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Correlated sub-query craig buchanan 6/22/18
Serialization Plugin: serializing deserialized values in _before_validation hook 6/21/18
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Reconnecting when AWS Aurora write instance fails-over Ian Murray 6/18/18
Safe way to set Postgres search_path from user input Juan M. Cuello 6/14/18
#first cache problem 6/14/18
T-SQL Error Message Capture ELMER IBAYAN 6/8/18
Sequel 5.9.0 Released Jeremy Evans 6/1/18
Using materialized view as a model Emil Ahlbäck 6/1/18
Case statement with date interval (postgres) Jason Landry 5/29/18
Sequel-hive adapter 5/25/18
Very strange error in test environment, more descriptive error message? Elanor Riley 5/23/18
Re: Sequel JSON Serializer plugin and ActiveSupport Conflict Jeremy Evans 5/22/18
How do I extend Sequel::Model? Johnny 5/17/18
Can quoting of table names be avoided? Will Koffel 5/16/18
ThreadError: deadlock; recursive locking for queries to non primary servers 5/15/18
Question about ilike with subquery 5/15/18
RSpec ignoring Sequel inflections Martin Stein 5/14/18
Use class_table_inheritance for authorization craig buchanan 5/12/18
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