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Reminder: Need minor issues fixed on projects? John Woods 1:04 PM
RubySciemceFoundation_GSOC soumitra agarwal 12:17 PM
GSoC application John Woods 11:46 AM
Accepted into GSoC 2015! John Woods 11:45 AM
[ANN] New daru released with a ton of new features. Sameer Deshmukh 2/28/15
SciRuby-Juliacon 2015 Call For Participation mdiam 2/24/15
GSoC project published in scientific journal Pjotr Prins 2/23/15
GSoC suggestion: a Julia binding for Ruby? mdiam 2/23/15
CLAPACK source in NMatrix? Sameer Deshmukh 2/22/15
Graph Theory Functionality Vishnu Agarwal 2/19/15
Deadline approaching for GSOC ideas! John Woods 2/18/15
Google Summer of Code 2015 ideas page John Woods 2/17/15
Parallelizing Integration Gem Chinmay Deshpande 2/16/15
Google Summer of Code: Update John Woods 2/13/15
How to install SciRuby in Windows Yuxi Ren 2/11/15
Google Summer of Code 2015 John Woods 2/5/15
Proposal: LAPACK-free eigen decomposition and other functions. Sameer Deshmukh 2/4/15
More people with push privileges? Sameer Deshmukh 1/27/15
Effective conversion of floats to rationals? Sameer Deshmukh 1/19/15
Data Science Platform Supporting Ruby Christian Block 1/16/15
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