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gaia_rttopo_error_msg freed before malloc Aaron Farnham 2:49 AM
Mingw64/msys2 linking issues Stephen Woodbridge 7/28/16
What is best practice to build network topology? Stephen Woodbridge 7/27/16
convex hull problem / "geom-type or SRID not allowed" Dries Bierens 7/27/16
librasterlite2 - error compiling on Mac carlob 7/14/16
Spatialite 4.2 internal Connection leak ma ku 7/11/16
Little Help with PHP and Spatialite on Ubuntu 14.04 giuseppe 7/8/16
SpatiaLiteC++ wrapper 7/5/16
About "Import EXIF photos" roberto 7/5/16
new release: 4.4.0-RC0 sandro furieri 7/1/16
Loading shapefile in spatialite 4.3 set field value to 0 instead of NULL Amedeo Fadini 6/25/16
ImportSHP() concurrency issues - "IMMEDIATE" transactions? HansGIS 6/22/16
"not authorized" error when trying to load SpatiaLite in UWP c# louwho 6/19/16
Tips on shrinking databases while still keeping most features? Nolan Darilek 6/16/16
Questions about GeoPackage Nolan Darilek 6/15/16
build spatialite4.3.0.a from source using external proj and geos 6/14/16
Trouble with osm tools James Laprevote 6/9/16
discrepancy in KNN function David Anderson 6/2/16
how can I delete the values ​​of the table f_table_name: geometry_columns ugo montorsi 6/1/16
Latest libspatialite binaries Ben Catterall 5/31/16
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