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GSoC Project [Port Nmatrix to JRuby] [Prasun Anand -> Charles Nutter/ Francesco Strozzi/ Pjotr Prins/ John Woods/ Rodrigo Botafogo] Prasun Anand 8/22/16
[SpiceRub] Day 1 Gaurav Tamba 8/22/16
[ANN] enumerable-statistics v1.0.1 has been released Kenta Murata 8/19/16
SpiceRub Progress Thread Gaurav Tamba 8/16/16
Project Status : Port NMatrix to JRuby Prasun Anand 8/10/16
NMatrix 0.2.3 is out John Woods 7/25/16
categorical data analysis with daru and statsample-glm Alexej Gossmann 7/24/16
[ANN] Talk selected for RubyKaigi 2016 Sameer Deshmukh 7/23/16
FYI: NMatrix v0.2.2 is broken John Woods 7/22/16
Should I use daru? Shallment 7/22/16
Student scholarships for DeccanRubyConf 2016 Sameer Deshmukh 7/21/16
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[ANN] Selected student for TensorFlow project Sameer Deshmukh 7/11/16
Paper on Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning in JOSS Pjotr Prins 7/4/16
SciRuby tutorials Sameer Deshmukh 6/29/16
[ANN] Webinar on SciRuby hosted by Srijan Technologies Sameer Deshmukh 6/29/16
[ANN] My talk at Red Dot Ruby Conf 2016, Singapore. Sameer Deshmukh 6/29/16
Magic commands in iRuby Kenta Murata 6/26/16
[ANN] benchmark-plot for creating graphs of benchmarks Sameer Deshmukh 6/26/16
Cleanup of sciruby/distribution Vaibhav Yenamandra 6/22/16
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