Shiny - Web Framework for R

Shiny is a package from RStudio that makes it dramatically easier to build interactive web applications with R. You don't need to know anything about web applications to get started--with just some R knowledge and our tutorial, you'll be writing Shiny apps in no time! Go to the Shiny home page to learn more and see examples.

Post your comments and questions (and answers!) about Shiny here, or show us a gist of your latest Shiny app!

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Announcement: insertUI and removeUI functions now available on Shiny's development version 5/25/16
Announcement: ShinyDevCon videos now available Joe Cheng [RStudio] 5/11/16
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rows_selected returns multiples when selection = 'single' in DT::datatable Dennis Andersen 6/29/16
Use Variable for observeEvent eventExpr Dario Strbenac 6/29/16
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Apache versus nginx configuration: "Server lost session", "wasClean": false Tirthankar Chakravarty 6/28/16
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Is it possible to change the font/color of the validation message Vamsi Krishna 6/27/16
Shiny App not responding Jagan Mohan Rao Narayanam 6/27/16
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Question about Year Format in slider 6/27/16
Fetch the column content from rendertable output for plotting a graph Nabi Shaikh 6/27/16
stateSave and clearing filters Steven Wasik 6/26/16
Legend title in plotly Poornima Jagannathan 6/25/16
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