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How to handle sprints when things are blocked on partners (third parties) Amina Layco 8/3/17
Implementing Scrum in an uncertain environment. Ahmed Al-Anim 7/26/17
Working with agile deadlines - Monte Carlo cloud solution available Johan Brodin 6/24/17
Scrum/Agile/Lean/whatever in mechanical engineering - looking for case studies! Leonhard Grugl 5/11/17
How to stop SCRUMBUD Harold Brister 4/18/17
User Story issue - Who is this for? Michael Grumbach 4/17/17
[event] The Scrum Exchange, London Tobias Mayer 4/14/17
master's thesis topic Mahmoud Abdelwahab 4/10/17
Looking to trade experiences? Rafael Arriaga Spezzia 4/6/17
Scrum Team Dysfunction K. Thomas 3/21/17
Re: [Scrum] Scrum team dysfunciton John Miller - Agile Schools 3/21/17
group estimate top-down estimate dotnetguy 3/16/17
two polarised views | decision is needed | HOW Mohammed Naseer 2/12/17
End User Training on an Agile Project 12/28/16
Help, My Organisation is Doing SAFe! Andreas Schliep 11/23/16
Kimball Lifecycle Scrummistress 11/22/16
have 2 week sprints with 1 week qa sprints become somewhat standard @ large scrum shops? dotnetguy 11/22/16
Request for advice based on experience SAM 10/1/16
Agile Coach and Dev Ops SAM 9/16/16
Searching for a company that does Scrum well K. Thomas 9/2/16
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