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set up IdP proxy Qian, Yi 10:05 AM
SimpleSAMLphp and Mediawiki 1.27 with the SimpleSamlAuth Extension Pete Olsen 7:58 AM
SimpleSAMLphp 1.14.10 Jaime Pérez 12/2/16
How can I test session.datastore.timeout function pallav shah 12/1/16
1.14.9 Possible Bug? or Misconfiguration weisman491 12/1/16
Unable to find the SAML 2 binding used for this request.array Arjun Manoharan 12/1/16
How to merge SimpleSAMLphp code? 11/30/16
When do we need saml20-idp-remote metadata Manilal K M 11/29/16
IdP QuickStart does not say where to put certificate Nicolas Raoul 11/27/16
SimpleSAML_Error_Exception: Could not find the metadata of an IdP with entity ID Pete Olsen 11/25/16
idp discovery not finding IDPs Rainer Hörbe 11/23/16
Error: Permission denied to access property "logoutCompleted" Peter Falson 11/23/16
The POST data we should restore was lost. - postredirect.php Ram Prasath Rajendran 11/22/16
Could SSP do better on Jason Haar 11/22/16
Duplicate PersistentNameID2TargetedID/PersistentNameID Lukas Hämmerle 11/21/16
O365 Federation and error AADSTS50107: Requested federation realm object PJ 11/20/16
SimpleSaml with ZF1 php Error : Cannot declare class SimpleSAML_Logger, because the name is already in use 11/17/16
Using SimpleSAMLphp to Authenticate against ADFS 2.0 IdP Florian Beer 11/17/16
Session: 'default-sp' not valid because we are not authenticated. Brett Sheeran 11/16/16
ssp & raz 11/16/16
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