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JabbR is dead, Slack is cool Collin Bennett 1/4/18
Cache to DLL in a scripting host? Markus Burrer 7/7/17
ScriptCS hosting Markus Burrer 6/16/17
Serilog + ScriptCS Shibu Raj 4/17/17
Issue with ScriptPack and System.Data.SQLite and LoadExtension Donny V 3/31/17
Variable declaration leads to InvalidProgramException Michael Samoylenko 11/23/16
Debuging scriptcs + MEF Hagamainty 10/23/16
Getting Parameters in ScriptCS from a .Net Application Jens Milbredt 8/3/16
Script Pack as .csx Лёша Тюлькин 5/18/16
scriptcs version 0.16.0 fails to locate assemblies in gac Eirik Rasmussen 4/6/16
PrivateEyePack Greg Young 3/20/16
Future of the project and Regis Benedito dos Santos Bittencourt 11/23/15
Hosting wiki page Glenn Block 11/4/15
Using ScriptCS files to extend an existing web app (via Nancy/MEF?) Steve Cooper 11/2/15
Using ScriptCS for Literate programming / blogging? Steve Cooper 7/16/15
Can I run scriptcs with useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy? yaron levi 6/22/15
Host with a custom AssemblyResolver 6/5/15
What is the "Use Case" of REPL Command argument(s) getting executed? Collin Bennett 5/13/15
Localization of ScriptCS Collin Bennett 5/5/15
Same experience with scriptcs in Visual Studio as with PowerShell in ISE Carl in 't Veld 5/4/15
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