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Matrices with noncommutative symbols Carsten Knoll 12:31 AM
sympy.physics.secondquant: Stefanos Kourtis 5/21/15
How evalf chop works? Paul Royik 5/21/15
Expressions Involving Infinity Gaurav Dhingra 5/21/15
Magnitude of a complex number Oscar 5/20/15
theano and sympy 5/20/15
Bug with substituting derivatives Jonathan Lindgren 5/20/15
floating away from the rational ravas 5/20/15
Bug with solve Arnaud Usciati 5/19/15
How to equip a Symbol with an additional attribute? Carsten Knoll 5/19/15
Help on Sympy HyperGeometric functions D.V.S Phanindra 5/16/15
best way to solve time-dependent series of equations John 5/16/15
Boolean bug? Duane Nykamp 5/16/15
Numerical Evaluation of Discontinuous Integrals Nathan Woods 5/15/15
Reliable Sympy The Lartians 5/15/15
Re-writing expressions Alexander Lindsay 5/14/15
Can we plot Tupper's self-referential formula? Sumith 1896 5/12/15
[JOB] Work full time on Project Jupyter/IPython Brian Granger 5/12/15
"gen" argument in sympy.solvers.inequalities.solve_univariate_inequality Amit Saha 5/11/15
Checking an expression is an inequality Amit Saha 5/11/15
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