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Welcome to shapeless-dev. Discussions around generic programming in Scala in general and shapeless in particular are welcome.

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shapeless-2.2.5 released Miles Sabin 7/22/15
Scaladoc location redux Jacek Królikowski 7/8/15
shapeless-2.2.4 released Miles Sabin 7/7/15
Using Generic with a nested case class Brendan Maginnis 6/28/15
shapeless-2.2.3 released Miles Sabin 6/21/15
shapeless-2.2.2 released: binary compatability fix and compile time speedup Miles Sabin 6/14/15
Poly1 and mapper Jeff 6/9/15
shapeless-2.2.1 released Miles Sabin 6/7/15
Zipper update Peter Schmitz 5/28/15
shapeless-2.2.0 released Miles Sabin 5/28/15
Converting an example to HList Peter Schmitz 5/27/15
HList Macro for enforcing CQL typesafety? Andy Polack 5/9/15
Just published shapeless-2.2.0-RC5 Miles Sabin 5/4/15
Just published shapeless-2.2.0-RC2 Miles Sabin 4/2/15
Shapeless and Scalding Matt Martin 3/28/15
Just published shapeless-2.2.0-RC1 Miles Sabin 3/13/15
Trying to upgrade shapeless-contrib Andrew Headrick 3/11/15
NonEmptyList with shapeless Andrey Kuznetsov 3/7/15
Converting case classes to Hlist with Repr typr evidence edmondo1984 3/6/15
Shapeless equvelent of sequenceU Andrew Headrick 3/6/15
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