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SLIR is now on Flattr Joe Lencioni 2/24/15
Announcing SLIR 2.0b4 Joe Lencioni 12/22/10
External images Muhammad Fahad 4/22/15
what does this do? dennis garber 3/27/15
Quick question regardig potential abuse! Anon Nothinless 2/24/15
Timeouts when rendering many thumbnails. Mark Reynolds 1/15/15
Image does not exist [path] 12/3/14
Slir config on nginx Tiziano Formica 11/14/14
Exif doesn't work 5/14/14
Discussion: Extensibility? Berry Von Heizelstoff 5/1/14
error 404 although the image exists Paul Godard 4/22/14
If I only have height. Ismail Khan 4/10/14
Occasional 404s on images Michael Cottam 1/16/14
Newbie having issues getting my head round this... does it work on windows IIS? Spencer Planton 10/25/13
Cropping Idaho 7/3/13
Slir cache image problem Daniel Bohusz 4/27/13
SLIR on IIS? Roi Kingon 4/27/13
Problem error 500 after update Joaquin Mares 3/7/13
Does not work for filename 403_forbidden.jpg Soham Pal 3/7/13
Protect images from Non-Logged in Users AND images outside of root 3/5/13
Check if has to be cropped first, then resize Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini 2/10/13
SLIR for Video? Remi 1/11/13
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