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acceptance rates vs. target Ben Goodrich 7/9/14
difficulty following install instructions for mac OS X version 7 andrew.e.gelman 7/9/14
Re: [stan] updating arg_init. The test for this is in CmdStan. (#750) Bob Carpenter 7/8/14
Jenkins box is down Daniel Lee 7/8/14
Minor issue with 'make stan-update'? Rob J Goedman 7/7/14
Remaining items for v2.4.0 Daniel Lee 7/7/14
Introduction of LBFGS breaks backwards compatibility of *Stan interface arguments for BFGS optimization Daniel Lee 7/6/14
tagging parts of the model for slice sampling of discrete parameters Andrew Gelman 7/2/14
derivatives for MML Bob Carpenter 7/2/14
Jenkins: disabling distribution tests on pull requests for now. Daniel Lee 7/2/14
Stan 2.3 released (RStan, PyStan, CmdStan) Bob Carpenter 7/1/14
code review for pull requests Daniel Lee 6/29/14
one more thing for the Rstan 3 specification Andrew Gelman 6/28/14
Re: Recent post on stan-devel Bob Carpenter 6/27/14
Rstan instructions Andrew Gelman 6/27/14
design for RStan Bob Carpenter 6/26/14
Terminology: Program vs Model Daniel Lee 6/26/14
Jenkins test failures -- weird merge failures Daniel Lee 6/26/14
PyStan 2.3 up Allen Riddell 6/26/14
update on PyStan Allen Riddell 6/26/14
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