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pg_enum - add_enum_value raising PG::ActiveSqlTransaction 5/20/16
drop unique constraint Andrew Burleson 5/19/16
#size method for associations Tiago Cardoso 5/18/16
association setters for one_to_many Tiago Cardoso 5/18/16
Calling subset from associations Tiago Cardoso 5/18/16
Does anybody know when it would cause an error like this about relation not exist? Ning Ding 5/17/16
Make setters transform value into pg array automatically Tiago Cardoso 5/17/16
Calling Postgres Functions Scott Bellware 5/17/16
Sequel Model for joined dataset Satyanarayana Gandham 5/13/16
Extend model's dataset Satyanarayana Gandham 5/13/16
Strange behaviour of full_text_search Aleksey Dashkevich 5/12/16
Logging of shards used during queries Jeremy Evans 5/12/16
Listing all columns used in a dataset Amir Tuval 5/12/16
Load order of pg_json (and probably pg_array) extensions Janko Marohnić 5/11/16
Select `liked` virtual attribute Petr Kaleta 5/11/16
Postgres model locking with specific lock type Peter Marsh 5/8/16
cockroachdb adapter? Adrian Madrid 5/7/16
pg_range delegates to ruby's range, which can error on valid PGRange instances Chris Riddoch 5/5/16
unique constraint on lower(string) Andrew Burleson 5/5/16
Sequel 4.34.0 Released Jeremy Evans 5/5/16
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