We want SOFA Statistics to be the best program it can be.  And that doesn't just mean features and technical sophistication, it means user friendliness and ease of use.  To achieve that, we need your feedback and insights. Please feel welcome to join the community discussion.

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Where to next for SOFA Grant Paton-Simpson 3/24/14
Errro using the demo data file - Ooops! Unable to run script to generate report. Caused by error: invalid syntax (, line 7) Bertikus 4/12/14
Graphs not coming up on stat report 4/5/14
SOFAStatistics Portable - Alpha version jdeisenberg 4/2/14
Changing "default" language in SOFA Javier Jarava 3/27/14
Downloaded SOFAstats but can't find the program 3/25/14
Access DataBase - MDB or ACCDB? Rodrigo Roberto Bammann 3/15/14
Problem with " lib.ue" importing my_globals during installation Mauricio Fernandez 3/11/14
trouble downloading SOFA Ann 3/6/14
data tables claire ewenczyk 2/21/14
Export of Charts Alastair Gordon 2/18/14
Paid for Exported Reports but still unable to export Lynn Radocha 2/15/14
Assign records different weights? Charles Hartley 2/9/14
Portable Apps version of SOFA statistics? jdeisenberg 2/9/14
Pie charts- display percent but not count? Charles Hartley 2/8/14
Save projects and project files (tables) to second drive? Charles Hartley 2/5/14
all x-values not showing on scatterplot Charles Hartley 1/29/14
Possible to draw values from separate table? Charles Hartley 1/28/14
Best-Fit line through chart? Charles Hartley 1/28/14
"Experienced problem refreshing table details" Quantum Newbie 1/22/14
Begining to use Prof.Bharat Bhushan Singh 1/17/14
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