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Updated GSoC Guidelines Julia Medina 3/21/15
Scrapy 0.24 is out and it aims to improve the scraping experience for everyone! :) Daniel Graña 3/14/15
Deprecated Warning Vivek Jain 5/21/15
Need to know where in the code scrapy is doing the actual http request call Philipp Bussche 5/21/15
How would scrapy handle recursive call? Mehdi Nazari 5/21/15
TypeError: 'Rule' object is not iterable ... Scrapy_lover 5/21/15
S3FilesStore significantly slows down crawling Denis Laprise 5/20/15
Should the method scrapy.settings.copy() return a unfrozen mutable copy of itself? Wailung Yip 5/20/15
help in scrapy Aakash Verma 5/19/15
scrapy spider use too many memory how to resolve this problem? crawler 5/19/15
when I run scrapy,this happened exceptions.TypeError: _getEndpoint() takes exactly 4 arguments (2 given) crawler 5/19/15
exceptions.KeyError: 'TrainingItem does not support field: start' crawler 5/18/15
scrapyd jobs persist in a 'running' list after crawler.engine.close_spider call crawler 5/18/15
Changing Tor identity in Scrapy over Polipo simus 5/18/15
Scrapy Simple Rule Doesn't Follow Links 5/16/15
New Scrapy Contributors Preeti Shakya 5/16/15
Redirected URLs not processed by offsite middleware Ali Bozorgkhan 5/15/15
PhantomJS Downloader Middleware David Fishburn 5/14/15
PhantomJS DOWNLOAD_HANDLER setup David Fishburn 5/14/15
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scrapy unsupported response type image/jpeg 5/8/15
exceptions.AttributeError: 'super' object has no attribute 'process_item' crawler 5/7/15
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