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is there a development roadmap? Doug Hellmann 6/18/17
How to traverse and modify nodes in included source? Konstantin Molchanov 6/14/17
I'm generating reStructuredText from literate source files. How can I make error messages to point to the original sources? Clément Pit-Claudel 6/7/17
Sphinx-1.6.2 has been released Komiya Takeshi 5/30/17
Docutils smart quotes jfbu 5/28/17
AsciiDoc builder and writer lruz...@redhat.com 5/25/17
Sphinx-1.6 final has been released Komiya Takeshi 5/16/17
FW: New features for Sphinx - additional roles and partial indexes Piotr Goryl 5/16/17
How do I make an include directive work with nested_parse? Peter Burdine 5/15/17
Re: Override one of the default builders Robert Lehmann 5/10/17
Sphinx-1.6b3 has been released Komiya Takeshi 5/7/17
Fate of sphinx-testing? Nathan Yergler 5/3/17
What has changed regarding pending_xref() and refdomain? Matthias Geier 5/3/17
How to add ruby/dynamic code inside sphinx conf Loganathan Sellappa 5/2/17
Call for translation updates Komiya Takeshi 4/29/17
Sphinx-1.6b2 has been released Komiya Takeshi 4/29/17
smartquotes problem Guenter Milde 4/23/17
smartquotes Guenter Milde 4/9/17
Make for apache traffic server is failing due to error in Running Sphinx v1.1.3 Mayur Saxena 3/19/17
discussion on #3348 Ray Lehtiniemi 3/10/17
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