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Availability on Apple Store Ndagaya 9/11/12
trakt full sync mrshark 8/19/12
Request: Calendar Integration puttsy 8/18/12
Missed episodes and other ideas Alf69 8/7/12
Bug or feature? integration Partycrash00 8/5/12
Check-In Question Craig Lambert 8/5/12
Un-Hide a series ? Avront 7/23/12
Handling of Failed Check-Ins Craig Lambert 6/25/12
FCs on 2.6.14 Beta Craig Lambert 6/25/12
initiate sync markuc 6/13/12
Seriesguide ons PlayBook Kat 5/21/12
convert seriesguide for RIM Playbook ? Kat 5/21/12
Requests: Full sync of "collected" / Mark all as collected / Unseen and Uncollected tabs in Activity Rita El Khoury 5/14/12
Widget & movies Michel Vogelaar 5/13/12
Where did the widgets go? Jack Twilley 4/29/12
Living in the UK Sylar Grey 4/12/12
Status Bar Notifications sgtbobie 3/7/12
Mark All Aired As Watched sgtbobie 3/1/12
Build Index DPT 2/15/12
Improvement / bug Thomas Manz 2/6/12
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