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HELP! dependent type in Scala to decide return type of function! Rutvik Patel 4/3/18
Collection size as a type Andrey Ilinykh 9/26/17
Using Generic with a nested case class Brendan Maginnis 6/14/17
Scaladoc location Lars Hupel 4/3/17
Type of Nat in ToSizedHList Michael Dedek 8/6/16
Problem using Scalaz ValidationNel and ⊛ with more than 12 checks, maybe Shapeless and HLists can help? Andreas Joseph Krogh 5/30/16
shapeless-2.3.1 released! Miles Sabin 5/13/16
shapeless-2.3.0 released! Miles Sabin 2/25/16
Entry point in shapeless source code for a beginner to learn Aravindh S 1/20/16
Polymorphic Function Values Example Documentation Suggestion Alejandro Wainzinger 1/10/16
recursively walking a case class hierarchy Mark Kegel 12/10/15
Arbitrary Function - Generate return type according to input Tase Gula 9/16/15
subtyping over shapeless types 8/30/15
shapeless-2.2.5 released Miles Sabin 7/22/15
Scaladoc location redux Jacek Królikowski 7/8/15
shapeless-2.2.4 released Miles Sabin 7/7/15
shapeless-2.2.3 released Miles Sabin 6/21/15
shapeless-2.2.2 released: binary compatability fix and compile time speedup Miles Sabin 6/14/15
Poly1 and mapper Jeff 6/9/15
shapeless-2.2.1 released Miles Sabin 6/7/15
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