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GSoC - Linear Mixed Models Alexej Gossmann 11:24 AM
[GSoC] Introduction Ivan Evgrafov 7/5/15
Add your gem to the sciruby and sciruby-full meta-gems! Daniel Mendler 7/2/15
[ANN] New statsample-glm released! Sameer Deshmukh 7/2/15
Ruby extension for SymEngine so far Abinash Meher 6/25/15
Categorical Data in Statsample::Regression, statsample-glm, MixedModels (GSoC 2015) etc. Alexej Gossmann 6/17/15
sciruby at and Daniel Mendler 6/17/15
daru version 0.1.0 has been released! Sameer Deshmukh 6/15/15
Symbol lookup error Abinash Meher 6/15/15
Google summer of code project Will Levine 6/14/15
[Bio-packaging] Ruby gems/bundler Pjotr Prins 6/14/15
Sciruby notebooks Daniel Mendler 6/4/15
New IRuby version 0.2.0 Daniel Mendler 6/1/15
sciruby notebook Docker file Austin Richardson 5/28/15
Create demo IRuby notebooks at Daniel Mendler 5/26/15
GSoC 2015 Introduction Abinash Meher 5/25/15
statsample now working with rb-gsl and gsl-nmatrix Sameer Deshmukh 5/12/15
Who created this fork? John Woods 5/8/15
Solving differential equations in Ruby Alexej Gossmann 5/7/15
Brand new nmatrix compatible rb-gsl fork Sameer Deshmukh 5/6/15
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