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Pull requests on github Alex Grönholm 5/22/16
Collapsible navigation stopped working Margaret Eker 5/13/16
suspected Sphinx issue in Sage-on-Gentoo Samuel Lelièvre 4/29/16
How do cross-references work? Max Rothman 4/21/16
Creating new non-programming-language domains Max Rothman 4/20/16
Re: How do I enable list of {table|figures} in latex ? Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 4/18/16
Report from Sage Days 77 Robert Lehmann 4/18/16
MoinMoin wiki engine moving to Sphinx Samuel Lelièvre 4/18/16
document non-Python dependencies for test suite? Tim Graham 4/17/16
1.4.1 release in a couple of days Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 4/15/16
LaTeX writer Yves Chevallier 4/9/16
Plan for sphinx-1.4 releases Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 3/28/16
Call for translation updates Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 3/16/16
New external link builder stavrosian 3/11/16
Sphinx 1.4-alpha1 released Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 3/8/16
Sphinx 1.4-beta1 released Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 3/6/16
TOC in HtmlHelp format ChrisD 2/29/16
Sphinx 1.3.6 released Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 2/29/16
Visual change with Sphinx 1.3.5 Paolo Cavallini 2/29/16
trying to customize :term: inline style for latex repriville 2/26/16
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