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Sequel 4.24.0 Released Jeremy Evans 7/3/15
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Connecting to SQL Server via ODBC :drvconnect => Adapter not found Error Taylor Ackley 6/23/15
Create one to many with a composite foreign key Andrew Burleson 6/23/15 with jsonb Tiger Nassau 6/22/15
DB URLs on DB connect: how to successfully map SID for Oracle Adapter? Tiago Cardoso 6/17/15
Postgres TSRange Migration unique / exclude syntax Andrew Burleson 6/17/15
Does Sequel's foreign_key method create an index? Andrew Burleson 6/17/15
trying to insert postgresql jsonb (ruby) Tiger Nassau 6/16/15
How to query for record that was in a certain state at a certain time Andrew Burleson 6/15/15
MySQL on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Wesley Staples 6/15/15
Checking if record was destroyed Janko Marohnić 6/14/15
Best way to protect password exposure Mats Persson 6/11/15
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