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Auto-generated Metadata Signing Algorithms Michael Domingues 2:53 PM
Standalone casserver module vs included casserver module 9:47 AM
Turn off PHPSESSID in query string. Huy Nguyen 7:27 AM
Discovery response endpoint checking Keith Wessel 6:56 AM
custom mymodule(myauthinstance) how to use in my app Kriti Raj 12:55 AM
ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Eva Kalisova 6/29/16
IdP Initiated SSO: Encrypted Assertion Fails with "Reference Validation Failed" Miguel Mendoza 6/28/16
Issue with logging levels. Jose A. Accino 6/28/16
No Entity Category Support in SSP? Lukas Hämmerle 6/28/16
SimpleSAML_Error_Error: UNHANDLEDEXCEPTION BaDuBa NeTwOrK's 6/23/16
Dynamic Return URL for SimpleSAML Manikrag Sharma 6/23/16
mail system sso moh salih 6/22/16
can I have multiple SPs with the same entityid Jason Haar 6/21/16
saml is not engaging Tommy Peterson 6/21/16
Comparison='minimum' on <samlp:RequestedAuthnContext> (SAML2 SP, binding HTTP-POST) Andrea Cividini 6/20/16
urn:oid how to find this? Joe Tyler 6/17/16
Can't get <X509IssuerSerial> element in SAML2 AuthnRequest - binding HTTP-POST Andrea Cividini 6/17/16
Not able to get flexmls_tech_id as well as user Information Dev 6/15/16
Errors with signatures - How to DEBUG Francisco Almeida 6/14/16
Verify if user is still valid on IdP Vitor Franchi 6/13/16
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