Shiny - Web Framework for R

Shiny is a package from RStudio that makes it dramatically easier to build interactive web applications with R. You don't need to know anything about web applications to get started--with just some R knowledge and our tutorial, you'll be writing Shiny apps in no time! Go to the Shiny home page to learn more and see examples.

Post your comments and questions (and answers!) about Shiny here, or show us a gist of your latest Shiny app!

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Improving performance of the App puneeth rao 6/24/17
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Shiny apps don't work over nginx proxy using https Vasant Marur 6/24/17
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Application some times disconnects from the server in Opera40 and Chrome58 Aaghaz 6/24/17
How can I get to display only Year and Month (No days) using dateInput or dateRangeInput Nelve 6/23/17
Is there a formalism that is the basis for Shiny, esp. wrt reactivity? 6/23/17
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Unicode characters(Chinese) display issue 6/23/17
Data table header Mehdi Fazel 6/23/17
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