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Scrapy 1.0 official release out! Julia Medina 6/29/15
Scrapy 1.0 third release candidate Julia Medina 6/14/15
Scrapy 1.0 release candidate - round two! Julia Medina 6/5/15
Scrapy 1.0 release candidate is out on PyPI! Julia Medina 5/27/15
Updated GSoC Guidelines Julia Medina 3/21/15
External links 7/6/15
Announcing the BlogForever crawler Olivier Blanvillain 7/3/15
RedirectMiddleware Request Not Crawled outoftheblue9 7/2/15
Process Redirects fernando vasquez 7/2/15
Scrapy - return item pipeline from request errback Gheorghe Chirica 6/28/15
crawler is not travering any website raza ul haq 6/24/15
Middleware to avoid downloading new requests while parse callbacks are still being processed Leonardo Casanova 6/20/15
Scrapy Errback not triggering Faheem Nadeem 6/18/15
Need help Avoiding getting banned with ProxyMesh Yeu Oto 6/17/15
Trying to save two files when using scrapyd, doesn't work Mattias Appelgren 6/16/15
How i can provide data from scrapy to python? fx 6/16/15
Concurrent process execution problem in Scrapyd Germán Rosales 6/12/15
Use scrapy.mail.MailSender is not able to quit after send mail in a stand alone script. lyjbupt 6/11/15
Proper way of contrusting scrapy start_requests() Petar Pilipovic 6/10/15
How Can I get image src this site? tim wang 6/9/15
Need help with Error Hung Nguyen 6/9/15
Dupefilter not working... No luck asking for help on Stackoverflow; hopefully some help here Peter Benson 6/4/15
Change how the scheduler handles requests Leonardo Casanova 6/3/15
some error in scrapy redis crawler 6/3/15
Can I use scapy inside a django project? مجتبی عشقی 6/2/15
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