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transparent BUGS transpilation Allen B. Riddell 2:50 PM
rstanarm Krzysztof Sakrejda 12:10 PM
missing pieces of ADVI for Python Bob Carpenter 2/11/16
positive transformation Ben Goodrich 2/11/16
Getting StataStan v3.0-ready Robert Grant 2/11/16
added rstanarm to web site Bob Carpenter 2/10/16
A graphical model wrapper for Stan Andrew Gelman 2/10/16
Fwd: [Probabilistic-programming] New probabilistic programming blog Dustin Tran 2/9/16
Potentially Useful Comparisons Michael Betancourt 2/9/16
banned spammer from users list Bob Carpenter 2/8/16
separate Google Group for rstanarm? Bob Carpenter 2/8/16
Sample covariance, correlation, and mean function rayleighlei.47 2/8/16
Re: [stan-users] Discrete parameters...again! Bob Carpenter 2/7/16
Autodiff and Laplace approx from ADMB (arXiv paper link) Bob Carpenter 2/5/16
Conference workshop inquiry Krzysztof Sakrejda 2/4/16
Reminder of why should change our language Daniel Lee 2/4/16
Re: [stan-users] Suppressing output from rstan::optimizing Bob Carpenter 2/4/16
FYI, the's interface pages were down for a while. I fixed it. Daniel Lee 2/4/16
pygments vs. rouge in GitHub pages? font size control? Bob Carpenter 2/3/16
Manual Update Procedure Michael Betancourt 2/2/16
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