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Scrapy 1.0 official release out! Julia Medina 6/29/15
Updated GSoC Guidelines Julia Medina 3/21/15
Scrapy 1.0.5 is out and available on PyPI (and conda) Paul Tremberth 2/11/16
Set directory for intermediate jsonlines output to be uploaded to S3? 2/11/16
What is the purpose of "version" parameter in addversion.json call to scrapyd? Sergey Zhemzhitsky 2/10/16
Help with slow crawl rate on broad crawls kris brown 2/9/16
At last! A book dedicated to Scrapy! Dimitris Kouzis - Loukas 2/6/16
Parse several scrapy's select() 2/6/16
Hi all.. just sharing my project that i made using Scrapy framework. dnl 31337 2/5/16
Scrapy Random answer with the same script Weiron 2/5/16
Scrapy 1.1.0rc1 release candidate is out Elias Dorneles 2/5/16
Help with spider freezing randomly Uncharted 2/3/16
How to use scrapy crawl content pagination and merge it? xiao liu 2/3/16
retry post request Володя Ковтун 2/1/16
scrapy Sagar BM 1/29/16
Where do I define my output format for item dictionaries Sayth Renshaw 1/26/16
Clarification on deprecation - XML scrapy.selector.XmlXPathSelector Sayth Renshaw 1/25/16
Python - Scraping using Scrapy hby01 1/22/16
Help Needed Dhruv Khattar 1/21/16
Error on tutorial example Massimo Canonico 1/20/16
Code to remove text from Scrapy output VR Tech 1/17/16
can it read form data on firing http request Vivek Kumar 1/17/16
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