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Technical Project Manager Situ 5/5/15
Best Screen Sharing Tool for Pair Programming Peter Revelas 5/3/15
Technical Product Owner Rajmahendra 5/2/15
Designing a Product Owner Course/Workshop Sten Johnsen 5/2/15
assessing individuals on teams dotnetguy 5/2/15
Scrum Alliance BOD update Rafael Sabbagh 5/1/15
Starting as a scrum master Neha Rathore 4/29/15
GLOBAL Scrum Gathering - Shanghai Daniel James Gullo 4/27/15
Scrum Master and Risk Management Hennadii Omelchenko 4/25/15
Different projects Asad Safari 4/18/15
Test Strategy documentation for Scrum Shantanu Sharma 4/12/15
Engineering practices SAM 4/9/15
Scrum Master in Backlog Refinement Scrummistress 4/7/15
Scrum Coaching Retreat - Seattle Daniel James Gullo 3/28/15
Project Manager in Agile SAM 3/17/15
minimum scrum reporting requirements iyo dotnetguy 3/15/15
story for basic setup of new subsystem dotnetguy 3/9/15
definition of done - phased approach? dotnetguy 3/8/15
bottom-up task resizing dotnetguy 3/8/15
Re: [Scrum] Anyone need co-training? Mark Levison 3/8/15
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