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Python 3 error: RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while pickling an object Tim Graham 11:25 AM
Plan for sphinx-1.4 releases Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 1:17 AM
presto-docs: Failed to run the report: Sphinx report gene ration failed kumar naresh 1/27/16
Sphinx ext. for other phases of documentation than code Owen Hempel 1/26/16
Sphinx 1.3.5 released Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 1/23/16
More options for "Show Source" links? Matthias Geier 1/23/16
1.3.5 bugfix release in a week. Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 1/17/16
sphinx-doc.org on the Read The Docs with multi-versions/languages Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 1/13/16
Add micro version support to needs_sphinx configuration option? Tim Graham 1/13/16
Conditional TOCs? Philip Borenstein 1/13/16
Sphinx 1.3.4 released Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 1/12/16
Fixing :emphasized-lines: in PDF output David H 1/7/16
Translation of 'Previous' and 'Next' links into French 'Précédent' and 'Suivant' Marc 1/5/16
Use "raw" directive in a list table? Kristina D.C. Hoeppner 1/4/16
Sphinx-1.3.4 bug fix release in a week Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 1/3/16
Thoughts on moving sphinx-contrib to GitHub Eric Holscher 12/15/15
Installing Sphinx with MySQL 5.7 Mohammed Suleman khan 12/14/15
Misleading exception handling in nodes.py Ryszard Kubiak 12/7/15
Parentheses screw up in links Mike Gifford 12/2/15
Sphinx 1.3.3 released Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA 12/2/15
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