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Does not work for filename 403_forbidden.jpg Soham Pal 3/7/13
Protect images from Non-Logged in Users AND images outside of root 3/5/13
Check if has to be cropped first, then resize Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini 2/10/13
SLIR for Video? Remi 1/11/13
Forcing a cache bypass? Soham Pal 1/10/13
SLIR only shows Alt text when .htaccess rewrite rules moved to vhosts Qhog 12/20/12
Meta data retention after resize? Robert Valencia 11/21/12
[SLIR] php linked images dapz 11/18/12
Delete Install? Archia 10/24/12
Installing Archia 10/19/12
Images appear only in the home page JohnSmithIV 6/15/12
Re: [SLIR] Image is an url Joe Lencioni 6/5/12
using random image with SLIR Gerben van Dijk 5/24/12
Force JPG in output? Luca Giorcelli 5/20/12
Defining the paths to an off-root SLIR directory, and the source image. gjones 4/18/12
Installing errors kasperkamperman 3/2/12
error: Warning: The magic method __set() must have public visibility and cannot be static kasperkamperman 2/29/12
Inconsistant Image Rendering On Server Andy Hunter 2/29/12
SLIR has moved to GitHub Joe Lencioni 2/29/12
Inconsistent 404 errors when using SLIR on WordPress David Albert 2/24/12
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