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For people that are not familiar with English language, two local sub-community in Italian and Spanish are available.

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Welcome in, introduce your self! Dario Di Maio 12/22/17
Compile error enabling http or xml interface Luca Calcaterra 1:09 AM
ESP8266 to RS485 example farbod Shajjarian 2/15/18
OpenHAB 2 with Souliss Binding Dario Di Maio 2/10/18
[SST] - Souliss Smart Thermostat WiFi - First Release Flavio 1/17/18
Wifi bridge not working stef mertens 1/14/18
ESP-01 as wifi shield gateway guyc 1/9/18
SoulissApp doesn't see the ESP gateway guyc 12/28/17
Support for ESP32 Started Dario Di Maio 12/16/17
Node goes offline sporadically Alvaro Lobato 12/10/17
How to obtain custom data in Android (or Openhab) app. Артем ТИхонович 12/8/17
Dynamic addressing and old nodes Alvaro Lobato 12/8/17
Sonoff Souliss Problem Ender26 12/8/17
Handle stove by IR Miguel Angel de Pablo 12/5/17
Alternative to DDNS, get public IP from Ipify with ESP8266 Dario Di Maio 11/26/17
Compilation errors on an ESP8266 stef mertens 11/18/17
ESP8266 debug via UDP Gabriele Ribichini 11/11/17
Time of day Артем ТИхонович 11/8/17
timed logic in control Артем ТИхонович 11/7/17
Souliss + Node-Red g.bonanno 10/27/17
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