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Returning from IDP after login not working properly Rick Warren 4/17/15
Using SimpleSAML as SP for a java web applicaton (test environment). Keith Reilly 4/17/15
Installed SP. Can't view metadata. Keith Reilly 4/15/15
Username from ActiveDirectory userPrincipalName Ryan Panning 4/15/15
Setting up a test environment zacherypd 4/14/15
User already logged in thru existing custom application, want to not force user to login again when being redirected by SP Adam Bodnar 4/14/15
Trouble with SSL/TLS-connection to ldap Trond Kandal 4/14/15
Automatic attribute filtering based on SPs SAML entity categories Olivier Salaün 4/14/15
Authgoogle issues Sakhi Hadebe 4/14/15
Changes too Google API affecting Google Apps SSO? Marko Milisavljevic 4/13/15
casserver module Bjorn Rohde Jensen 4/13/15
Exception: Invalid fingerprint of certificate. Expected one of [44c4e9960734e69f5449a746e2a82a1bafad5a8d], but got [f4fdba42f930aef57f443be5578892a715cc9f72] Michael Hall 4/13/15
Adding additional authentication steps on the IDP level. Dominik Trupčević 4/13/15
Trojan Mailer in Drupal Joe Harth 4/13/15
Intended behavior of saml:SP authentication source config options like ForceAuthn when operating an IdP Proxy Mike Grady 4/13/15
Using certFingerprint in metadata? Emmanuel Dreyfus 4/12/15
Re: AuthnContextClassRef Jaime Pérez 4/10/15
Overriding default user agent used in OpenID (Yadis) HTTP Fetchers Todd Armstrong 4/10/15
ECP Client 4/10/15
Performance recommendations/APC? Mike Grady 4/10/15
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