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feature request: elementwise matrix operations Seth Flaxman 12:04 PM
Typos in manual Jonah 11:57 AM
Stiff ode solver Daniel Lee 2:42 AM
exact reproducibility in rstan with parallelization Sebastian Weber 12:50 AM
Re: Writing pars and par names in generated c++ (indexing question) Bob Carpenter 5/26/15
<cmath> and std:: vs. <math.h> and :: Bob Carpenter 5/24/15
a (much) faster c++ compiler Alp Kucukelbir 5/23/15
Ben, can you try this out on linux for me? Does it seg fault? Daniel Lee 5/22/15
proposal draft for RStan interface Bob Carpenter 5/22/15
embarrassingly parallelizations? Sebastian Weber 5/21/15
meeting link Daniel Lee 5/19/15
var.grad() method? include redundant includes? Bob Carpenter 5/14/15
transforms... Daniel Lee 5/14/15
Regular meeting time: Tuesday, 11am Daniel Lee 5/12/15
Translation of examples in Hill, Gelman books into Stan code Ben Lambert 5/12/15
StanHeaders -- move to its own repository? Daniel Lee 5/11/15
merging namespaces: agrad, math, prob Bob Carpenter 5/11/15
suggestion regarding error messages Andrew Gelman 5/9/15
Want to fit mixture of multivariate normals; maybe Ben and Marcus have some thoughts on this one Andrew Gelman 5/7/15
(re)designing OperandsAndPartials and VectorView Bob Carpenter 5/7/15
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