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Help debugging error when running migrations with PostgreSQL via JRuby+JDBC Avi Flax 3:04 PM
Sequel::DatabaseDisconnectError: TinyTds::Error: Attempt to initiate a new Adaptive Server operation with results pending R Bakhshi 2:47 PM
Eager load average of columns from other model Satyanarayana Gandham 8:43 AM
Streaming, eager loading, and associations Michael Porter 6/25/17
Problem with Many-to-many association Anonymous Testing 6/23/17
create a field with text data type in migration Sushant Bajracharya 6/22/17
Always use master server inside a transaction Mark Allen 6/20/17
Timestamps update value not being updated on update Andrei (L.A.) 6/19/17
Postgres: Sequel Model calls "COMMIT" post-rollback on deferred constraints Daniel Leavitt 6/18/17
Multi tenant question Peter Washburn 6/16/17
Easily replace the database for testing purposes? Andrei (L.A.) 6/15/17
How do you keep rdoc updated on gh-pages? dota? =op 6/15/17
Query on default server even if explicitly providing shard server on JDBC Postgres adapter Aakash Upadhyay 6/15/17
Adding arbitrary parameters to json output Elanor Riley 6/15/17
How to select fields on many_to_many join table? Greg Gilbert 6/15/17
paged_each with bound variables 6/15/17
bulk where? Aryk Grosz 6/14/17
dataset_module bug? Aryk Grosz 6/14/17
state machine aasm with sequel Aryk Grosz 6/14/17
one_to_many through one_to_many association_pks making wrong query? Aryk Grosz 6/13/17
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