Shake build system

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Does shake support a "server" mode? Rudi Grinberg 2/15/15
Hello World (for windows) 1/18/15
Eliminating need for 'shakeVersion' 12/16/14
nested shake 12/1/14
Announcing Shake v0.14 Neil Mitchell 11/30/14
Some way of using colored output by default Ryan Gonzalez 11/19/14
The *> operator moves to Prelude Neil Mitchell 11/17/14
Patch to make need/want deal without lists Neil Mitchell 10/28/14
[ANN] shake-language-c and shake-cabal-build Stefan Kersten 10/19/14
FilePath as Text ? Pierre R 10/17/14
Rule for [FilePath] -> (FilePath -> Action()) -> Rules()? Bram Neijt 10/9/14
Generalizing "need" and "want" for computations instead of compilations 10/8/14
2 questions: progress bar on linux and j option Pierre R 9/25/14
Shake v0.13.3, and towards v1.0 Neil Mitchell 9/16/14
Generating Rules from Actions Theodore Witkamp 8/8/14
shake for js/css projects with file watch? Thomas Koch 8/7/14
progress, ncurses (?) Andreas Reuleaux 7/26/14
Companies using Shake Neil Mitchell 7/22/14
Building multiple flavours 7/10/14
Performing actions not generating files 6/22/14
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