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log fields 11:17 AM
eduPersonTargetedId and broken proxying in >= 1.14.4 8:11 AM
Goggle auth just stopped working on all of my simplesamlphp deployments Bill Ewing 6:16 AM
XML type not accepted in metarefresh config? Jose A. Accino 4:53 AM
CAS Server documentation? Philip Cummins 9/29/16
Intermittent NoState Errors Dustin Lactin 9/29/16
New Amazon SAML Support Rob Tucker 9/28/16
Can't get NameQualifier attribute to turn up in <saml:NameID> element Dominik Trupčević 9/27/16
Handling dual session logins for a single user Brian Vuyk 9/26/16
Metadata refresh and PDO storage provider MarcF 9/26/16
relaystate Tommy Peterson 9/25/16
New configuration with Negotiate module, asking for basic authentication mweber.subscriptions01 9/24/16
Unset authproc filter for specific SPs Ondřej Velíšek 9/23/16
Simplesamlphp-adfs --> Claims 9/23/16
Override per-SP metadata with cron metarefresh Andrew Klaus 9/22/16
SimpleSamlphp-adfs mk 9/22/16
simplesamlphp -http error 500 mk 9/22/16
ADFS -PHP integration with Samlphp mk 9/21/16
Too Many Redirects AND No State Errors Jon August 9/21/16
Returning an Access Denied message Peter Falson 9/20/16
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