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Fwd: transitions Andrew Gelman 8/26/16
Could Stan have a gradient-descent optimizer? Andrew Gelman 8/26/16
doc and chained_var_context Bob Carpenter 8/26/16
Re: [stan-dev/math] Matrix exponential (#32) Bob Carpenter 8/26/16
Restarting travis-ci jobs Daniel Lee 8/25/16
blocked by Travis Bob Carpenter 8/25/16
slowness of Travis jobs with multiple pull requests? Bob Carpenter 8/24/16
recurring GitHub issue Bob Carpenter 8/24/16
Stan and Intel MKL? Sebastian Weber 8/23/16
what do we use fvar<fvar<double>> for? Charles Margossian 8/23/16
error message for comma instead of vertical bar Bob Carpenter 8/23/16
Re: [stan-dev/math] Specialized gradients for cov_exp_quad (#353) Bob Carpenter 8/23/16
Consistency of | in CDFs? Michael Betancourt 8/22/16
random variables, ; and | notation Bob Carpenter 8/22/16
ODE Refactoring Sebastian Weber 8/22/16
Closing GitHub issues via pull requests Daniel Lee 8/22/16
Handling errors from Stan Daniel Lee 8/22/16
benchmark on matrix-matrix products? Sebastian Weber 8/22/16
Help updating rstan to the refractory branch Daniel Lee 8/21/16
Re: [stan-users] stan model that works with my data divided in 3, but not with the entire dataset Bob Carpenter 8/21/16
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