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Hybrid table Inheritance plugin released Quinn Harris 4/24/15
Is there a schema modification method to forcibly set the next auto_increment value? Erich Hannan 4/24/15
Can't set oracle.jdbc.mapDateToTimestamp property on connection Adam Komblevitz 4/24/15
`Model.destroy` not working for single_table_inheritance 4/23/15
Oracle Connection - Specifying Connection Pooling John-Junior Murray 4/20/15
Querying a many_to_many relationship for associated data Elanor Riley 4/17/15
Pagination on the parent of a model association, with associated children Steven Ringo 4/16/15
Select one to many through one to many, and order? Andrew Burleson 4/16/15
Rails spews out PG::ConnectionBad: PQconsumeInput() SSL error: sslv3 alert bad record mac Roman Snitko 4/16/15
Postgres Timeout For Statements Samuel Reh 4/15/15
Select and group by rounded column Andrew Burleson 4/15/15
Bit / Boolean fields using the ODBC adapter Jurgens du Toit 4/14/15
Issue with auto_validations and varchar(MAX) Patrick Kuykendall 4/12/15
Considering Removing Some Adapters Jeremy Evans 4/9/15
Accessing instance attributes in a where block Andrew Burleson 4/8/15
Need help starting out Erik Griffin 4/7/15
undefined method error in #to_hash_groups for array of column names Steven Ringo 4/7/15
Specifying the database connection for my models Tim Uckun 4/6/15
Conditional Validation With Message Elanor Riley 4/6/15
SQLite3::BusyException Hiroyuki Sato 4/5/15
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