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Nov.13th Panel: Understanding the Value of Service Design Michael-Owen Liston 10/27/14
June event: Design and Relationships Linnea Vizard 6/10/15
SDTO - Airports Edition - May 5th Linnea Vizard 4/7/15
Bridgeable presents: Prototyping Services and Experiences - with Adam StJohn Lawrence [Mar 30] gabe 3/20/15
Service Design Jam 2015: call for participants Marie-Eve Bélanger 2/4/15
SDTO 2015 Kicks off - Drinks Night on Feb 24th! Linnea Vizard 2/4/15
Bridgeable's Open House for Internship program Marie-Eve Bélanger 1/12/15
Service Design Toronto - Postal Service Linnea Vizard 9/16/14
Emily Carr University Health Design Lab Michael-Owen Liston 8/8/14
Bilingual service designers / MTL-based service designers? Marie-Eve Bélanger 7/15/14
Service Design Toronto Drinks - May Edition Linnea Vizard 4/21/14
Informal Drinks event with Sarah Schulman Linnea Vizard 3/23/14
Blog recap of Global Service Jam Linnea Vizard 3/20/14
Service Design Jam: Call for Participants! Marie-Eve Bélanger 2/10/14
Service Design Drinks - January Edition Linnea Vizard 1/16/14
Service Design Jam 2014 - anyone want to help out? Angela Barber 12/2/13
UK service design policy lab Linnea Vizard 11/29/13
{Service Design Toronto} Drinks - November Edition Linnea Vizard 11/24/13
Share-a-link Friday Michael-Owen Liston 10/25/13
Grey banana republic sweatshirt Linnea Vizard 10/5/13
Service Design Thinks September 24th Justice System Edition Linnea Vizard 9/3/13
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