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request to join and contribute Syed Emad 1/16/17
SymPy Workshop at FOSSASIA 2016, Singapore Gaurav Dhingra 1/16/17
GSOC 2017: NumFOCUS will be an umbrella organization Max Linke 1/16/17
SymPy Workshop at FOSSASIA 2017, Singapore Gaurav Dhingra 1/16/17
How to rewrite an expression in terms of an other expression in sympy Antonello L. 1/16/17
issue solving algebraic system of equations Alexander Tille 1/16/17
solving a linear problem with (multivariate) polynomial coefficients Michele Zaffalon 1/15/17
Guidance Mohit Raj 1/15/17
New to everything Koustubh Phalak 1/15/17
beginner Kenrick Pinto 1/15/17
sympy: dsolve for a system of differential equations frank zack 1/13/17
Fwd: SingularityFunction in sympy.physics.continuum_mechanics.beam SAMPAD SAHA 1/13/17
Doing a release Aaron Meurer 1/13/17
trunc () result swapnil sharma 1/11/17
Multiple types of Coordinate Systems for Vectors Arihant Parsoya 1/11/17
Derivatives with respect to vectors and matrices expressed as vector and matrix operations Kevin Houlihan 1/11/17
Need some guidance!! Akshay Mallipeddi 1/8/17
want to contribute. De Shekhar 1/8/17
starting contributing with bug fix Yathartha Joshi 1/8/17
Research student position in computer algebra Kasper Peeters 1/6/17
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