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Updating SymPy changelog process Aaron Meurer 11:43 AM
Rational function factor cancellation in simplify EKW 10/22/17
Does subclassing from Boolean make sense for ConditionSet and AppliedPredicate? Chris Smith 10/18/17
Review "Control Engineering" module pull request Gaurav Dhingra 10/18/17
Introducing myself to community amanharitsh123 10/18/17
Not getting correct limits 10/16/17
Multiple Equations with solveset Bobby Rullo 10/12/17
Integration over 3D vector variables 10/12/17
Adding feature of Sylvester Matrix in Sympy Biswesh Mohapatra 10/11/17
Contribution Rushikesh Padia 10/10/17
Did any sympy members get invited to the NumFocus summit? Jason Moore 10/9/17
strange issue with latex printing Amine Aboufirass 10/8/17
Sum of continuous random variables EKW 10/7/17
Status of Rubi implementation for Rubi? Robert Dodier 10/7/17
3.6 build errors with Attribute error Chris Smith 10/5/17
sympy printing inverse 10/5/17
Rational with Symbol Nico Schlömer 10/4/17
Bisectors / trisectors / n-sectors for Polygons EKW 10/3/17
mpmath 1.0 Fredrik Johansson 10/2/17
S.EmptySet.as_relational(x) -> ? Chris Smith 10/2/17
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