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Scrapy 1.0 official release out! Julia Medina 6/29/15
Updated GSoC Guidelines Julia Medina 3/21/15
Memory leak. Requests count goes only up and doesn ShapeR 7/27/15
Using contains for an attribute using xpath in scrapy SreeSindhu Sruthi 7/24/15
text() is not working in scrapy SreeSindhu Sruthi 7/23/15
Can scrapy handle 5000+ website crawl and provide structured data? dan123456789 7/23/15
RabbitMQ as a Queue Lhassan Baazzi 7/23/15
multi pipelines vitsin 7/22/15
Error when trying to enter links Dc1981 7/21/15
Need help to fix the error in my spider logic using xpath with firebug SreeSindhu Sruthi 7/21/15
scrapy import items error Casey Lam 7/19/15
do scrapy works to scrap an image tag SreeSindhu Sruthi 7/17/15
Spider not crawling url with query string Lee Adams 7/15/15
How to put an Item inside another Item when data of one of these items are in two pages Fábio Marques Theophilo 7/12/15
Scrape a public linked-in profile using scrapy Rock Slate 7/11/15
parse callback never be called once we add download middlewares Wenlong LU 7/11/15
回复:Scrapy tutorial not working (for me) 7/10/15
Adding http and https 20 proxies in my scrapy program Feroz Ahmed 7/9/15
Scrapy tutorial not working (for me) Shashwat Suman 7/9/15
External links 7/6/15
Announcing the BlogForever crawler Olivier Blanvillain 7/3/15
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