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SimpleCV mailing list shutting down. Anthony Oliver 10/17/12
New Help System: Anthony Oliver 1/25/12
Problems installing SimpleCV on Windows 7 (32-bit) Jérémy Scarella 10/16/12
SimpleCV install problem He Jibo 9/4/12
how do I show line numbers with the "history" command in the shell? kev 8/23/12
SimpleCV Template Matching problems. joek 8/19/12
Limit of 2 instances of Camera(x) .. ? ktenney 8/13/12
problem nao setun 8/8/12
easycap driver? michael hartup 7/31/12
feedback on web site Stephen Ng 7/16/12
Error importing Shell Stephen Ng 7/7/12
Mac Lion installation Ben Richardson 7/4/12
Camera busy error Suganya Ramesh 6/22/12
scanner support Nathan Oostendorp 6/18/12
[simplecv] multiprocessing opencv Mike Lawrence 6/4/12
SimpleCV - MAC install issues Dave Appleton 6/4/12
SimpleCV installation problem Siva Prasad Varma 5/12/12
No attribute findKeypointMatch Alex.Izydorczyk 4/20/12
find eyes / pupils via isCirlce? der_tom 4/2/12
newbie: q@HaarLikeFeature der_tom 4/2/12
image class broken with new packages under Windows Zsolt Ero 3/31/12
noob: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'tostring' der_tom 3/31/12
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