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defining custom functions [again] Felipe Vieira 4:04 AM
Solving a system of polynomial equations Jason Moore 7/26/16
random expression generation Gasper Slapnicar 7/25/16
How can I convert a Boolean expression such as A'B'C+B ... Bill Bell 7/25/16
Can init_printing() be forced to print mathjax/latex in a "dumb" console? singlets 7/25/16
Function and Indexed objects behavior with .has( ) Francesco Bonazzi 7/22/16
Lagrange’s Method in Physics/Mechanics: Stiffness Matrix 7/21/16
Lagrange’s Method in Physics/Mechanics: No stiffness matrix - but mass matrix? 7/21/16
SymPy codegen SI2: SSI proposal Aaron Meurer 7/20/16
Problem with Matrix normalized() and Matrix norm() Massimo Biber 7/20/16
Interested in contributing to Sympy, especially in the area of code generation ruggero cyrille 7/17/16
Optimize ordering of arguments in e.g. Add for LaTeX printing Björn Dahlgren 7/14/16
Matrix normalized, Matrix norm Massimo Biber 7/14/16
problem in simply with matrix value and multiplication Kenneth Frankel 7/13/16
Google Scholar alerts for SymPy Aaron Meurer 7/13/16
Move to https Ondřej Čertík 7/12/16
Beam bending Module SAMPAD SAHA 7/9/16
Convert Maple file to pdf brombo 7/9/16
Scipy 2016 Austin Texas James Milam 7/7/16
Sphinx Documentation SAMPAD SAHA 7/1/16
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