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PyStan up, increased size of binary? 12:47 PM
[ Re: [ [stan-dev] [ [[openmx-dev]] error when building binaries with R 3.1]]] Joshua Pritikin 11:21 AM
[ [[openmx-dev]] error when building binaries with R 3.1] Joshua Pritikin 10:55 AM
v2.11.0 Daniel Lee 7/28/16
Re: [stan-dev/stan] Uniform sampling of finitely-bounded variable in stan 2.10 (#1972) Bob Carpenter 7/28/16
rough version of document for users about warning messages Jonah Gabry 7/27/16
CmdStan v2.11.0 released! Please upgrade from v2.10.0. Daniel Lee 7/27/16
Test for multiple translation units Daniel Lee 7/27/16
"The estimated Bayesian Fraction of Missing Information is . . ." Andrew Gelman 7/27/16
The refactor is back on track... Daniel Lee 7/26/16
positive transformation Ben Goodrich 7/26/16
high priority bug in 2.10 Bob Carpenter 7/25/16
Could we consolidate these wiki pages: "Creating a Function for Stan" and "Contributing New Functions to Stan"? Daniel Lee 7/21/16
expose_stan_functions rewrite Bob Carpenter 7/21/16
wholesale issue closing Bob Carpenter 7/21/16
where to put projects? Bob Carpenter 7/21/16
pkpd library discussions Sebastian Weber 7/20/16
make chain-id accessible to Stan program? Sebastian Weber 7/20/16
Running generated quantities block on its own Andrew Gelman 7/20/16
RNG in transformed data: interfaces and chains Bob Carpenter 7/20/16
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