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Computing the nullspace of a moderate matrix blows up RAM Emanuel Sygal 11:27 AM
[PROPOSAL] Call for french-speaking experienced Sympy users to write a practical book on algebra computing with Python 4/24/18
Announcing this year's GSoC students Aaron Meurer 4/23/18
Defining range for parameters Shelby Hui-Jun Chen 4/19/18
Introduction & Intent To Contribute Harry Trivedi 4/13/18
I found some wrong integration Bb Yu 4/13/18
Possible bug in simplify() and a question 4/12/18
Inverse Fourier transform of a partial fraction decomposition looks to give a wrong answer Janko Slavič 4/10/18
symbolic Four vectors Moises Zeleny 4/6/18
How to control the order of terms in an expression when latexed Wynne 4/5/18
Google Summer of Code participation 4/3/18
sympy vs. maxima (call for sober arguments?) 4/3/18
is something wrong with evaluation of Rationals? Chris Smith 3/30/18
Sympy expressions and GEKKO Martin Sørland Festøy 3/28/18
Replacing derivatives by python functions Lucas Campos 3/27/18
Introduction Nikunj Parmar 3/27/18
My Introduction Vina Fadriani Effendi 3/26/18
Gsoc Proposal added Rishav Chakraborty 3/26/18
Implement ODES and Higher order differential equations shortcomings into symPy. Monish Prakasan 3/26/18
GSOC 2018 project discussion: Ordinary differential equation Vishal Gupta 3/26/18
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