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Updating SymPy changelog process Aaron Meurer 4:28 AM
Issues with integrate and piecewise functions 6/22/17
Request for community input: removing versioned docs Aaron Meurer 6/22/17
how to convert latex expression into sympy expression? 6/22/17
SymPy release Aaron Meurer 6/22/17
[RFC] change in Piecewise integration behavior Chris Smith 6/22/17
SymPy solve() results in unusual memory usage on system of two big equations scurrier 6/21/17
Unchecked variable in TensorIndexType.__new__ might be error prone ric 6/20/17
sympy.tensor.tensor.tensor_indices : documentation inconsistent with the code ric 6/20/17
Convert Maple file to pdf brombo 6/19/17
Problems with sympy.integrate AlexHaifa 6/13/17
Matrix Symbolic Differentiation Mark Yeatman 6/7/17
How to simplify expressions AlexHaifa 6/7/17
to_CNF Fernando Ferreira 6/5/17
INTRODUCTION. Ayush Shridhar 6/4/17
Import external modules into SymPy Arihant Parsoya 6/2/17
How to evaluate a symbol is odd or even? mike 5/31/17
GSoC coding period starts today Aaron Meurer 5/30/17
We starting artificial intelligence project using sympy Tayyip yetiş 5/29/17
roots of unity simon 5/27/17
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