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suppressed evaluation for Add and Mul 8:55 AM
failures in master Chris Smith 8/13/17
User-defined Coordinate Transformation 8/11/17
Einstein Summation Convention Amine Aboufirass 8/8/17
PyCon India - 2017 Shekhar Prasad Rajak 8/6/17
A submodule on Quaternions Nikhil Pappu 8/5/17
eval in sympify / lambdify Roch-Philippe Molléro 8/4/17
trouble with "make html" in doc Rathmann 8/3/17
Symbolically Applying Forces and Constraints in 3d 8/3/17
Improvements to lambdify S Armour 8/2/17
sympy 1.1 performance Andrew Corrigan 8/1/17
Inverse Laplace transformation is very slow Dilawar Singh 7/27/17
TensorIndexType.epsilon always returns None ric 7/27/17
SymPy 1.1.1 bugfix release is out Aaron Meurer 7/26/17
Error solving system of ODEs James Ostheimer 7/26/17
Geometry module: help with subclassing sympy.geometry.line.Line Vincent Leduc 7/26/17
Hanging search function of (firefox, chromium) Carsten Knoll 7/26/17
Non-central chi-squared distribution 7/24/17
Python 3.6 tests depending on external library Francesco Bonazzi 7/23/17
Brainstorming on new architecture for sympy-live Ivan Savov 7/22/17
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