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We are an international alliance of makerspaces (hackerspaces, fablabs, etc) building grass roots collaboration and providing grants to encourage education and research projects promoting humanity's survivability and expansion into space.

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Please remove my name from the blog and from all SpaceGAMBIT groups Sean Auriti 4/8/14
MAKE zine blog covers SpaceGAMBIT Call For Projects Jerry Isdale 4/8/14
Fwd: 2014 Call for Projects | SpaceGAMBITSpaceGAMBIT Jerry Isdale 3/26/14
updates and feedback? ainut 3/3/14
Re: Brief update on SpaceGAMBIT status Sean Auriti 10/1/13
Getting the funded proposals Michael Turner 8/20/13
Re: [SpaceGAMBIT] Digest for - 10 Messages in 2 Topics Luke Weston 8/16/13
SpaceGAMBIT Funded Projects Press Release Jerry Isdale 8/15/13
Fwd: Ariel Waldman on hacking science - Boing Boing Jerry Isdale 8/15/13
Friday April 19th deadline coming up! Jerry Isdale 5/2/13
Virgin Galactic Test Flight today: PF01 B-Roll Footage - YouTube Jerry Isdale 4/29/13
Starship Century Symposium San Diego May 21-22 Jerry Isdale 4/27/13
Fwd: 100YSS Accepting Abstracts for 2013 Public Symposium Jerry Isdale 4/27/13
Project Call #1 CLOSED - more to come Jerry Isdale 4/22/13
Conditional extension of project submission deadline to midnite Sunday April 21 GMT-10 Jerry Isdale 4/19/13
Fwd: [SpaceProgram] You code open-source space apps for Constellation, Google Summer of Code supports! Jerry Isdale 4/11/13
Reminder - Project Proposals Due 4.19 Jerry Isdale 4/5/13
Citizens in Space "Space Hacker Workshop" May 4-5 at Hacker DoJo Mountain View CA Jerry Isdale 4/5/13
NASA RFI: next generation space communications and navigation network Jerry Isdale 3/12/13
Neural interfaced rats Cole K Santos 3/3/13
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