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[IMPORTANT] Closing of this mailing-list Fabien Potencier 6/24/15
Display dates between two dates in Doctrine 1.2 Ian russel Adem 5/20/15
Supported, backwards-compatible community fork of Symfony 1.4 Tom Boutell 3/31/15
demande benothmen jaweher 2/27/15
Maintained forks of Symfony 1.4? Tom Boutell 1/24/15
How to setup correctly urls with the symfony routing? My route for some bundles are not working (unreachable web page) Valle Julien 11/17/14
How to remove web/app_dev.php in symfony2 website url Ganesh Babu 8/9/14
Compatibility sf1.4 with PHP 5.5 / APCu cache / patch attached 8/5/14
imposible to install symfony....routes errors Cristian Dumitriu 5/6/14
Fatal error: Class 'JCroppable' not found ........any one encountered this error?this is related to sfDoctrineJCroppablePlugin i installed in my symfony 1.4 system Ian russel Adem 4/1/14
how to count (in a table) and show it in main layout Ian russel Adem 3/28/14
Doctrine_Query with Inner Join, Order By and Limit Anvaya 3/28/14
how to run specific .yml doctrine schema file instead of all .yml through commend line Nimatullah Razmjo 3/28/14
Zugriff auf User Object Nicolai Dymosz 3/17/14
file uploads symfony 1.4 Ian russel Adem 3/13/14
about symfony 1 ajax live search Ian russel Adem 3/2/14
Get content from an xml document and replace it in the view Lizbeth Leaños 9/9/13 is down for at least a week j0k3r 8/28/13
Symfony 1.4 and New Relic, high sfController::forward() time (250-300ms) Marcin Prism 8/23/13
sfDoctrineMasterSlavePlugin: how to use master connection directly Yuri Andrushenko 8/13/13
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