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Authenticate transparently Rodrigo Santiago 8/28/16
RequesterID not sent in AuthnRequest Umesh Sundaresh 8/25/16
Updating IDP Certs one SP at a time Justin Turner 8/24/16
Comparison='minimum' on <samlp:RequestedAuthnContext> (SAML2 SP, binding HTTP-POST) Andrea Cividini 8/24/16
SimpleSAMLphp 1.14.8 Jaime Pérez 8/23/16
MVC Application and isPassive login with multiple domain 8/23/16
Problems with 1.14.7 8/22/16
Unable to get AuthProc to remap attributes Ben Plessinger 8/22/16
Redirect after login with simpleSAMLphp + CAS Dorian Do 8/18/16
latest.tar.gz? dick.visser 8/16/16
SimpleSAMLphp 1.14.5 Jaime Pérez 8/16/16
Nothing being logged dick.visser 8/11/16
How to catch and handle exceptions from the IdP when using SimpleSAMLphp as a SP? MarcF 8/11/16
Multiple authsources in discovery service Ondřej Velíšek 8/11/16
eduPersonTargetedId and broken proxying in >= 1.14.4 8/10/16
SimpleSAML_Error_NoState: NOSTATE Anshul Jain 8/10/16
SimpleSAML_Session::getIdP() method removed - what to use now? dick.visser 8/9/16
Problem with the back button Salim L. 8/8/16
Help. I want one IDP and to specify the authentication source based on the service provider joe.young 8/4/16
No Entity Category Support in SSP? Lukas Hämmerle 8/4/16
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