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How to cache connection using arbitrary_server through DB#with_server Jannis Hübl 10/23/16
Replication lag and specifying server per thread (or something else)... binarypaladin 10/21/16
How to cache the database connection, when using sharding feature Jannis Hübl 10/21/16
Help with Class Table Inheritance and Eager Graph David P 10/19/16
PGSQL Sequel Class Table inheritance eager graph causing Sequel to throw ambiguous on duplicated columns 10/19/16
Sequel.mock for third party adapters? Ryan Duryea 10/15/16
Optimize queries Walmir Neto 10/14/16
Sequel::DatabaseDisconnectError, how can I handle it properly? Nicolò Benigni 10/13/16
Feature Request: UNIX_TIMESTAMP Alexander Birkner 10/13/16
Sequel ignores parentheses in numeric expression with divisions Sergey Lukin 10/11/16
Add a plugin :active_model_serializer ? Tiago Cardoso 10/7/16
Sequel 4.39.0 Released Jeremy Evans 10/1/16
How to make model read-only? Tom Wardrop 9/29/16
Using SEQUEL transactions in rspec 9/28/16
insert_conflict with multi_insert not working? 9/27/16
Adding arbitrary columns in eager graphs... binarypaladin 9/27/16
Sequel::Postgres::DatabaseMethods#indexes does not return partial indexes 9/26/16
Tweaking the null_dataset extension to not use Object#extend? Chris Hanks 9/20/16
Copying Ian Nisbet 9/15/16
Can quoting of table names be avoided? Will Koffel 9/11/16
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