Shake build system

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Werid test failures on kfreebsd-* Joachim Breitner 6/21/15
Test suite fails on powerpc Joachim Breitner 6/21/15
Using shake as a backend for overloaded ant systems Black 6/17/15
How to ignore Stderr in shake >= 0.15? Stefan Kersten 6/16/15
lock up on exit? Evan Laforge 5/30/15
Version 0.15.2 released Neil Mitchell 5/22/15
On-demand remote loading of files? Joachim Breitner 5/13/15
Making Shake git-aware Joachim Breitner 5/6/15
ANN: Shake-0.15.1 Neil Mitchell 4/25/15
cmd function params: How to directly concat string and symbol? 4/24/15
Benchmarking rule Luke Hoersten 4/13/15
Run/start rules in Shake Luke Hoersten 4/13/15
shakeArgsWith + shake's -B option Andreas Reuleaux 4/3/15
Why doesn't `shake` executable work with Shakefiles? Luke Hoersten 3/26/15
ANN: Shake v0.15 Neil Mitchell 3/26/15
[ANN] shake-minify and shake-pack Luke Hoersten 3/4/15
Does shake support a "server" mode? Rudi Grinberg 2/15/15
Hello World (for windows) 1/18/15
Eliminating need for 'shakeVersion' 12/16/14
nested shake 12/1/14
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