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Puma worker set-up Kenny Meyer 4/23/14
Error running Sequel example with MySQL database Evan Zamir 4/23/14
Sequences Andy 4/23/14
Instance equality failure when using rcte_tree, if parents are different Nels Nelson 4/23/14
Self-referential join with multiple keys Ian Whitney 4/22/14
Sequel passes 2 million gem downloads Jeremy Evans 4/21/14
Sequel Presentation at RubyC Conference in Kiev Jeremy Evans 4/18/14
What would be an example of :pg_inet in a migration Jarrod Manzer 4/18/14
Mysql transaction failing to rollback Gabe N. 4/17/14
Sequel::Model dataset with computed columns Andrew Hacking 4/16/14
IntegerMigrator should return 0 if there are no migration files Mike Gehard 4/15/14
Custom dataset class Luca Guidi 4/9/14
Testing Sequel transactions in RSpec Arturo Herrero 4/8/14
TinyTds::Error: Attempt to initiate a new Adaptive Server operation with results pending Marcel van Pinxteren 4/7/14
missing method validates_confirmation_of ar 4/6/14
MSSQL-PDW not supporting SERVERPROPERTY Nathan Walker 4/3/14
Possibility to re-evaluate a block (setting random value for unique field) in retrying transaction Oldřich Vetešník 4/3/14
eager_each plugin and multiple association joins cause an error Oldřich Vetešník 4/2/14
Transactions are not rollback if save fails because of validations and raise_on_save_failure is false Deepak Agrawal 4/1/14
Sequel 4.9.0 Released Jeremy Evans 4/1/14
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