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Support LIMIT 0 Query ? João Serra 8/13/17
How to fix the "Setting a model class dataset to an invalid dataset is deprecated" warning? Sergey Kislyakov 8/13/17
The Copy Features use of timezones Jeff Koenig 8/10/17
Configure validation errors to point to the relationship instead of the foreign key column? Mike Pastore 8/4/17
Default value for `Date` column on Mysql? dota? =op 8/3/17
automatically appending filter to model - at database level Roy Lam 8/2/17
Master Branch Updated for Sequel 5 Jeremy Evans 8/1/17
Sequel 4.49.0 Released Jeremy Evans 8/1/17
:dataset_associations + self referential joins + many_through_many = bugs? Aryk Grosz 7/31/17
fetch record after insert? Aryk Grosz 7/28/17
sequel paranoid soft delete plugin update Aryk Grosz 7/24/17
paranoid delete Christopher Krailo 7/24/17
Adding arbitrary parameters to json output Elanor Riley 7/22/17
What should I change in my code in order to make this warning message disappear? Pedro Vinícius 7/21/17
state machine aasm with sequel Aryk Grosz 7/19/17
How to define encoding/collation in migrations? Greg Gilbert 7/19/17
Time only fields to return Time objects with current date on mysql2 adapter Satyanarayana Gandham 7/15/17
Help with multi-AZ RDS failover Jay Danielian 7/13/17
Adding support for Oracle 12 limit/offset feature 7/13/17
Issue with automatic reconnection Tom Wardrop 7/12/17
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