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Conflicting identifiers in index. Zack Piper 8/16/15
Sphinx Custom Directives Vinicius Kwiecien Ruoso 8/12/15
Expose open data about documented modules anatoly techtonik 7/27/15
Sphinx Sprint at EuroPython 2015 Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 7/18/15
Adding images in the doctree-resolved or doctree-read event Johannes Wienke 7/4/15
generic float (numbered figure) directive Achab Bachadiensis 6/29/15
Counters in rst to build in HTML Francisco Velázquez 6/24/15
Misleading exception handling in nodes.py Ryszard Kubiak 6/13/15
'Edit source' link Kent Tenney 6/3/15
New XHTML 1.1. writer in Docutils Guenter Milde 5/28/15
Annotated examples anatoly techtonik 5/26/15
collect all directives Brett Dixon 5/21/15
linkcode_resolve syntax to link to specific line number on github Stefan Reinsberg 5/21/15
RinohType 0.1.1 released Brecht Machiels 4/30/15
New material theme for Sphinx 1.3.x Anton Adamansky 4/23/15
Converting relative github links into sphinx links Anders Ingemann 4/19/15
Python 3 error: RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while pickling an object Tim Graham 4/13/15
handle_io_errors Cameron Sim 4/13/15
Best way to override per-page templates without clobbering user changes? Eric Holscher 3/17/15
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