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Pushing shelr recording DawsonB 7/7/13
Change prompt and colors for shelr record anatoly techtonik 4/30/13
shelr not working (on both OSX and Ubuntu) Frimann Bjornsson 11/29/12
Installing on openSUSE 12.1 Greg Stringer 7/24/12
Enhanced green button layout anatoly techtonik 6/14/12
shelr accepted to Debian (sid and testing) Antono Vasiljev 6/1/12
Capture stdin and stdout together Eric Waters 5/26/12
New release 0.15.2 Antono Vasiljev 5/2/12
Error on setup Ricardo A. Hermosilla Carrillo 4/28/12
IE 9 on Windows 7 Cabannaboy 4/28/12
Play doesn't work Mitja Pugelj 4/24/12
New release 0.15.0 Antono Vasiljev 4/23/12