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What beliefs do non-agilists share? Michael de la Maza 3/5/15
Acceptance Criteria SAM 2/26/15
Bug Triages Hennadii Omelchenko 2/24/15
Just wanted to share some of my view points on evolving Agile in not so "Agile Supportive " environment saurabh 2/23/15
Game SAM 2/20/15
Anyone else feel like the more they research Scrum, the less they know? Kc Para 2/19/15
Trust Games SAM 2/18/15
user story question (invest) dotnetguy 2/18/15
Technical Requirements as stories - need help Kc Para 2/18/15
Faciliting SAM 2/7/15
Ron's 'Final Meeting of the Agile Alliance' Hennadii Omelchenko 2/4/15
"cultural fit" opinion dotnetguy 1/28/15
Scrum Coaching Retreat 2015 - Seattle Anu Smalley 1/18/15
Strong focus on delivering continuous business value while executing Agile projects 1/16/15
digital planning poker cards dotnetguy 1/9/15
Case studies of agile transitions at large companies? Michael de la Maza 1/7/15
Capacity Planning SAM 1/7/15
I just finished building my course "The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Backlog" Tirrell Payton 1/5/15
autonomy vs team dotnetguy 12/27/14
A valuable Team Member Bachan Anand 12/24/14
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