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Sequel 5.7.0 Released Jeremy Evans 1:25 PM
Equivalent to :methods option from ActiveModel::Serializers::JSON Marcelo Pereira 4/18/18
Sequel 5 and Model mocking 4/18/18
Rails & Postgres sandbox Ralph Shnelvar 4/15/18
model hooks and async actions? J Danielian 4/12/18
Retrying DB connections 4/12/18
Override Dataset#supports_returning for inserts with Redshift Joe Rzepiejewski 4/11/18
Insert using Sequel::Model is failing on "cannot recognize input near 'BEGIN'" even though use_transactions = false Matthew Curtice 4/9/18
Postgres - how to reference a schema in a model definition? Greg Gilbert 4/8/18
Postgres - how to create a table within a schema in a migration? Greg Gilbert 4/8/18
Adding Set as a SQL literal Ransom Briggs 4/6/18
Prepared statements and INSERT INTO ... SELECT statements Ransom Briggs 4/6/18
Migrating from mysql to mysql2 gem Satyanarayana Gandham 4/2/18
Custom IdentityMap plugin 4/2/18
Join table model doesn't like timestamps Андрей Аладьев 4/2/18
jsonb recordset Jason Landry 3/28/18
Connection issue with Postgres with many schemas Juan M. Cuello 3/27/18
Static_Cache Plugin filter by columns... 3/25/18
Advice - I need to build CSV literal strings from dataset query results 3/24/18
apps that use Sequel? M. Kaz 3/17/18
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