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Update multiple rows at once using SQL VALUES Emil Ahlbäck 8:18 AM
Introducing the sequel_tools gem to help with migrations and Rake integration Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas 12/14/17
How do I select multiple columns with row_number() used together via WITH Gencer W. G. 12/14/17
Possible Sequel performance regression Hiren Mistry 12/14/17
`allow_modifications` option for `Sequel::Plugins::StaticCache` Alexander Popov 12/13/17
custom inflections ignored Martin Stein 12/12/17
Exclude (not equal) for `conditions` (or `graph_conditions`) in custom associations Alexander Popov 12/8/17
I need help with many_to_many through an STI model tdrive 12/3/17
Efficiently declaring many to many associations filtered on the join model Andrew Burleson 12/3/17
Best practice for modifying reader/writer to use value objects? Andrew Burleson 12/2/17
Timestamp casting in `Sequel.date_add` Alexander Popov 12/1/17
Sequel 5.3.0 Released Jeremy Evans 12/1/17
How do I extend Sequel::Model? Johnny 11/30/17
Getting inserted and updated counts using insert_conflict Jason Landry 11/28/17
DNS-less ODBC connection to iseries / as400 Wesley Staples 11/27/17
Re: Sequel JSON Serializer plugin and ActiveSupport Conflict Jeremy Evans 11/22/17
Insert using WITH Jason Landry 11/15/17
Extension for `AT TIME ZONE` Alexander Popov 11/9/17
Eager loading on an array of models already in memory? 11/9/17
Don't check indcheckxmin when fetching indexes from Postgres. 11/8/17
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