SolrNet is an Apache Solr client for .NET. You can ask here any questions about SolrNet. Please check the documentation before asking, in particular the FAQ section. 
If you're not familiar with Solr, take your time to follow the Solr tutorial, see the FAQ and the docs. Consider getting a book.
If the question only pertains to Solr and not SolrNet, please use the Solr mailing list instead.

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Nuget package update Mauricio Scheffer 5/4/15
Initiating Multiple Solr Dictionary Indexes Paul A 5/26/15
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Does SolrNet support pdf/doc file upload ravi kanasagra 5/3/15
Compatibility of Solr Net with Amazon's Cloud Search Krunal Jariwala 5/1/15
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Facets grouping for a solr novice Wesley Leonard 4/29/15
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solrnet facet limit syntax h jalalifar 4/6/15
StatsParameters - DateField Adam Whittaker 3/25/15
SEVERE: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: ERROR:unknown field 'string' vito256 3/25/15
Multi Column sorting with group by Lalit Chattar 3/10/15
Autofac Multicore with custom HttpWebRequestFactory Brandon O'Dell 3/4/15
Solrnet query for Minimum Should Match(mm) ankita patel 3/1/15
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