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Proposal for upgrading metacatalog functionality Pac 5:25 AM
release: 4,3,0 "stable" sandro furieri 2:25 AM
Current Status of Development Landon Blake 6/30/15
RL2_LoadRasterFromDir not working 6/30/15
ready to release 4.3.0 "stable" ?? sandro furieri 6/30/15
spatialite_gui-2.0.0-devel: current state of the art sandro furieri 6/30/15
Non-amalgamated version for Android to use with Community.CsharpSqlite Jim 6/29/15
2015 roadmap sandro furieri 6/29/15
relese: spatialite 4.3.0 final candidate sandro furieri 6/29/15
librasterlite2 SOVERSION decremented between 1.0.0-rc0 & 1.0.0-devel 6/29/15
Fwd: libjsqlite and C# mj10777 6/28/15
Possible name conflict with freexl mj10777 6/26/15
readosm: member_type different when reading XML and PBF? Geoff Leyland 6/25/15
bugfix release: ReadOSM 1.0.0e sandro furieri 6/25/15
Desktop app to create forms and reports using Spatialite. chuck 6/22/15
Fastest way to calculate bounding box and normalize coordinates Benjamin 6/22/15
Various patches for spatialite & spatialite-tools 6/20/15
RELEASE: 4.3.0 Release Candidate #0 sandro furieri 6/19/15
spatialite_gui: '.db' as an accepted db-extention mj10777 6/18/15
4.3.0 RC0: Windows binaries sandro furieri 6/16/15
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