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incorrect output when derivative respect to function, sometimes doit() give the corect answer, sometimes not chaowen guo 10/22/16
simple question Marco Inacio 10/21/16
derivatives of MatrixElements Jozef Vesely 10/21/16
NumFOCUS Summit Jason Moore 10/20/16
tensor products and/or multidimensional matrix multiplication Andre Walker-Loud 10/20/16
Newbie here working on issue 11727 Kang Han 10/19/16
defining a derivative Riccardo Rossi 10/17/16
Lambdify performance with repeated subexpressions Albert Pető 10/14/16
Idea for PR reviewing Aaron Meurer 10/12/16
Is there a way to recursively pass flags through the subexpressions? Robert Lee 10/10/16
Getting started with Open Source Contribution.[Beginner] Ganesh K 10/10/16
QEPCAD Ferran Pujol Camins 10/8/16
Using lambdastr for copy and paste into non-python programing language Adam Lange 10/7/16
import problem after adding one line to `` Behrouz Babaki 10/6/16
Adding piecewise functions with overlapping conditions Milind R 10/5/16
Generating PDF or Printing (with real printer) Johannes Franz 10/5/16
Getting Started to contribute for GSoC 2017 10/4/16
Matrix power seems to give different answers for A**(4) and A**(4.0). Sreehari S 10/3/16
Multiple types of Coordinate Systems for Vectors Arihant Parsoya 10/1/16
Solving non-linear expression Ян Титаренко 9/29/16
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