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"Central Discovery Service" initiated discovery/login Patrick Radtke 7/22/16
State information lost error when using sql store.type Matthew Terentjev 7/22/16
Openid module work as a RP? Maykon Chagas 7/21/16
Assistance with NOSTATE error? Michael C 7/19/16
SimpleSamlPhp SP with Ping Federate IDP : Invalid IDP for this SP ab 7/19/16
simplesamlphp -> PingFederate IDp not returning to originating page Jon August 7/19/16
SimpleSAMLphp 1.14.6 Jaime Pérez 7/18/16
SimpleSAMLphp 1.14.5 Jaime Pérez 7/17/16
Metadata format JCO Enterprises 7/15/16
Unable to find the SAML 2 binding used for this request.array Arjun Manoharan 7/15/16
Help needed with getting the raw XML SAMLResponse Mike Meluso 7/15/16
SimpleSAML_Error_Error: UNHANDLEDEXCEPTION after authentication Arjun Me 7/14/16
Clear the session once the user redirects from ADFS Arjun Me 7/14/16
InCommon Per-Entity Metadata Working Group Tom Scavo 7/13/16
Unable to generate NameID. Check the userid.attribute option Max León 7/13/16
Can metarefresh be run as a CLI process? Josef Fortier 7/13/16
Using SSP against multiple AD FS servers Eivind Lie Andreassen 7/13/16
Drupal 7.44 security patch and Automatic role population from simpleSAMLphp attributes? treebyr 7/12/16
Expire in AuthData on SP does not update according to IdP Michal Wokoun 7/11/16
Cannot retrieve metadata for IdP '' because it isn't a valid IdP for this SP. Sachin Singh 7/11/16
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