We want SOFA Statistics to be the best program it can be.  And that doesn't just mean features and technical sophistication, it means user friendliness and ease of use.  To achieve that, we need your feedback and insights. Please feel welcome to join the community discussion.

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Where to next for SOFA Grant Paton-Simpson 3/24/14
updating to 1.4.4 Josh Sibille 9/4/15
Install Help for Mac (OSX 10.8.2) Dave Frye 9/4/15
At least two values are needed in each group to run the analysis. 9/3/15
Error generating reports in Spanish-installed operating systems 7/24/15
Complex Chart Brooke Bender 7/13/15
Is it possible to save interactive pictures & images (by making charts??) in SOFA myriam 6/26/15
sofa not installing on windows....on clicking icon..says sofa.exe is missing Divey Saib 6/20/15
problems with Kruskal-Wallace test Richard Kool 6/11/15
Install Sofa in Fedora 22 Alides Chimin 6/2/15
Charts wont run Anthony Liston II 5/31/15
conection MYSQL Art Phillip 5/29/15
T test means are incorrect Al Right 5/13/15
Needs the flexibility scripting allows alessio 3/27/15
Order of Variables in Report with Sofa for Mac 1.4.3 3/23/15
Correlation tables Gerardo Gold 3/17/15
SPSS vs Sofast Please Advise Al Right 3/17/15
Access is causing me problems with running an ANOVA Al Right 3/17/15
How to display the percent of TOTAL in crosstabs 3/17/15
Problem installing on Fedora 14 Jorge Saturno 3/2/15
Error message in demo / language settings Vicki 2/11/15
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