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New XHTML 1.1. writer in Docutils Guenter Milde 2/27/15
Global locations for rst files charle...@thinkboxsoftware.com 2/27/15
Non-italic references Ignacio Fernández Galván 2/25/15
Call for translation updates Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 2/25/15
Sphinx 1.3 beta 3 released Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 2/24/15
Plan to release 1.3b3 and final Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 2/22/15
toctree() in Websupport Yann B. 2/20/15
conditional toctree Andrea Cassioli 2/17/15
groupiing index entries Andrea Cassioli 2/12/15
sphinx rest file parsing Andrea Cassioli 2/4/15
image wrongly aligned in latex Andrea Cassioli 2/2/15
Sphinx extension writing tutorial Matěj Týč 1/27/15
Make html error Xiaogang HE 1/17/15
Advice for Bokeh plots directive Bryan Van de ven 1/15/15
ANN: Sphinx is now hosted on Github Georg Brandl 1/8/15
Memory leak for parallel docs build Nathan Goldbaum 12/31/14
Aw: Memory leak for parallel docs build Georg Brandl 12/31/14
Sphinx web editor Guillem Barba Domingo 12/30/14
Re: How do I enable list of {table|figures} in latex ? Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 12/23/14
Re: [sphinx-dev] open link in new tab anatoly techtonik 12/13/14
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