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If you're coming to the meeting and have trouble getting into SSW... Daniel Lee 11/3/15
Parser Warnings for Uniform Priors Michael Betancourt 10/30/15
RStan cropping warnings? Daniel Lee 10/29/15
GP birthday example Aki Vehtari 10/29/15
state of TeX article (re: html manual) Allen B. Riddell 10/29/15
just a thought on fitting big hierarchical regression models Andrew Gelman 10/28/15
Stan 3 refactor update? Allen B. Riddell 10/28/15
argument testing alone isn't enough Daniel Lee 10/27/15
useR 2016 tutorial? Ben Goodrich 10/27/15
lme4 paper at JStatSoft Bob Carpenter 10/26/15
Stan Case Studies proposal Bob Carpenter 10/23/15
Fixing our developer process (?) Daniel Lee 10/23/15
out_of_range handling issues Bob Carpenter 10/23/15
broken submodule Git, again Bob Carpenter 10/23/15
Building / process questions Daniel Lee 10/21/15
Release process for Stan: built manual and doxygen and how this relates to tagging. Daniel Lee 10/20/15
Meeting link Daniel Lee 10/20/15
fixture valid.values Marco Inacio 10/20/15
PRNGs in transformed data Bob Carpenter 10/19/15
Resources for stan presentations Dustin Tran 10/19/15
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