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Repositories are losing permissions. Jørgen Staun Hansen 5/29/18
webhook plugin commit data Ede Mónus 5/4/18
SCM-Manager 1.60 with support for Java 9 and 10 Sebastian Sdorra 5/4/18
Setting custom headers for webhook plugin Ede Mónus 5/4/18
Which issue tracker with scmmanager (recommendations)? Christian Keydel 5/3/18
SCM-Manager 1.59 Sebastian Sdorra 4/11/18
SCM-Manager 1.58 Sebastian Sdorra 4/5/18
SCM-Manager and Ubuntu 18.04 (BETA) Jørgen Staun Hansen 4/5/18
SVN author from LDAP Sebastian S 4/3/18
Ubuntu Upgrade failed in kernel update... what now with SCM. Jørgen Staun Hansen 3/27/18
SCMManager SVN Version 3/23/18
SCM 1.54 - Could not load items - Broken Pipe brent22z 3/23/18
Jenkins Subversion not able to access SVN repository scm-webapp-1.56/1.57 Arturas Sleinius 3/14/18
.xml file in Git repository hidden in Chrome Browser Nick England 3/14/18
Added support for multiple LDAP Servers Jérémy Marsegan 3/8/18
repository disappears when adding permission to others koen ruymbeek 2/22/18
SCM-Manager 1.57 Sebastian Sdorra 2/8/18
SCM-Manager 1.56 Sebastian Sdorra 1/15/18
How can I add group to memeber of other group? Jongmin Bae 11/24/17
Access rule required for installing plugins Jongmin Bae 11/24/17
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