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Solving differential equations in Ruby Alexej Gossmann 4/26/15
Looking for mentors for visualization projects Carlos Agarie 4/17/15
SciRuby fork of minimization Sameer Deshmukh 4/10/15
require mentor Ankit Raj 4/10/15
Fast Element Wise Operations Henry Chinner 4/9/15
GSoC 2015 Student application deadline Carlos Agarie 3/30/15
This GSoC Pjotr Prins 3/29/15
Previous GSoC project on Google OSS BLOG Pjotr Prins 3/29/15
GSoC: Ruby native visualization tools Rintaro Okamura 3/29/15
Adding Linear Mixed Model (LMM) support to SciRuby Frankenstein 3/28/15
GSoC Proposal Draft Abinash Meher 3/27/15
Stackoverflow tags for SciRuby, NMatrix and Statsample Carlos Agarie 3/24/15
Quick question for potential GSoC applicants John Woods 3/23/15
lemon graph library api Ankit Raj 3/21/15
gsoc-Gnu gem update Ankit Raj 3/20/15
CLAPACK source in NMatrix? Sameer Deshmukh 3/19/15
[GSOC] IRuby notebook and integration with other scientific tools Dangyi Liu 3/16/15
GSoC Project: Ruby bindings to the CSymPy C++ symbolic library Abinash Meher 3/15/15
[GSOC] Fast Ruby to Julia bindings through the LLVM Zexuan Luo 3/13/15
LEMON graph library API Ayan Sengupta 3/12/15
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