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Please also consider checking out our IRC channel on Freenode, #sciruby.

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GSoC mentor application Victor Shepelev 3:57 PM
daru project Deepak Koli 2/9/16
SciRuby registered as a mentoring org! Sameer Deshmukh 2/9/16
Ruby development environment (GSoC idea) Pjotr Prins 2/8/16
Last year's GSOC application Sameer Deshmukh 2/7/16
Maintain packable under SciRuby Sameer Deshmukh 2/7/16
TensorFlow John Woods 2/6/16
GSoC org admin John Woods 2/5/16
Potential daru project for GSOC students Sameer Deshmukh 2/5/16
We need a GSoC admin for this year John Woods 2/2/16
Getting Started Zhuanhao Wu 2/1/16
C++ interface for csv loader/writer Zhuanhao Wu 2/1/16
Guide for SciRuby compatibility? Victor Shepelev 1/29/16
Are anybody maintenance contribution to the libs? Андрей Васнецов 1/28/16
Ruby wrappers for LEMON C++ library and METIS C library Utkarsh Gupta 1/26/16
GSoC 2016 ideas page and applications John Woods 1/26/16
Fwd: [GSoC Mentors] GSoC 2016 Updates John Woods 1/22/16
Gitter Room for NMatrix Lokesh Sharma 1/21/16
NMatrix#det_exact Saurabh Shah 1/20/16
NMatrix compatibility with rb-gsl Sameer Deshmukh 1/20/16
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