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Setting a jvm option with xsbt-plugin 9/20/14
[SBT 0.13.5] A hopefully constructive short story about SBT Mar 9/15/14
Dependency resolution on newly published artefacts Raymond Barlow 9/12/14
Fwd: [scalatest-users] insufficient context in test failure because of IllegalAnnotationException Caoilte 8/19/14
bintray-sbt cannot publish Luchesar Cekov 8/18/14
How to get all the plugin infos in sbt task Xin Yao 8/17/14
Resolver issue when offline (without connection) Maatary Okouya 8/17/14
Starting a Gui application from within SBT (OSX) Maatary Okouya 8/15/14
What is SBT global scope, how does it works ? Maatary Okouya 8/13/14
Implication of exportJars Maatary Okouya 8/11/14
sbt / ivy home / cache directories Monosij Dutta-Roy 8/11/14
Executing a javacc compilation to generate java file to be used in the compile task. Maatary Okouya 8/11/14
Sbt support for versioning and "statues" ? Maatary Okouya 8/10/14
Why Sbt can not naturally pick up the JavaFx runtime ? Maatary Okouya 8/10/14
In Thisbuild Maatary Okouya 8/10/14
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