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Guidelines for rstan-based R packages Jonah Gabry 9/30/16
language question Andrew Gelman 9/27/16
Eigen 3.3 on the way Bob Carpenter 9/23/16
StanCon. Saturday, January 21, 2017 Daniel Lee 9/19/16
changes to math that require changes to stan? Bob Carpenter 9/18/16
Using EXPECT_FLOAT when expected value is 0 Charles Margossian 9/16/16
ExcelStan Andrew Gelman 9/14/16
An example of why we want tests for internal functions. Daniel Lee 9/13/16
Move to discourse? Daniel Lee 9/13/16
ODE Refactoring Sebastian Weber 9/12/16
Using multiple algorithms for one function Charles Margossian 9/9/16
C preprocessor for handling order-dependent includes Daniel Lee 9/9/16
Discourse sign-up directions Daniel Lee 9/8/16
Re: [stan-dev/math] Add rev multiply upgrade to v2.12.0 release notes (#388) Bob Carpenter 9/8/16
CmdStan v2.12.0 released! Daniel Lee 9/7/16
Stan and Math v2.12 have been released Daniel Lee 9/6/16
just for fun Andrew Gelman 9/6/16
Stan meetings shifting to Thursdays at 11 am Daniel Lee 9/6/16
I think I found the issue with the check_not_nan Daniel Lee 9/6/16
What's OpenCPU? And why is it sending email to Daniel Lee 9/6/16
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