits SAMPAD SAHA 8/15/16
Add multinomial random variable to stats Dr. Leo 8/14/16
Beginner Jithin Mathew 8/13/16
how to denest the sum symbol in sum of sympy.Sum chaowen guo 8/11/16
Wrapping up GSoC Aaron Meurer 8/8/16
solve of tanh equation Dabitto 8/8/16
Jupyter notebook seems stuck at trigsymp() Nuno 8/5/16 not updating? James Milam 8/4/16
Changing lambdify to use numpy by default Aaron Meurer 8/3/16
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