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Ancestry.CA is offering Free Access to Its Collection Through July 1, 2015 Jan Meisels Allen 6/30/15
(Scotland) Offers Free Search for Soldier's Wills Thomas Venetianer , Tom 6/30/15
Divorce Records New York Marilyn Silva 6/30/15
Please translate Polish and Russian documents Margalit Ashira Ir 6/29/15
(US) National Archives Summer Genealogy Programs Jan Meisels Allen 6/29/15
JewishGen Education offers new value added course Basic 3: Let's Get Organized! 6/29/15
ViewMate translation Russian Marilyn Silva 6/29/15
Thank you for help with Brooklyn Divorce Record Thomas Venetianer , Tom 6/29/15
View Mate translation request -- Russian Alice Riley 6/29/15
(Austria)Jewish Museum of Vienna Exhibit on Ringstrasse: A Jewish Boulevard Jan Meisels Allen 6/28/15
All Galicia Database updated -- Jagielnica, Obertyn, Sniatyn, Ulaszkowce, and more 6/28/15
KehilaLinks Project Report for May / June 2015 6/28/15
Re: Records from Lezajsk? 6/28/15
Trying to connect with descendants of the siblings of Gershon Lazarus of London Sheila Toffell 6/28/15
recording births in Boston 1909 Herbert I Lazerow 6/28/15
(US-CT) Original Birth Records for Adoptees Become Available on July 1 Jan Meisels Allen 6/27/15
(European Union) BBC Publishes List of "Right to be Forgotten Removed Links from Google Thomas Venetianer , Tom 6/27/15
Re: Installment Sara Manobla 6/27/15
(Australia) Ryerson Index Online Database of Newspaper Obituaries Jan Meisels Allen 6/27/15
New Book: volume 2 of "The Holocaust in Slovakia" Thomas Venetianer , Tom 6/26/15
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