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Welcome to the user group for the Bioware Server collection of bioinformatic tools, including SLiMSuite (SLiMFinder, SLiMSearch), Cyclops, SLiMPrints, SLiMPred, PeptideLocator and PeptideRanker. This user group is for asking questions related to the use of the tools and development. We will also post updates about server outages, software updates and new manuscripts.

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Why some jobs keep running forever? SLiMFinder Fatma Elzahraa Eid 4/8/14
new rest services on the website Niall 8/30/13
SLiMSearch 1 Niall 3/20/13
Peptide Ranker Salva 2/18/13
rest services Niall 1/9/13
Number of sequences in database James 11/22/12
orthdb files and data@bioware Niall 11/22/12
New motif discovery tool - dlocalmotif Niall 11/16/12
Gopher rest api Niall 11/13/12
Fwd: new version of gopher web interface Niall 10/30/12
slimprints error Niall 10/14/12
Server's back online Niall 10/10/12
UCD Network down Niall 10/8/12
Saamco back up Niall 9/17/12
Bioware Downtime Niall 6/15/12
Comparimotif ELM 2012 update Niall 3/29/12
max seq Niall 3/28/12
bioware back up Niall 12/9/11
bioware server downtime Niall 12/9/11
fire at datacentre Niall 12/8/11
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