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FYI -- CFP: MLOSS 2015 at ICML Seth Flaxman 1:43 PM
Comments on Command Refactor Michael Betancourt 11:54 AM
Boost RNGs Michael Betancourt 4:37 AM
Harvard course: Monte Carlo Methods, Stochastic Optimization Allen B. Riddell 3/29/15
C++ style Bob Carpenter 3/29/15
new logo release? Bob Carpenter 3/29/15
Stan model cache on the Net (speeding up "compile" time) Allen B. Riddell 3/27/15
reject singular cov_matrix or let through? Bob Carpenter 3/26/15
missed meeting / Stan short course Bob Carpenter 3/26/15
Stan Autodiff/Math Library Name Michael Betancourt 3/25/15
shinyStan freezing with grey screen Bob Carpenter 3/25/15
Fwd: Stata command for calling Stan Ben Goodrich 3/24/15
Approval voting for Stan Autodiff/Math Library Name Allen B. Riddell 3/24/15
color scheme for new logo and shinyStan GUI (a lighter topic) Jonah 3/23/15
Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology Using Linear Models with R, BUGS, and Stan Bob Carpenter 3/21/15
PyStan up on PyPI Allen B. Riddell 3/21/15
Imroved error message for ~ and non-matching argument type Aki Vehtari 3/20/15
Sparse matrix-by-vector multiplication using available types Krzysztof Sakrejda 3/20/15
code formatting Bob Carpenter 3/20/15
interfaces and command error-checking (Rstan/PyStan) Bob Carpenter 3/19/15
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