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Hey all, thanks for being part of the Shareabouts developer community. All of us at OpenPlans benefit from your questions and ideas to make our open source tools better.

We've been unhappy with Google Groups as a tool for a while, so we're heading to a new home:

Please bring your Shareabouts news, questions, and ideas!

We're hoping to broaden the conversations from developers to the wider world of people putting Shareabouts to work, many of whom are not "developers". So the Community is open for all sorts of discussions, not just technical issues. See you there!

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moving this Shareabouts conversation to a better place: Frank Hebbert 4/25/14
Shareabout-api: Attachment (image) links broken in place detail Jeff Hamm 4/17/14
new feature: did you move the map? Frank Hebbert 3/11/14
API V2 Documentation Mila Frerichs 3/6/14
Creating a boundary to surround the activity/study area Anthony Aisenberg 3/4/14
Two issues: Login with social media and add a place not working Tim Moreland 2/26/14
new Shareabouts features: list view, thank you emails Frank Hebbert 2/18/14
Max zoom 19? Anthony Aisenberg 2/15/14
RAM needs of Shareabouts on dotCloud Linn Davis 2/7/14
Grouped/multiple checkboxes? Brad Barnett 2/5/14
Translation of Submission on Survey Form Jason Merman 1/31/14
Shareabouts API v1 Phase Out! Mjumbe Poe 1/17/14
Activating the popularity slider and the possibility of adding negative voting Linn Davis 1/15/14
Adding new place type Eric Smith 1/13/14
update form based on place type Brad Barnett 1/7/14
what's new with Shareabouts? here's an update Frank Hebbert 12/11/13
problem with heroku deploy steps Frank Hebbert 12/11/13
Getting dataset to show up Eric Smith 12/5/13
Shareabouts questions Georgia Bullen 12/4/13
running shareabouts locally - can't add data to map? Georgia Bullen 11/20/13
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