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Two pieces of unexpected behavior Chris Hanks 10/2/15
Sequel 4.27.0 Released Jeremy Evans 10/1/15
Can the XML serializer be used with out a model Dale Ackerman 9/23/15
caching options Paul Cowan 9/23/15
have question, need help Nic 9/22/15
"An I/O error occurred while sending to the backend" and "This connection has been closed" errors on Heroku Petr Kaleta 9/22/15
ANN: Minitest-Sequel - time saving assertions for testing Sequel Kematzy 9/22/15
sequel-annotate Initial Release Jeremy Evans 9/15/15
Complex dataset with a join and nested where clause Sylver 9/15/15
Plugin for sequel similar to rails-settings Nick Tomlin 9/14/15
Basic association help Jikku Jose 9/13/15
Sequel CSV plugin with a Sequel::Postgres::Dataset object? Jeff 9/11/15
Manipulating in-memory DB during testing Nicholas Variz 9/3/15
Database in SQL Query Leander Ede 9/2/15
Integration with Celluloid::IO sockets Tiago Cardoso 9/2/15
How to return value after raise Sequel:Rollback henry beh 9/1/15
Sequel 4.26.0 Released Jeremy Evans 9/1/15
Testing an Endpoint that uses a full_text_search Jon Whitcraft 8/31/15
Timestamps plugin doesn't update updated_at field when updating an object Jon Mattingly 8/30/15
Comparing frozen/nonfrozen datasets Chris Hanks 8/29/15
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