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Mark points as non-removable prior to rttopo generalization? Alessandro Donati 7/19/17
Create a spatial view and set a field using contains? Luca Moiana 7/12/17
Export resultset Duncan 7/11/17
CreateSpatialIndex doesn't speed up queries for points-within-polygons... must be doing something wrong Karl Lehenbauer 7/10/17
GeomFromGeoJSON returning NULL in Qspatialite Chris Scheele 7/6/17
python 3.5 amd64: spatialite initialization error צחי יעקובוביץ 6/29/17
Unable to LOAD_EXTENSION ('') - Linux Ubuntu Arooj Ahmed 6/28/17
new Release: VirtualPG 1.0.2 Alessandro Furieri 6/28/17
intersection? of two vector shapefiles Jon Polacheck 6/18/17
PRAGMAs, query plan for big, tmpfs based queries .. 6/15/17
Recent news about MinGW (gcc compiler for Windows) Alessandro Furieri 6/15/17
GeomFromGeoJSON() - order of keys matters? Michal Seidl 6/12/17
CLI vs GUI with geopackage Eliot Blennerhassett 6/12/17
Spatialite under Unity3d Samer Buitrago 6/4/17
Segmentation violation in virtualpg on syntax error creating virtual table. Peter da Silva 6/3/17
[sqlite] SELECT WHERE with RTREE and second condition slow Alessandro Furieri 5/30/17
DLL Hell with Windows 10, Java JDBC, and Eclipse Rich MacDonald 5/22/17
creating QGIS-usable Spatialite views 5/18/17
libspatialite: are release points marked in source control? Honore Doktorr 5/18/17
Spatialite maria 5/16/17
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