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RStan memory usage? Bob Carpenter 11/28/15
CVODE to Joy Michael Betancourt 11/27/15
RStan/PyStan ADVI status + documentation Alp Kucukelbir 11/27/15
vectorization template metaprograms & problematic inclusion order Bob Carpenter 11/25/15
Re: need to talk to Ben and Daniel Bob Carpenter 11/24/15
Meeting tomorrow Daniel Lee 11/24/15
lucus advisors looking for a stan expert Alp Kucukelbir 11/23/15
Last chance to apply for postdocs Andrew Gelman 11/23/15
how do i test bad log_prob cases? Alp Kucukelbir 11/20/15
variational approximation arithmetic operations Bob Carpenter 11/20/15
replace sampling notation; add proportionality control Bob Carpenter 11/19/15
output.csv no longer has config details Alp Kucukelbir 11/19/15
New paper on "Accelerating Asymptotically Exact MCMC" Avraham Adler 11/19/15
is there an issue with having a string input? Alp Kucukelbir 11/18/15
stan usage/download statistics Alp Kucukelbir 11/11/15
Re: [stan] `increment_log_prob` only allowed in the `model` section (#889) Bob Carpenter 11/8/15
increment log prob in transformed parameters block? Bob Carpenter 11/8/15
I need some help with Stan Math Daniel Lee 11/7/15
Re: [stan-users] PyStan released Bob Carpenter 11/7/15
Can I change posting permissions to stan-dev? Daniel Lee 11/7/15
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