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Can you include LDAP module in saml20-sp-remote.php? Dave Y 8:33 AM
Configuring name based virtual hosting Anindayu Pradetha 5:57 AM
Forces the user to re introduce username and password on login Adrian-Nicolae Mihaila 1:47 AM
AttributeAdd with value assigned by a variable Os Tyler 1/14/17
Requesting a specific AuthnContextClassRef in a proxy IdP Keith Wessel 1/13/17
simplesamlphp in web server Anindayu Pradetha 1/13/17
LinOTP + SimpleSAMLphp Anindayu Pradetha 1/13/17
SimpeSaml with ADFS via F5 load balancer Marek Derdzinski 1/10/17
SimpleSAML_Error_Error: UNHANDLEDEXCEPTION Salil Lambay 1/10/17
Rember me and configuration 1/9/17
The page isn't redirecting properly jit 1/6/17
Generating empty Reference URI in a SAML response. JC 1/5/17
Adding XML SP Metadata Adam Zheng 1/4/17
Errors looking for users in LDAP Daniel Mérida 1/2/17
Encryption method is missing from metadata Guilhem Achikbache 12/23/16
where do I put my ldap:AttributeAddFromLDAP ? Remy Blom 12/23/16
Is SSP 1.11 compatible with PHP 5.6.29? Jacob Weber 12/22/16
Re: How to request a logout in the IDP from the SP - SP initiated logout in IDP Olav Morken 12/22/16
Allowing dotenv without hacking the core? Jorge Colon 12/18/16
How to pass attribute through proxy Qian, Yi 12/16/16
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